Rebel Squadrons

RgF NL 5-26-01

By LGN Doth Raandu
Unit: Renegade Fleet
Fleet NL, May 26, 2001
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Hello pilots. Another fun week in RS. Well,kind of. :P Down to business.

Getting better. I see Scorpion as the most active wing at the moment. DOW, not too concerned.But Guardian, Coop, something needs to happen. If ya need some help let me know.
Things moving right along. Scorpion is at the lead right now. Followed by DOW. And Guardian, well. ::coughs:: Below is the current standings for Systems and funds. Keep up the work. I’m hoping to see a battle or two coming up. :)
System Name Occupied by: System Price Taxes per week
Ab'Bshingh Neutral 2000c 200c
Adari Neutral 6000c 200c
Ferrhast Neutral 3000c 200c
Gala Guardian(Squadron) Colony System(Guardian) 200c
Jaemus Guardian(Squadron)Home System Home System(Guardian) 200c
Ansarra Guardian(Squadron) Colony System(Guardian) 200c
Ladarra Neutral 1500c 200c
N'ildwab Neutral 4200c 200c
Da Soocha Neutral 1600c 200c
Maryx Minor Neutral 600c 200c
Alderath Neutral 1200c 200c
Fokask Neutral 1800c 200c
Helska Neutral 200c 200c
Baraboo Neutral 2800c 200c
Ord Pardron Neutral 6300c 200c
Agamar Neutral 4800c 200c
Kessel Neutral 300c 200c
Byss Neutral 410c 200c
Galtea Neutral 320c 200c
Langhesa Neutral 870c 200c
Jandoon Neutral 360c 200c
Belshar Othacuu Neutral 850c 200c
Aquaris Neutral 6300c 200c
Hoth Neutral 520c 200c
Marenn Yagen Neutral 740c 200c
Fwillsving Neutral 590c 200c
Daluba Neutral 640c 200c
Lavisar Neutral 850c 200c
Aida Neutral 5000c 200c
Gania Neutral 360c 200c
Kashyyyk Neutral 590c 200c
Bakura Neutral 300c 200c
Halbara Neutral 570c 200c
Nal Hutta Neutral 1200c 200c
Akrit'tar Neutral 580c 200c
Dantooine Neutral 2300c 200c
Malthor Neutral 8400c 200c
Onderon Neutral 1800c 200c
Lequabis Neutral 2350c 200c
Hishyim Neutral 5430c 200c
Adega Neutral 3240c 200c
Jaxus Neutral 3000c 200c
Karnak Alpha Neutral 1200c 200c
Bilbringi VII Neutral 3200c 200c
Taanab Neutral 200c 200c
Namore Neutral 300c 200c
Makem Te Neutral 570c 200c
Liok Neutral 3650c 200c
Ripoblus Neutral 230c 200c
Talus Neutral 3650c 200c
Kammia Neutral 240c 200c
Demonsgate Neutral 360c 200c
Mall'ordian DOW(RDS) 370c 200c
Zygeria DOW(Jedi) 290c 200c
Omwat Neutral 620c 200c
Kal'Shebbol DOW(Squadron) Colony System(DOW) 200c
Jhensrus DOW(Squadron)Home System Home System(DOW) 200c
Lomabu IV DOW(Squadron) Colony System(DOW) 200c
Narigus III Neutral 850c 200c
Tanya Neutral 760c 200c
Fresia Scorpion 450c 200c
Obelia Neutral 940c 200c
Desevro Scorpion Colony System(Scorpion) 200c
Magagran Scorpion Colony System(Scorpion) 200c
Zeta Zero Nine Scorpion(Ragnarok) 580c 200c
Nellac Kram Neutral 960c 200c
Lucrenn Scorpion 350c 200c
K'taktaxka Scorpion Home System Home System(Scorpion) 200c
Fyodos Scorpion(Resurrection) 870c 200c
Jubilar Neutral 5000c 200c

Scorpion Wing Funds Guardian Wing Funds DOW Funds
Funds: 30,000 - Start Date Funds: 30,000 - Start Date Funds: 30,000 - Start Date
A-wing - 3000 Taxes = 600c A-wing - 3000
A-wing - 3000 Funds as of 5/26/01 = 30,600c A-wing - 3000
A-wing - 3000 A-wing - 3000
A-wing - 3000 A-wing - 3000
A-wing - 3000 A-wing - 3000
A-wing - 3000 A-wing - 3000
A-wing - 3000 A-wing - 3000
A-wing - 3000 A-wing - 3000
Y-wing - 2100 A-wing - 3000
Interceptor 1000 A-wing - 3000
Interceptor 1000 Funds as of 5/21/01 = 0
Z-95 - 1000 New Systems = 660c
TIE Fighter - 700 Taxes = 1000c
Flare load - 150 Funds as of 5/26/01 = 1660c
Funds as of 5/21/01 = 50
New Systems = 2250c
Taxes = 1400c
Funds as of 5/26/01 = 3700c

Only one report so far. Remember they are due on the 30th of June.

