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RF Newsletter 4/27/01

By RA Kyle Tobarn
Unit: Redemption Fleet
Fleet NL, May 02, 2001
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Your Leaders: The Redemption Fleet command staff is now as follows

RF CO: Colonel Kyle Tobarn (
RF XO: Lt. Colonel Ben Jynzer (
RF SO: Colonel Mike Bullian (

I'll be taking a LoA starting tonight and returning by Wednesday. During that period my XO, Ben Jynzer, is in charge. Feel free to go to him with any questions, if there's anything he can't answer he'll forward it to me for later viewing. Don, if you finish Revolution's web site send the link to me, I'll check it as soon as I return.

The RF Web Site is getting a face lift, Colonel Mike Bullian is working on the new design, the old one was, well it was old. Fresh command needs a fresh look. Keep us updated Mike.

As noted earlier, Revolution (Formally simply called MOD Division) needs to show proof of web presence as their final step to being made an official division of Redemption Fleet.

No more checkups! You hate them, I hate them, they don't exist anymore. Instead simply make sure I'm on your mailing lists, specifically the one you use to send newsletters to your divisions. As long as I see one NL a month I'm happy.

Bye-bye Yahoo! is no longer going to be used. Several reasons, I hate Yahoo, I have no control over the group, I hate Yahoo, delivery is untrustworthy, and I hate Yahoo.

This section will be used for outlining of each division's news as I receive it. I'll be taking this from the NLs I receive from the division COs (or whoever happens to write the NLs for each division if it isn't the CO). This way divisions get a peek at what everyone else is doing (who knows you might attract a few new members). Typically I send the NL out the last Saturday of the month, so just beat me to it and your news will be included, if your late your news will appear in the next month's NL.

From RSI:
Ryan Deean is the new RSI XO!!

A new RSI policy: Weekly reports;
Since RSI members do some graphics that aren't requested through RSI, Mike figures they should get some credit. From now on, if you're doing graphics that Mike doesn't know about, he wants a weekly report including finished projects since the last report, current projects and their current status, and expected future projects. If you don't report he'll assume you're not doing anything noteworthy, and you won't get RSI merit points for it.

RSI Webpage: Ambious, Ryan and Mike are working on a new RSI webpage, and they expect to have something up within the week, Mike will announce it later so you can send him graphics to put in your member gallery.

From STC: Looking into the possible inclusion of Force Commander and Rebellion into the Outer Rim War.

From the AW:
Continuing work on an official and completely online guide to Star Wars Simming. Also a project to create a character archive making life on simmers easier.

Well, none this time around. This month was a mixed up one, once things fall into more of a routine and I hear more from everyone I will promote and award as people earn them. The more I hear, the more your efforts are noticed.

Colonel Kyle "Angry Wompa" Tobarn
Redemption Fleet Commanding Officer
Rebel Squadrons (H. I. E. R.) Honor, Integrity, Equanimity, Respect.


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