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Retribution Fleet NL 6-5-01

By FA Dev
Unit: Retribution Fleet
Fleet NL, Jun 05, 2001
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R2F NL 6/5/01

Ok everyone, I know I've been kind of out of it lately and you've heard nothing from me, but school has been nuts for me for the past few weeks, but I'm starting to get my act together again. This isn't the first mission of a new TOD, but instead a mission for you guys to just have some fun, friendly competition. It's actually an old academy mission, thanks to Thuku for helping me out there....

Oh and one other thing, the next TOD should be ready by the time this mission finishes, so expect that then....

Between tour fun mission
Due Date: Saturday, June 30th, 2001
Location: Attached
Reports and Pilot File to:

1. The mission can be flown as many time as you want and you may report as
many times as you want. Your highest score will be counted towards the final

2. You MUST fly the mission on MEDIUM.

3. Your pilot file MUST be attached to the e-mail when sending your report.
Be sure the pilot file contains the data from your mission before sending
it. Pilot containing no data will be considered invalid and will be scored
as a 0.

4. You must use a "clean" pilot when you fly this mission. Any pilot that is
not "clean" will be considered invalid and a 0 will be scored. A "clean"
pilot is one that has been used only to fly the current mission.

5. Only reports sent to will be considered valid. If
your report and pilot file is not sent there it will not be counted. You
may, however, share your report with others.

6. Overuse of lasers to blanket one's score will not be tolerated. If you
are caught firing thousands of lasers at an invincible ship, you're report
will be null and void and will not be counted.

This mission is due no later than June 30th. Make sure you
send your pilot file to for the report.

Current results can be found on the killboard on the R2F Site:

R2F Merit System
Merits will be updated when this mission is finished.

1. All pilots are invited to sign onto IRC and join channel
#retribution_fleet on the Undernet network. You can join the RS-wide channel
as well, which is #rs_bar_and_grill. For PC users you can pick up mIRC,
which can be downloaded at Mac Users can use Ircle, which
can be found at

2. Make sure you use the message board for general talk (including Mission
Reports, arguing, etc) instead of the R2F eGroup. Using the R2F eGroup for
this will make the command staff angry from now on! ;)

That's about it. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions feel
free to e-mail myself at or the XO, Trace, at

-Admiral Dev
Retribution Fleet CO


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