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Phoenix Squadron Newsletter - May 4, 2001

By ADM Indiana Bridger
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
Squadron NL, May 04, 2001
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I hope you boys can forgive me for not sending newsletters the past few weeks. I've been busy with school, life, et cetera, but I'm around for the moment and I have a few important things to tell you.

Squadron News:
            As you all know, my XO, Glytch, has retired for the second and final time. It was nice having him here to help me out, but things just got a touch out of hand and he had to step down in order to deal with things in his real life. He'll be sorely missed.
            However, all my news is not sad news. I've selected a new XO from two canidates I thought would do the job well. Congratulations, Colonel Michael P. Bullian, on your assignment as Phoenix Squadron XO. I will be taking nominations and volunteers for SO and IO.
            In the works is a new system of AWOL for the squadron. I'm sick and tired of sitting around and seeing three, perhaps four people fly PBF missions. It's ridiculous and I don't like being the laughingstock of the fleet any more than the rest of you. Ladies and gentlemen, we're better than this. Furthermore, I expect everyone to work harder now that the Supremacy Series is coming back. Now WE have our chance to shine, so let's shine, dammit!

Current Roster:
      Phoenix Squadron 1(CO): Lieutenant General Indiana Bridger
      Phoenix Squadron 2: TBA
      Phoenix Squadron 3: TBA
      Phoenix Squadron 4: Commander Cole Landfarer
      Phoenix Squadron 5(XO): Colonel Tyrin Drax
      Phoenix Squadron 6: 2nd Lieutenant Ray Mattmann
      Phoenix Squadron 7: Commander Zsinj
      Phoenix Squadron 8: Lieutenant Colonel Orian LaCarde
      Phoenix Squadron 9: TBA
      Phoenix Squadron 10: Lieutenant Colonel Ste T
      Phoenix Squadron 11: Brigadier General Corran Horn Jr.
      Phoenix Squadron 12: TBA

Medals and Promotions:
      None at this time

Current Mission:
      PBF 306 -
      Due date is May 31, 2001. I expect this mission flown and reported on. I will accept all reports, even reports with scores of 0. I want reports.

This list, as always, is open for discussion. If you have ideas for the squadron, please, let me know, let us all know.

LGN Indiana Bridger


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