Rebel Squadrons

PBF NL 7-22-01

By LGN Slyder McGrath
Unit: Patriot Starfighter Group
Fleet NL, Jul 23, 2001
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***On Board Frenzy 1***
Location: Unknown
Coruscant Standard Time: 1621 HRS
Shiop Relative Time: Unknown

Commander Slyder McGrath pushed down hard on the yoke, barely missing the disabled tie that was charging at him. The Anguish had jumped in system, and caused a whole lotta mess for the mission, but things were finishing up.
"Frenzy Lead, this is Calibretto two, do you read?"
"GO ahead Lozza..."
"Sir, Fion's bit it again...request evac shuttle. Jake and I can finish the last of the frieghters, least the ones that havn't run yet."
Shaking his head in disbalief, Slyder replied. "We have REALLY gotta get Fion into some flight training simms, that boy is costing the NR more credits in fighters then we can handle..."
A group of muffled laughs flooded the comm.

***On-Board ISD Anguish***
Location: Exiting Hyperspace
Coruscant Relative Time: 1622 HRS
Ship Relative Time: 1542 HRS

Captain Mooroe Sat in his chair eyes out the main view screen. A single bead of sweat rolled down his right cheek bone, curving down as it reached his chin. It hung there for a moment, gather itself, and jumped off of his face. Hurling down, untill it smashed into the deck. The cptain turned his attention down, in an effort to see the stain on the durasteel deck.
"What a waste..." he mutterd under his breath.
Brilliant flashes of light surounded him, as three freighters jumped insystem with him. He turned his attention to the enlist-grade at comms.
"Report!" he belted.
"Kelskas 2, 5, and 6 sir. Two and Five report superficial damage, but I have not heard from Six yet."
The captain turned hius attetntion to the freighter to his left. Number Six. Almost seemed to be floating...
"Kelska Six, this is Captain Mooroe of the Imperial Star Destroyer Anguish, please report....I repeat, this is Captain...."
Just as the captain was finishing his message, a sudden esplosion on the back side of the freighter sent it into a death tumble, gooing end over end. As it fully rotated, it made it's engine mount, or, apparent lack of one now, completely visible. The ship continued to roll, untill small sparks of life could be seen all over the hull. Lines and blurs of firey red colors burst forth, with one final heave as the freighter went Nova, sending it's corpse in all directions.
The comms officer turned his attention to the captain.
"Sir, make that Kelska Two and Five our only survivors today."
The captain sat in his chair, head hung low, trying to hide his embaresment...
"What a waste, and for this...."

***On Board Frenzy 2***
Location: Unknown
Coruscant Relative Time: 1630 HRS
Ship Relative Time: Unknown

Dew sat back in his chair, and let go of the flight yoke. He let out a hefty sigh, and looked at the botom of his HUD display. A rag tag picture sat tucked behind the durasteel plating so that it could not fall. The picture was definately old, or at least, worn...
Dew dialed his throttle to 15%, and took off his flight gloves. He looked at the picutre again, and gently plucked it from it's nest with his fingers. As he brought it closer to his face, at eye level, the image could be made out...his daughter.
After a moment of silence, seemingly in a deep thought, Dew was snapped to reality.
"HEY! You awake!" Slyder shouted over the com.
Dew shook his head, half jumping out of the seat from beeing startled.
"Heh, ya, ya...I'm here." he replied.
"Good to hear pops...heh...things are cleaned up here. Calibretto is heading back to the fleet, as is Freeto. You go too, I'm gunna hang out here with Fion untill the shuttle arives, couple minutes."
"Ok Slyd, I'll see ya back at home."
He turned to the picture once more, remnding himself, this is why we are here. This is why we fight.
He put the pic back in it's holding place, and pulled the lever, sending his caft into the familiar blueish-white tube.....

On board the CRS Wind Storm, broadcasting from the holo briefing room to the

::Commander Slyder "Ice" McGrath takes the podium::

-----Patriot Battle Fleet News-----

1) One More Week---
      That's right everyone. 307 will be over in one week! That means get those butts in gear and get reportin!

2) PBF Reports---
      For future notice, ALL PBF MRs MUST be sent to myself, as well as the XO
and SO AND your squad egroups account/CO. If they are not sent to all of
the locations, any complaints of missing MRs will NOT be tolerated. I agree
that it has been a pain for the last two missions. I was receiving all reports for 305, and when I went on Leave, I gave the CS my name and
password for email, but some still got lost. We are merely putting this new
mailing policy into effect to ensure that the pilot MRs are beeing seen by
as many ppl as possible.

3) 305 and 306 standings---
These standings are finished now, and ALL merits have been awarded, check
out the merit board to see what your new patches are.