Trate needs more instructors, those interested mail him at

Training Nights
RgF Training nights are underway, every Friday night in #RgF on the undernet from 7pm EST to 11pm EST there will be matches flown for the purpose of increasing the overall average skill level of the RgF. More info can be found at:

RgF Meetings
Tuesday evenings on IRC room #rgf for anyone that wants to speak to command personal or fellow pilot. You are not required to be there but to show up for 5 minutes would be appreciated.

No new promos this week. If you have someone to nominate let me know. As for individual promos within the wing. They MUST be approved by me. I know many people deserve them but I must be notified ahead of time.

Message from Gizmo
Wes Belden is running the volunteer weekly Oplan ITOD. To join up and/or to get more information on this mail him at or visit the RgF Oplan website at

Merit System
Yes we have finalized this. RgF now has an official merit system in effect immediately. Below is the info on it. BJ, if you could be so kind to add it to the RgF page.

Renegade Merit System

Point Spreads:
Win = 1 point
Tie = 0.5 point
Loss = 0.25 point

Fleet ITOD
Successful Report with story = 3 points
Successful Report without story = 2 points
Unsuccessful Report with story = 1 point
Unsuccessful Report without story = 0.5 point
Top Score = +5 to points gained from above
Best Story = +5 to points gained from above
Second Best Score = +3 to points gained from above
Second Best Story = +3 to points gained from above
Third Best Score = +1 to points gained from above
Third Best Story = +1 to points gained from above

Successful Report with story = 2 points
Successful Report without story = 1 point
Unsuccessful Report with story = 0.5 point
Unsuccessful Report without story = 0.25 point

Squad ITOD
Successful Report with story = 1 point
Successful Report without story = 0.5 point
Unsuccessful Report with story = 0.25 point
Unsuccessful Report without story = 0 points

Each battle(not single match) will be worth 5 points.
Each member of the winning Wing at the end of the campaign shall receive 10 points.

Single Match (Win or loose) = 1 point
3rd Place = 5 point
2nd Place = 7 points
1st Place = 10 points

Training Nights
Attendance = 1 point
1 – 2 matches = 2 points
3 – 4 matches = 4 points
5 – 6 matches = 6 points
7 – 8 matches = 8 points
9 – 10 matches = 10 points

Tuesday Night Meetings
Attendance = 1 point

CO's Discretion
A Wing or Squad CO can hand out points based on a pilot's involvement with the fleet with the approval of the Fleet CO.

Awards are gained by a pilot collecting a certain number of points within the Renegade Fleet. They are listed as follows. Point totals are designated next to the award level.

10 Green Bolt -()-
20 Blue Bolt -(())-
30 Red Bolt -((()))-
40 Iron Bolt --()--
50 Steel Bolt --(())--
60 Titanium Bolt --((()))--
70 Bronze Bolt ---()---
80 Silver Bolt ---(())---
90 Platinum Bolt ---((()))---
100 Gold Bolt ---(((*)))---
110 Renegade's Fist ==B
120 Renegade's Might ==*==
130 Renegade's Auora *O*
140 Renegade's Strength =^=
150 Renegade's Sting (:::O:::)
160 Renegade's Eye ()o()
170 Renegade's Spirit |::==::|
180 Renegade's Enchant (^)
190 Renegade's Rage {X}
200 Renegade's Power ==P
210 Valor's Fury ::[]::
220 Crimson's Stain <><><>
230 Inexplicable Wraith [[?]]
240 Magi's Orb \...O.../
250 Sightless Eye {{()o()}}
260 Sayer's Fortune |..()..|
270 Nocturnal Light <..>
280 Omega's Stand [\\(-)//]
290 Heart's Courage{(\/)}
300 Ending Infinity {{(/\)}}
300 Automatic Promotion

Sum up
Good stuff happening. Keep it up. “:)

Lieutenant General Doth Raandu
Renegade Fleet CO-
             Scorpion Wing
                         Ragnarok Squadron
Intrepid Battle Group-
             Chiin'tal Wing
                         Dagger Squadron
Allegiance Wing-
            Assembly of the Force
            Flagship Crew

Retired RgF Undergraduate Academy CO
Retired Aqua Squadron CO(RgF)
Retired Allegiance Wing CO(RF)
Retired Chiin'tal Wing XO(IBG)

RgF Undergrad Advanced Flight School graduate
IBG Undergrad Basic Flight School graduate
Allegiance Wing Academy graduate

Marathon Pin ={||}=
IBG Combat Patch -(§)-
IBG Commander Unit Citation ~*{{:U:}}*~
XWA Master Cadet w/Honors =:{IBG}:=
XvT Master Cadet w/Honors ~)))@(((~
AW Master Cadet w/Honors ==@==


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