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Aurora Force Newsletter, May 4, 2001

By ADM Indiana Bridger
Unit: Aurora Force
Fleet NL, May 04, 2001
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Forgive me, ladies and gentlemen, for the recent lack of newsletters. I have been quite busy with other things in my life, namely passing my classes for the Winter 2001 semester at Grand Valley, saying good-bye to friends, some of whom I will not see again until late August, and moving back in with my parents for the next four months. You will all be pleased to know that I passed my classes so you will have to continue dealing with me in the future (had my grades suffered, I might have stepped down). Well, ladies and gentlemen, on to the newsletter.

Fleet News:
            The mission is almost over. Rejoice and be glad! We'll be wrapping things up shortly. Dhars team: If someone can wake up Indy, we will have 1) a healer and 2) someone who knows how to get us out of there.
            Farview team: I hope you guys have secured the city (you've been rather quiet lately).
            Inys, Lamin, Trosa: Good job on engineering the rescue.
            H&S: Thank you for giving yourselves something to do. I'm sorry I've been so nasty lately. This mission got out of hand faster than I expected.

Roster Additions:
            I believe you people are smart enough to find your way to the roster and check for additions.

            None at this time. The command staff is discussing medals for Operation: Damocles (AKA, Conceli VIII mission).

From the CoC:
            Nothing at this time.

LGN Indiana Bridger, Aurora Force CO
      PBF Phoenix CO
      Grey Alpha 4
      Grey 13


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