4) Kerian Halcyon New PBF IO
Okay....Squad COs, make sure your IOs, and wing IOs see this. Commander
Halcyon is our new fleet wide IO. Mainly, his job will be to make sure each
unit has thier own IO. He will also be checking up on web pages to be sure
that they are beeing maintained properly. Contact him if you have any

-----PBF Mission Standings-----

The high score for the current mission is:
      Tyrell "Spokes" Borran Stealth Squadron 46 57,064

The highest scoring squadron for the current mission is:
      Green Squadron 3 134 154,651

The highest scoring wing for the current mission is:
      Provider Wing 5 185 216,140

The standings for the current mission are available at:

-----Missing/Unclean Items----

-----PBF Mission Report Medal-----

The mission report medal for the previous month goes to:
You have the honor of adding the MRM medal to your signoff: [*MRM*]

-----PBF Most Active Squadron Medal-----
The most active squadron for the previous month is:


You have the honor of adding the Most Active Squadron medal to your
signoff: -=-()-=-
-----PBF Mission And Rules-----

The current Patriot Battle Fleet mission is:
                  PBF 307
The deadline for the current mission is:

July 30th, 11:59 PM EST

You can download the current mission at:

Send reports with pilot files attached to:
& (to be safe) &

The rules for flying the mission are:

1) You may run this mission as many times as you like but you MUST
get the MISSION COMPLETE message and have a valid *.plt file in order
to be eligible for the PBF Medal of victory. In addition, any score
not accompanied by a pilot file for verification will NOT be counted
by the PBF Command Staff.
2) Run the mission as "defect.xwi" ( this will place it as X-Wing
X-Wing TOD 1 Mission 1 ) so that your stats will be recorded in your
*.plt file.
3) Make a new pilot file to run the mission. If you fail the mission
and wish to run it again make sure to use a new pilot file instead of
re-running it with the same pilot. Any pilot file found to be
"unclean" will result in the score NOT being counted by the PBF
Command Staff.
4) Destroying "Friendly" craft to pad ones stats is strictly
prohibited. *.plt files containing "Rebel" craft kills will be
considered invalid.
5) You should also include a written report with your score laser/ion
shots and hits, missile shots and hits and kill totals in the email.
6) Pilot files will be manually calculated using the official
LucasArts scoring chart for X-wing. Anyone interested in obtaining a
copy of this chart, can email me to do so.
7) No individual scores will be changed after the deadline! If a
report is submitted that is never received at the report address
given above, it will not be added after the deadline. Neither will
the PBF CO accept a late pilot file. The only thing that can be
changed afterwards are errors made by the Command Staff.
8) There is a Fleet Wide competition based on this tour. Every pilot
who sends in a valid report will receive 1 merit point. The pilot
with the best overall score for the mission will be awarded a special
PBF Top Gun medal, along with receiving a 5 point bonus in the PBF
Merit System. In addition participating members from the squadron
with the best overall combined score will receive 5 bonus merit
points in addition to "Top Squadron" bragging rights. Also, the pilot
with the top score for each squadron (excluding the winning squadron,
and Top Gun) will receive 3 bonus PBF merit points. The reporting
members of the Squadrons on 2nd and 3rd places will get 2 bonus PBF
merit points.
*Note* In the even that the Top Pilot for the mission also happens to
be in the Top Squadron he may only receive the 5 bonus Credits for
one or the other. Same thing applies to each squadron Top Pilot and
2nd and 3rd place squadrons.
9) Mail problems including undelivered mail and corrupted *.plt files
are not the responsibility of the PBF command staff. If your *.pltfile
becomes corrupted and you do not include a written accounting,
then your score will be counted as "0".
10) If a pilot retires from the PBF at any time during the course of
an active mission after having submitted a report, his report will no
longer count for his former squadron. He will still receive credit
for running the mission, but will be listed as "Inactive".
11) If a pilot transfers from one PBF squadron to another (such as
attaining a squadron CO position) during the course of an active
mission after having submitted a report, his report will will now
count towards the newfound squadron.
-----PBF Information-----

1) IRC---
I'd like to invite all pilots, new and old, to take part in whatever
activities they have running in the Rebel Squadron's Bar and Grill,
on the Undernet IRC network; #RS_Bar_and_Grill is the name of the
channel. The Patriot Battle Fleet has it's own channel as well, #PBF.
I spend a lot of time on these channels, and it's a good way to
contact me if you have problems. It's also a good way to meet new
people and gather information about the RS. Make sure you're
connected to an Undernet server, and if you have trouble connecting
to the Undernet, visit the Undernet homepage at:
To download an IRC program for Windows PCs, and also learn a lot about
how IRC works, visit the homepage of the program mIRC at:
To download an IRC program for macintosh, visit the ircle homepage at:
2) Masters of Combat Tactics---

Do you think you're the best? If so, then ComTac might be for you!
ComTac is a set of missions that you can run to increase your ability
level and gain fame! You can download the ComTac missions at:
3) Operation Lanvarok---

For anyone who wants to fly a bit more than you are now, there's a
group for you. It's called Operation Lanvarok. This group flies the
Academy missions weekly in a storyline. If you're interested in
joining, contact Major Lozza McG at:
4) X-Wing Mission Building Academy---

If you would like to learn how to build missions for the game this
fleet is based on, join the X-wing Mission Building Academy You can
find more information at:

Commander Slyder "Ice" McGrath


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