Rebel Squadrons

ORW Results NL: Week 31

By FA Rahj Tharen
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
Narrative, Jun 04, 2001
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Results for Week 31, The Second Battle of the Yuen Lon System:

Emperor's Hammer victory!

EH Wins Outer Rim! ~ Yuen Lon System ~ Scores: [RS: 30 ,SV: 6 ,EH: 34 ,VE: 1 ,5F: 4 ,IO: 9 ] Matches: [RS: 64 ,SV: 18 ,EH: 51 ,VE: 1 ,5F: 21 ,IO: 23 ,Total: 89 ]

A full list of all the individual match results can be found at:

[ ]

Current Standings:

The Battle for the Yuen Lon System, Weeks 30 to 32

The EH wins the Second Battle of the Yuen Lon System!

After Week 30 (143 total matches):

Yuen Lon System Standings-

Rebel Squadrons: 60
Emperor's Hammer: 52
Imperial Order: 26
NR 5th Fleet: 9
Star Vipers: 6
Vast Empire: 1

For more information on how the standings work, please visit
[ ] .

Next Battle:

All members of the RS's Renegade Fleet, Intrepid Battle Group, and RS
Commando Division (or anyone in the RS that has XvT, XWA, or JK) are needed to battle the Empire every Saturday in channel #OuterRim on the InnerNET from 2 PM EST to 11 PM EST. You don't have to be there all nine hours (but Trace does :P), just show up, play a few matches, and have fun!


For the latest rules, club point standings, storylines, maps, ladder
standings, latest results, information, and happenings in the ORW, checkout these websites...

The Outer Rim War Headquarters

Outer Rim War Signup and Login

Outer Rim Ladder

Frontline News!

RS Ladder:

The ladder at has been
updated and always gives an accurate picture of the combatants. After 31 weeks of play, the notable RS standings are:

1) Boid "Gambit" Reaves (318-3-4, 1637 points, 325 games played)
2) Rahj "Trigger" Tharen (242-4-0, 1480 points, 246 games played)
3) Kaz "Talon" Falcion (111-1-2, 1223 points, 114 games played)
4) Talon Drear (94-9-3, 1183 points, 106 games played)
5) Wes "Gizmo" Belden (89-48-5, 1135 points, 135 games played)


It's my honor to award the following pilots and commandos for being
outstanding participants in the Outer Rim War with the following

For fighting at least 4 matches at the ORW this week, the following pilots
and commandos are hereby awarded the Valiance Combat Citation ^|VCC|^ for their excellent participation:

2LT Rakiki (4 matches, 0-4)...KIA
LCM Talon "Tally" Drear (10 matches, 6-3-1)...Wow!
LCM Jon Anchorage (5 matches, 0-5)...KIA
COL Wes "Gizmo" Belden (7 matches, 4-3)
MGN Boid "Gambit" Reaves (8 matches, 8-0)...Wow!
RA Kaz Falcion (4 matches, 4-0)

For acquiring at least 3 wins at the ORW, the following pilots and commandos are hereby awarded the Combat Medal |*| for their contribution in combat:

COL Wes "Gizmo" Belden (4 wins)
RA Kaz Falcion (4 wins)

For acquiring more than 6 wins in this week's ORW, the following pilots and commandos are hereby awarded the Alliance Dagger: * * for significantly damaging the enemy in combat:

LCM Talon "Tally" Drear (6 wins)
MGN Boid "Gambit" Reaves (8 wins)

Congratulations to all of you! Wear all your accomplishments with pride!

ORW RSer of the Week:

Gambit, Kaz, Tally, and Gizmo are this week's ORW RSer(s) of the Week for actually showing up and keeping us in the game, so to speak. Without their effort, the Emperor's Hammer could have taken the overall lead, but because of these guys, they didn't. Keep up the good work and let them be a great example!


May the Force be with you and the pride and honor of the Rebel Squadrons carry on in all of you!

Rear Admiral Rahj Tharen,
Rebel Squadrons Executive Officer


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