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Scorpion Wing NL

By GEN Bluejay Farscape
Unit: Renegade Fleet
Wing NL, Jun 02, 2001
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Hiya pilots,

Its another Installment of the Scorpion Wing News Letter for the glorious month of June 2001... :P

Squad reports,
Squad CO's & XO's. Don't forget to send me that monthly(i think that was agreed on earlier)squad reports.
I want on the report the Roster status,squad happenings, promo's, awards,etc... so far I have only recieved one from Ragnarok.

The new RgF ITOD has been released. It is due at the end on June, so lets see if the whole wing can fly it and report on it .You can get it from the RgF Downloads page or from the RgF Tacops page.

Scorpion Wing ITOD
Scorpion 202 is done. The Awards for the participating pilots is farther on in this NL. The new Scorpion Mission is due at the end of June. The Mission is attached to this NL and will also be uploaded to the Scorpion Web page.Below are the results of the ITOD:
Harley Quinn - RnK - 33,772
Adam Fene - Rza - 32,898
Bluejay Farscape - RnK - 23,477
Gennai Darkflyer - RnK - 22,092
Baron Bon Fel - Rza - 20,584
Jon Anchorage - RnK - 10,221
Also below is the Briefing for the Scorpion ITOD 203
The pilots of Scorpion wing sat gathered in the briefing room of the Stingray. Everyone tryed to avoid looking at the 4 empty seats belonging to the pilots that had first attempted to take the Sanctuary station away from the pirates. None of the pilots knew what had happened to them, just that they had not radioed in as planned. Suddenly the door slid open and Patrick Blastfire, XO of Scorpion wing entered the room, and connected his datapad to the holoprojector at the front of the room.

"Right, first things first. Well done on repelling the ambush on our convoy. We came out of it with minimal casualties, and all our pilots are on deck for this next mission.."

"Secondly..." Blaster paused and looked around the room, his gaze resting briefly on each of the empty chairs."Secondly, we all know that the advance flight never made it back from the assault on the station. We have learned, from pilots captured during the ambush, that our pilots are alive," he paused again as a cheer went up from the assembled pilots. The XO motioned for them to settle down, then continued, "They are alive, and are being held on the station. We made a serious miscalculation in the number of ships and the quality of the pilots working for these pirates, a mistake that we will not repeat." Blaster looked out over his pilots as the all murmured dire threats against the pirates, before he turned to the holoprojector. A graphic of the station and area around it appeared in the center of the room.

"We are going back in three seperate groups. A flight of A-wings will break trail for the flight of X-wings following them in. Once their numbers have been thinned out a bit, the transport carrying the RSCD commandos will launch, escorted by another flight of A-wings. These commandos must make it to the station this time gentlebeings, as Kaz is a tad miffed that we have already lost 1 group of his men."

"Anyone have any questions?" Blastfire looked over his men. All he saw was steely determination in the eyes of the vets. and a little apprehension mixed with excitement in the eyes of the rookies. "Okay then, get to your ships, we launch in half an hour".

Scorpion Web Site check it out. Thank Commander Adam Fene for the new page, and since our old IO is still on LOA, he is now the Scorpion Wing IO.Congrats and keep up the good work.

RgF Training Nights
RgF Training nights are underway, every Friday night in #RgF on the undernet from 7pm EST to 11pm EST there will be matches flown for the purpose of increasing the overall average skill level of the RgF. More info can be found at:
Please show and support the wing. The more pilots that show the merrier and we can all use the practice. You also gain Fleet Merit points for showing and getting practice.

RgF Oplan
Wes Belden is running the volunteer weekly Oplan ITOD. To join up and/or to get more information on this mail him at or visit the RgF Oplan website at

RgF Campaign
The RgF Campaign has started, So please read the rules and double check to see what you need to do. We have a bigger lead than the other Wings. We should have our first battle real soon, so keep an eye out for the notice to fly against the other wings. Remember that we have 3 days from when we match up to another squad for our battles to occur or we forfeit the battle and lose. So PLEASE all pilots, show for the campaign battles and lets show the rest of the fleet who's the best.

Harley Quinn promoted to CMDR
Doth Raandu promoted to LGN
Topachea Nabbirie promoted to 1st Lt.
Congrats to you all


The following pilot is awarded the Scorpion Wing Top Ace Medal **!{~}!** for the highest score in Scorpion 202
Cmdr Harley Quinn - Ragnarok Squad

The following pilots are awarded the Scorpion Dagger ~~[*]~~ and also recieve 1 point each for the RgF Merits for flying and reporting on Scorpion 202 ITOD

Cmdr Harley Quinn - Ragnarok Squad
Cmdr Adam Fene - Resurrection Squad
BGN Bluejay Farscape - Ragnarok Squad
Lt. Gennai Darkflyer - Ragnarok Squad
Cpt Baron Bon Fel - Resurrection Squad
LCM Jon Anchorage - Ragnarok Squad

Also, you might want to check with the RgF Merits page for how to gain more points for your activity in the Fleet, Wing and Squad events.

Thats all and good luck to you all,

BGN Bluejay Farscape


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