Rebel Squadrons

ORW Awards Ceremony

By FA Rahj Tharen
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
Narrative, Jul 12, 2001
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       Orbiting the giant terrestrial world of Mercurius in the Vectain System, the five ships of the Rebel Squadrons' Flagship Battlegroup continued their tour of their newly acquired domains in the Cadrel Expanse.  Below on the planet's lush surface thousands of New Republic and Rebel Squadrons personnel were getting ready to enjoy the recreational uses of the planet while on rest leave now that the battles of the Cadrel Expanse Conflict had finally ended.

       On the bridge of the RSSD Rebel Spirit, the Rebel Squadron's Executive Officer, Rear Admiral Rahj Tharen, looked through the long bridge viewports down onto the green and blue planet.  He turned to speak with the ship's Watch Officer.  

       "You know they call Mercurius the cradle of civilization in the entire Cadrel Expanse?  Beings from all over the galaxy are already chartering the New Republic to start colonies on the planet."

       "Well, sir, I'm proud to of been apart of it," replied the Watch Officer.

       Rahj smiled.  "We all are and we all have every right to be.  The Cadrel Expanse is now pretty much in New Republic control because of our campaigns and the Imperial Remnant's borders have grown smaller once again."

       "Roger that, sir.  And it's only fitting to have today's awards ceremony at the same place that was the turning point in the war for us."

       Rahj replied with a nod, but his expression changed.  "That it is.  The Battle for the Vectain System may have been the largest and bloodiest battle in the Cadrel Expanse Conflict, but it was here where we gained all the momentum we needed to win the war.  And speaking of the awards ceremony, it starts fairly soon, so I better be on my way to the assembly room.  The bridge is yours."

       The Watch Officer responded with a crisp salute.  "Aye, aye, sir!"  Rahj returned it and exited the bridge at a brisk pace.

       Upon arriving at the assembly room, Rahj was surprised at how everyone could fit in there.  Pilots from the Renegade Fleet and Intrepid Battle Group, and soldiers of the Commando Division were seated all over the place, as were all sorts of droids and members of the ship's crew.  Members of High Command were seated in the front, revolved around a stage that was set up.  The large room looked filled to capacity, but he made his way up there to sit with the rest of High Command.  Rahj looked to the back of the room and noticed the holo-vid cameras running to broadcast the ceremony to the entire fleet.  As he turned back, a lieutenant walked up to the podium in the middle of the stage.

       Everyone settled down and got quiet.

       "Ladies and gentlemen, Fleet Commander Dave Trebonious-Astoris!" the lieutenant shrilly cried out to the assembly.  The announcement was met with applause and cheers as Dave mounted the podium at the center of the stage and grinned out at the crowd.
    "Pilots, commandos, and crews of the Rebel Squadrons... greetings in the name of victory!"
    Resounding cheers.
    "Exactly 11 days ago all offensive operations in the Cadrel Expanse ceased.  Although Imperial forces have entrenched themselves in the Elornia System, they do not seem prepared to move out from there as of yet.  I am happy to say that units of the Rebel Squadrons are in firm control of the Cadrel Expanse!"
    Further cheers.
    "Though the price of victory has been steep, we have not been cowed.  Each day our resolve grows stronger, and with our resolve our strength!  It is the mission of our battle fleet to protect the interests of the New Republic in the Outer Rim, and in this task we are succeeding beyond the wildest hopes of even the High Command!
    Every person involved in this operation deserves to be commended for his or her part in making it such a success.  Without everybody who manned a flightstick, held a blaster, armed a starfighter, or watched a sensor screen, we could not have done what we have done.  For this reason, I am pleased to announce the creation of a special commemorative battle ribbon, the Cadrel Combat Citation.  Every person who participated in operations in the Cadrel Expanse will receive this commendation along with my express thanks."
    Dave stepped back momentarily from the podium, sweeping his hand in a gesture to include all the gathered personnel as they roared their
acceptance.  Stepping back to the podium after the applause had died out, he continued.
    "Even in a battle where every being made a difference, there are several standouts which I would like to recognize.  Major General Boid "Gambit" Reaves, Rear Admiral Kaz Falcion, Lieutenant Commander Talon "Tally" Drear, Colonel Wes "Gizmo" Belden, and Rear Admiral Rahj Tharen, would you please step forward?"
    The appropriate officers stepped to the front and lined up in front of the Fleet Commander, dress uniforms shining.
    "As our top aces, each of you has garnered over 100 combat victories.  As a token of my appreciation to your undying devotion to the Rebel Squadrons and your significant contributions to our victory in the Cadrel Expanse, I hereby award you all with the Fleet Commander's Medal of Excellence.  Wear it proudly, remember what you have done for the entire Rebel Squadrons.  Congratulations, and thank you!
    The other beings gathered cheered and grinned at each other as Dave pinned the medal on each officer in turn.  The five then turned around in front of the podium, displaying their new awards.  Dave stepped back up.

       "The overall top ace for the entire campaign was MGN Reaves. His 333 victories are more than impressive, they're incredible. For this reason, it's my honor to bestow upon him the title of Supreme Champion of the Rebel Squadrons."

       Dave gestured in Gambit's direction as Gambit stepped forward to be recognized and the crowd showered him with their applause once again. When it died down, Dave continued.

