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Scorpion NL 7/3/01

By GEN Bluejay Farscape
Unit: Renegade Fleet
Wing NL, Jul 03, 2001
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Hiya pilots,

Its the 1st Installment of the Scorpion Wing News Letter for the glorious month of July 2001... :P

Squad reports,
Squad CO's & XO's. Don't forget to send me that monthly(i think that was agreed on earlier)squad reports, they are due by the 15th. I want on the report the Roster status,squad happenings, promo's, awards,etc... .

The RgF ITOD 105 is now complete. I want to thanks all the pilots who flew and reported. Listed below are the scores of how it went.
1. Topachea Nabbirie Resurrection Squadron 19 58,160
2. Xtremegene Ragnorok Squadron 33 52,438
3. Dark Talon Dragon Squadron 26 49,120
4. Harley Quinn Ragnorok Squadron 39 42,260
5. Adam Fene Resurrection Squadron 43 41,300
6. Wes Belden Jedi Squadron 28 33,820
7. Bluejay Farscape Ragnorok Squadron 30 33,460
8. Lamin Zykara Twilight Squadron 24 32,135
9. Jon Anchorage Ragnorok Squadron 22 31,520
10. John Ricco Jedi Squadron 23 31,460
11. Gavin Cantorph Kravis Red Dragon Squadron 22 30,880
12. Zeratul Ragnorok Squadron 25 29,980
13. Baron Bon Fel Resurrection Squadron 22 29,780
14. Javin "Entropy" Keyle Jedi Squadron 17 29,100
15. Sienn Sconn Red Dragon Squadron 9 22,525
16. Blair Burner Jedi Squadron 7 20,470
17. Renan Darillia Red Dragon Squadron 9 18,500
18. Doth Raandu Ragnorok Squadron 18 9,700
19. Arill Wiltker Ragnorok Squadron 12 9,420

1. Ragnorok Squadron 7 179 208,778
2. Resurrection Squadron 3 84 129,240
3. Jedi Squadron 4 75 114,850
4. Red Dragon Squadron 3 40 71,905
5. Dragon Squadron 1 26 49,120
6. Twilight Squadron 1 24 32,135

Scorpion Wing ITOD
Ok the Scorpion ITOD is done for this month, I want to thank all that flew it,even though it was very tough.For the rest of you who didn't report, whats up... you all joined to fly, have fun, etc... The missions are for your enjoyment, all that I and the team ask is for you to send in a score,whether you win or lose. That way we know if its worth keep up. The new ITOD and briefing is available and attached to this NL. It is due at the end of July. Below are the scores:
Xtremegene - RnK - 38990
Adam Fene - Rza - 35885
Jon Anchorage - RnK - 34425
Bluejay Farscape - RnK - 34,308
Bon Fel - Rza - 28632
Zeratul - RnK - 25065
Arill Wiltker - RnK - 22524
Harley Quinn - RnK - 0

Scorpion Web Site check it out.

RgF Training Nights
RgF Training nights are underway, every Friday night in #RgF on the undernet from 7pm EST to 11pm EST there will be matches flown for the purpose of increasing the overall average skill level of the RgF. More info can be found at:
Please show and support the wing. The more pilots that show the merrier and we can all use the practice. You also gain Fleet Merit points for showing and getting practice.

RgF Oplan
Wes Belden is running the volunteer weekly Oplan ITOD. To join up and/or to get more information on this mail him at or visit the RgF Oplan website at

RgF Campaign
The campaign is still going on, we are taking planets and trying to maneuver ourself into a good striking position. I'm waiting for the RgF NL for funds we have so far and for the map to be updated.

none at this time

Awards/ Merits
The following pilots are awarded 1 merit point and the Scorpion Dagger for participation in the WING ITOD.
Baron Bon Fel
Adam Fene
Harley Quinn
Jon Anchorage
Arill Wiltker
Bluejay Farscape
Patrick Blastfire

The following Pilot is awarded the Scorpion Top Ace award for the highest score on the Wing ITOD:
Lt. Xtremegene.....congrats on an excellent job.

The following pilots are awarded the following merit points for participation in the Fleet ITOD.
Baron Bon Fel - 2
Adam Fene - 2
Topachea - 7
Harley Quinn - 2
Jon Anchorage - 2
Doth Raandu - 2
Arill Wiltker - 2
Xtremegene - 5
Zeratul - 2
Bluejay Farscape - 2

The following Pilot is awarded the RgF Top Ace award for the highest score on the Fleet ITOD and is mentioned on the front page of the RgF Web site:

Topachea Nabbrie of Resurrection Squad........Excellent work Topachea

The following Squadron is awarded the RgF Top Squad award for the highest score and most reports on the Fleet ITOD and is mentioned on the front page of the RgF Web site:
Ragnarok Squad......... Excellent work guys, keep up the good work

Thats all and good luck to you all,

BGN Bluejay Farscape


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