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Patriot Battle Fleet Newsletter - May 27, 2001

By BGN Fion "Zero" Grell
Unit: Patriot Starfighter Group
Fleet NL, May 27, 2001
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*** On board the Imperial Star Destroyer -Kunder's Glory- ***
1828, Coruscant Standard Time
2304, Relative Shipboard Time
10 days after the attack on the -Windstorm-

Lieutenant Colonel Yran Bulden grinned at the others in the round and slid
his last card into the interdiction field. "You still think you're going to
beat me, Partek?"
       The younger man groaned and leaned back in his chair. "I'm going to
have you searched for skifters, sir, and THEN we'll see who the luckier one
       Major Severa Cevaro, Yran's XO and unarguably the hottest stick in the
Squadron, smiled despite herself and waved the bartender over. "A beer for
the FO," she said loudly enough for everyone to hear. "He just lost two
months' wages, courtesy of the Colonel."
       The shipboard bar's patrons, all quite aware of Yran's record in
stripping rookies of their entire possessions and then some, chuckled and
toasted to Flight Officer Partek, who had a blush rushing over his cheeks
by now. "Uh," he stammered, "He had pure could have happened to
       Lieutenant Marden Piut grinned evilly and patted the "FNG" on the
back. "Anybody stupid enough to play the Colonel, you mean."

*** On board the Mon Calamari Cruiser -McGrath- ***
0221, Coruscant Standard Time
1200, Relative Shipboard Time
12 days after the attack on the -Windstorm-

"Your objectives are clear. Keep the -Glory- from receiving the supply
shipment, and, thus, keep her out of the battle for an even longer period
of time. You can engage enemy starfighters, but only if doing that does not
endanger the mission or your own craft. Understood?"
       The four pilots nodded.
       "We will enter hyperspace at 1400, revert to realspace at 1742. Your
status will be upgraded from yellow alert to full combat readiness at 1642,
one hour to reversion. I want you in your fighters from then on, ready to
launch immediately."
       General Margul was answered by a chorus of "yessirs", before he
saluted and left the room.
       This was a crucial step of the entire operation...if the -Glory- could
be kept out of the fight for as long as Intelligence predicted, their
opposing forces would be considerably weakened...*So,* he thought, *This is
the point at which I pray to the force.*

-----Patriot Battle Fleet News-----

Please forward this down the CoC, I am not on all Squad lists.

1) Slyder's LOA
Rejoice, for we have word from our Fleet CO. His computer is still fried,
and he is prohibited from using the school's computers because he is not
attending a single class this semester. This forces him into an Extended
Leave Of Absence, during which General Petr Tagge Margul will be the Acting
CO. You can all send get well soon cards to Slyder's computer, if you think
it would help...

2) 305
Slyder also managed to give us a way to access old and current reports,
meaning that effective immediately, point 3 of the previous newsletter is
void. We will get 305 results out to you ASAP - I know that ASAP doesn't
really tell you all that much, so expect them around 1800 EST tomorrow, Monday.

3) 306
Due to the unexpected complications on Command and schoolwork due
everywhere, the mission MIGHT be delayed. A decision will be reached soon,
but don't get your hopes up - fly the mission and report before the
deadline. You can always improve your score later if the deadline IS delayed.

4) Green Squadron CO
Slyder forwarded the applications to PM and myself. Expect a decision soon.



Commander Fion "Zero" Grell
Patriot Battle Fleet SO
X-Wing Academy CO
Crimson 9
Red Hand Five
Slayer 4
Grey 14

"I never, ever want to crash." - Placebo, Special K


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