    "Last, but certainly not least, I'd like to call up Vice Admiral Trace!"  As Trace picked his way up to the front, Dave continued.  "Those of you who participated in this campaign know that Trace worked tirelessly in the background, coordinating supplies and resources.  Throughout all 35 weeks of our fight, he has been an invaluable part of the Command, and has worked many sleepless nights for our cause.  Without him, our effort would have stalled in the second or third week.  For all his work in the Cadrel campaign and his dedication to the Rebel Squadrons, it is my pleasure to award Trace with the Excellency of Service!"
    Dave turned to Trace and pinned the most prestigious medal of the Rebel Squadrons to his uniform, and Trace nodded his appreciation as the assembly cheered him to the echo.  As Trace joined the five in front of the podium, Rahj stepped out from the group and took his turn at the podium.

       "Greetings everyone. Congratulations to you all, for you are the true force that brought us the victory that we now celebrate. We made it through the strife, faced our adversaries with vigilance, and now stand forever stronger because of it. But enough pep talk. What's important now is to recognize the outstanding soldiers that helped us accomplish all of this. So let's continue.

       Would the members of the Gryphon Commandos and Kalidor Squadron please stand?"

       As they stood one by one in the crowd, everyone looked towards them.

       "The active members of these two units that were involved in the battles of the Cadrel Expanse accounted for about 1083 confirmed victories, according to targeting sensor tapes and other video feeds. That means the Gryphons and Kalidors were responsible for 1083 of our 1804 kills! These two elite units went well beyond their roles in being the sharpe edge of our sword. For that, we are forever thankful and I will be nominating them in the future for Unit Commendations. Please join me in giving them the applause they deserve."

       Cheers and applause followed.

       "Well, we better wrap this up so I can have time to start awarding everyone's Cadrel Combat Citations over the next couple of days. Relish the peace and long live the Rebel Squadrons!"

       As Rahj returned to stand with the other medal winners, Dave returned to deliver a final charge.

    "Once again, thank you. Thank you all!  Remember that our victory is not merely material, but also moral.  Fight the remnants of the Empire and remain vigilant!  But for now, go celebrate!"

[Datapad Download Complete...]

ORW Match Stats

1)   Total # of matches = 4, 094
2)   Avg. # of matches/week = 117
3)   Avg. # of matches/System Battle = 381
4)   Highest # of matches in one week = 211 (Week 16, Vectain System)
5)   Highest # of matches in one System Battle = 551 (Vectain System)

RS Record Stats

1)   Overall RS Record = 1804 - 1113 -120
2)   # of matches played by RS = 3037                     
3)   Avg. pts/week = 54.97
4)   RS Winning % = 59.4%
5)   # of 1st place finishes by week = 27
6)   # of 2nd place finishes by week = 8*
*In 35 weeks, the lowest place the RS ever got was 2nd.
7)   RS XvT Record = 335-378-29, 742 XvT matches
8)   RS XWA Record = 359-502-53, 904 XWA matches
9)   RS JK Record = 1099-224-38, 1361 JK matches
10) RS CS Record = 11-9-0, 20 CS matches

Cadrel Expanse Systems Won By RS

RS = Titania, Dia Pas, Vectain, Elenian, Genji, Anshife, Malkoria, Yuen Lon, Oberon

RS Top 5 Overall Individuals

1)   MGN Boid "Gambit" Reaves, 333-3-5, 341 matches ~ 1668 ladder pts

2)   RA Rahj Tharen, 251-5-0, 256 matches ~ 1497 pts

3)   LCM Talon "Tally" Drear, 122-11-5, 138 matches ~ 1238 pts

4)   RA Kaz Falcion, 111-1-2, 114 matches ~ 1223 pts

5)   COL Wes "Gizmo" Belden, 110-58-7, 165 matches ~ 1169 pts

*Out of 1804 wins for the entire RS, these 5 people accounted for 927 of them!

Highest Individual Win % With Over 40 Matches

1)   RA Rahj Tharen, 251-5-0 ~ 98.04%

2)   MGN Boid "Gambit" Reaves, 333-3-5 ~ 97.65%

3)   RA Kaz Falcion, 111-1-2 ~ 97.37%

4)   GEN Petr Tagge Margul, 62-8-2 ~ 86.11%

5)   BGN Patrick "Blaster" Blastfire, 44-15-1 ~ 73.33%

More Individual Stats, Info, & Credits

1)   Most wins = 333, MGN Boid "Gambit" Reaves
2)   Most losses = 58, COL Wes "Gizmo" Belden
3)   Most ties = 7, COL Wes "Gizmo" Belden & LCM John Leelsabs
4)   Most matches = 341, MGN Boid "Gambit" Reaves
5)   Best robot = Vice Admiral Trace
6)   Never missed an ORW = MGN Boid "Crazy" Reaves
7)   Most contributing combat member = MGN Boid "Gambit" Reaves (Gambit contributed 18.46% of the RS's wins)
8)   Original ORW concept = BGN Raz Zaphon/Don-Qui Cantanine
9)   RS ORW Council Reps = FA Dave Trebonious-Astoris, RA Rahj Tharen
10) ORW Council Moderator = RA Rahj Tharen
11) Kept the ORW running each week = VA Trace, RA Rahj Tharen
12) Coded the ORW Database = GEN Shikkie Kaaran
13) ORW Website designer = BGN Deltan Savari
14) ORW Website maintainer = RA Rahj Tharen
15) Best and largest competition the RS has ever seen = The Cadrel Expanse Conflict/ORW


May the Force be with you and may the pride and honor of the Rebel Squadrons carry on in all of you!


FA Dave Trebonious-Astoris, Rebel Squadrons Fleet Commander


RA Rahj Tharen, Rebel Squadrons Executive Officer


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