Rebel Squadrons

Retribution Fleet NL 6/28/01

By FA Dev
Unit: Retribution Fleet
Fleet NL, Jun 28, 2001
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R2F NL 5/28/01

Well, this NL brings the start of a new ITOD. Time for things to get back to

ITOD 6 Intro
The R2F command staff waited pantiently in Admiral Dev's personal meeting
room aboard the ISD Prometheus, flagship of Retribution Fleet which had just
come off the repair docks. The Prometheus, along with several other ships of
Retribution Fleet were in orbit around their home planet of Tarsonis, in the
Greoop system. The R2F Command staff of Admiral Dev, VA Trace, BGN Corran
Horn Jr, and LCL Adam Fene were awaiting a visit from FA Dave, Fleet
Commander of the Rebel Squadrons. The FC was bringing news of their new
assignment after a near 2 month leave and rest of the pilots of Retribution.
Dev's comlink suddenly gave a beep.
"Admiral, our FC's shuttle is entering the hangar now"
Dev keyed his comlink, "Thank you, we'll be down in a moment"
Dev signaled to Trace and the CO and XO of Retribution Fleet proceeded to
the hangar, leaving Corran and Vander behind to wait as they greeted FA Dave
when he exited the shuttle.

"Ah, Dev and Trace, good to see you, how are things?"
"Good, how are things yourself sir?" Dev replied to the RSFC.
"Great. Please, no formalities needed."
"Very well, Trace and I will show you to my office. My staff is waiting"
The three high ranking RS Officials proceeded to the office of the R2F
Commanding Officer. They took their seats and Corran and Vender introduced
themselves to the FC. Dave pulled out his datapad and plugged it into the
holoprojector located in the center of the table.
Dave began his briefing, "This is the Cadrel Expanse, which I'm sure you've
already heard much about. The system you guys will be concentrating on is
the Dia Pas system. It was recently acquired by the forces of our Commando
Division, Renegade Fleet, and Intrepid Battle group. The system is rich in
resources and has one of the most beautiful planets in the Cluster. For this
reason, we have given Retribution Fleet the responsibility of securing the
area for the establishment of a new Base. The nearby Elornia sysytem is
currently under Imperial Control, Emperor's Hammer to be exact, so any
number of threats can originate from that area. We have already scheduled
the arrival of several convoys to bring in supplies needed to construct the
base. In this datacard is all the info you'll need on the system and it's
Dev and his staff reviewed the information, "Hmm, this looks to be an
interesting task."
"Indeed," Dave replied "Any questions?"
Everyone shook their heads and Dave replied, "Very well, I suggest you
prepare your forces, you depart in 6 hours and there are several convoys
that will need escorting upon your arrival. You will be contacted upon their
scheduled arrival times when you reach Ellor. Good Luck"
"Thank you, sir" everyone replied and before they knew it, Dave was on his
way back to Blerthmore."

R2F 601
Due Date: July 31, 2001
Location: Attached or missions section of R2F webpage
Reports and Pilot File to:

1. The mission can be flown as many time as you want and you may report as
many times as you want. Your highest score will be counted towards the final

2. You MUST fly the mission on MEDIUM.

3. Your pilot file MUST be attached to the e-mail when sending your report.
Be sure the pilot file contains the data from your mission before sending
it. Pilot containing no data will be considered invalid and will be scored
as a 0.

4. You must use a "clean" pilot when you fly this mission. Any pilot that is
not "clean" will be considered invalid and a 0 will be scored. A "clean"
pilot is one that has been used only to fly the current mission.

5. Only reports sent to will be considered valid. If
your report and pilot file is not sent there it will not be counted. You
may, however, share your report with others.

6. Overuse of lasers to blanket one's score will not be tolerated. If you
are caught firing thousands of lasers at an invincible ship, you're report
will be null and void and will not be counted.

R2F Medals
No medals awarded at this time.

No promotions at this time.

Incoming Pilots
LCM Jon Anchorage (Slayer)

Outgoing Pilots

R2F Merit System
Merits will be updated at the end of mission 601.

1. All pilots are invited to sign onto IRC and join channel
#retribution_fleet on the Undernet network. You can join the RS-wide channel
as well, which is #rs_bar_and_grill. For PC users you can pick up mIRC,
which can be downloaded at Mac Users can use Ircle, which
can be found at

That's about it. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions feel
free to e-mail myself at or the XO, Trace, at

-Admiral Dev
Retribution Fleet CO


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