Rebel Squadrons

Guardian Wing NL 08-03-01

By RA Lamin Zykara
Unit: Renegade Fleet
Wing NL, Aug 03, 2001
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1.) Opening
3.) Website
4.) LOA
5.) Multiplayer
6.) AWOL
7.) Closing

1.) Opening
Greetings, Guardian Wing members. I'd hate to leave you without saying goodbye, so here is a very nice goodbye from your loopy Wing Commander. Yes, it is indeed a real, honest to god Guardian Wing NL.

After much agonizing, the IOTOD is finally ready, although some of the cooler features I had planned just didn't pan out. But it is a solid, fun mission. Reports are due August 27th, sent to my address.
This IOTOD is flyable with up to three other players. So get online and have fun. You can get it at the Guardian Wing website.
By the way, flying the mission online entitles you to an extra 2000 point bonus for all participating members. So that should be incentive to fly it. Also, remember, narratives only add value.

3.) Website
The website news section will be updated after this NL is sent out, as will the IOTOD page.

4.) LOA
I am going on LOA from today until August 21st, 2001. I will be out of reach of any kind of computer terminal. So I am sorry, folks, but you are stuck with Commander Landfarer and Colonel Daxson. At least you have a mission to fly, though.

5.) Multiplayer
All quiet on the western front. I'm really not sure what is going on with Multiplayer competitions, but if you want to fly multiplayer with some of your RS buddies, more power to ya. And of course, there is the lovely IOTOD.

6.) AWOL
People who are marked AWOL on the roster have until the 27th to unmark themselves, then it is boot time. Off the Guardian Wing roster. Sounds harsh, but I'm trying to crack down on the slackers.

7.) Closing
So, that is it for this edition of the Guardian Wing NL. I hope, sincerely, that my office is in decent shape when I return from Canada. Take care all, and may the Force be with you.

Commander Lamin Zykara
Jedi Knight
Renegade Fleet
-Guardian Wing CO
--Twilight Squadron
---Twilight 2
-BoP Wing
--Phantom Squadron XO
---Phantom 5
Aurora Force
-Backlash Wing
--Redstar Squad
---Redstar 6
Rebel Squadrons Commando Division
-Knight Company
--Dragon Squad
---Dragon 7
-Aurora Force Academy
--Indigo Skies Squadron
---Indigo Skies 2
-Renegade Fleet Academy
--Marshall Squadron
---Marshall 8
Rebel Squadrons Commando Division Awards
~~*|+|*~~ JK ROC Master Cadet Medal
+*+ RSCD Combat Citation
-=*|*=- RSCD Unit Citation
Renegade Fleet Awards
*MRM* Mission Report Medal
*))@((* Master Cadet With Honors, X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter Academy
Aurora Force Awards
Conceli Star- Operation STORM
-=(A*^~^*F)=- Aurora Force Above and Beyond- Operation STORM
-=(A*[]*F)=- The Golden Datapad- Operation STORM
-=(*AF*)=- Aurora Force Merit Medal- Operation STORM
-=(A*[}}=*F)=- The Broken Bottle- Operation DAMOCLES
-=(A*--<[*F)=- The Gimpy- Operation DAMOCLES
*:* Violet Cluster- Operation DAMOCLES
Rebel Squadrons Awards
*I* Veteran Service Medal - 1 Year
^|VCC|^ Valiance Combat Citation 03/03/01
^|VCC|^ Valiance Combat Citation 04/14/01
^|VCC|^ Valiance Combat Citation 05/05/01
^|CCC|^ Cadrel Combat Citation


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