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Chiintal NL

By GEN Bluejay Farscape
Unit: Intrepid Battle Group
Wing NL, Jul 11, 2001
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Chiintal Pilots,

This is another installment of the Chiin'Tal Wing NL for the month of July

Fleet ITOD
The IBG ITOD 101 has been flown and the results haven't been posted yet. I'm waiting for Slate to post the results in the IBG NL.The new ITOD hasn't been released yet, as soon as its available ,i'll be sending it to you all.

Ace and I are still looking for an ITOD team for the Wing. Anyone with experience in making custom missions and interested in the development of a Wing ITOD, please email me so we can get this happening.

Web Sites
Squad CO's,XO's and IO's, I went over the squads web pages, I sent the list to you all so you can get jumping and fixing those pages ASAP.

Training Nights
The IBG training nights or melee nights will be starting back up this month. I urge all pilots to show and have some fun.

Domination League
the Domination League will be starting again, since ORW is done. I expect all member to participate in the event. For details check out the web site:

Chiintal Wing Campaign
I'm going to start a campaign battle for a mock system between the squads of Chiintal. It will be similiar to the campaign run by the RgF. It will entail squad movements and battles for systems. you will purchase ships depending on Squad funds available and when a battle commences, only ships available will be used. Its an ongoing MP battle between squads and is lots of fun. Keep an eye for further details. It should be ready to go by the beginning of August.... I Hope... :P

Squad Battles
I will be talking to the Titan Wing CO and trying to setup a inter-wing melee for the squads. It should hopefully be ready to go by the middle of this month. It will entail squads of Chiintal vs squads of Titan. I will be coordinating a schedule with the Titan CO soon. Its another event for all of you to keep your flying skills sharp.

none at this time

none at this time

Parting Comments
Pilots, I'm trying to increase activity in this wing. I have recieved lots of complaints from all over about pilots who only answer AWOL checks and do nothing else. As of the beginning of this month. I will be watching everyone closely for activity and awarding demerits, when someone reaches 5 demerits you will be removed from the Squad roster. Demerits will consist of ...not flying and reporting on the fleet ITOD,Squad ITOD or Wing ITOD... not participating in the Fleet,Wing or Squad events planned.
Also, another note to you all, If you are placed on AWOL for not answering an AWOL Check, you will have 2 weeks to answer up (if not already on LOA or in a command position ..3 weeks), you will be removed from the squad roster.

Thats all and good luck to you all,

BGN Bluejay Farscape


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