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Valor Wing NL 8-20-2001

By COL Jeremiah Matthew
Unit: Patriot Starfighter Group
Wing NL, Aug 20, 2001
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I've decided to go to weekly NLs, since there's actually some news nowadays. :)

Valor News:
307 results come out. Jade 5th, Red 8th, Blue 11th. Valor last for wings.
COL Lief Nalpak retires from Red.
ADM Rensal Darklighter becomes Valor SO.
COM Kerian Halcyon returns from LOA.

Slyder McGrath promoted to Lieutenant Colonel.

ITOD Update:
I haven't seen much for this mission. We SHOULD be able to do better than last time. (heh, I'll bet we could get top wing if we really tried.) Everyone, get moving. The mission's just a dogfight, so it should be simple enough.

Valor Roster:
Valor Wing
Wing Commanding Officer: Lieutenant Commander Jeremiah Matthew
Wing Executive Officer: Commander Kerian "Big K" Halcyon
Wing Second Officer: Admiral Rensal Darklighter

Blue Squadron
Blue Squadron 1(CO): Admiral Rensal Darklighter
Blue Squadron 2: Major General Dan Fengar (AWOL)
Blue Squadron 3: TBA
Blue Squadron 4: Major Kintor Dalaran
Blue Squadron 5(XO): TBA
Blue Squadron 6: Admiral Dev
Blue Squadron 7: TBA
Blue Squadron 8: Colonel Wes Belden
Blue Squadron 9: TBA
Blue Squadron 10: TBA
Blue Squadron 11: Major Wendell Keet
Blue Squadron 12: 2nd Lieutenant Raven Seven

Jade Squadron

Jade Squadron 1(CO): Lieutenant Commander LiveWire
Jade Squadron 2: 2nd Lieutenant Jeris "Hobbie" Gand
Jade Squadron 3: Lieutenant Commander Jeremiah Matthew
Jade Squadron 4: TBA
Jade Squadron 5(XO): Major Marcos Black
Jade Squadron 6: 1st Lieutenant Kevin S. Pryde
Jade Squadron 7: 2nd Lieutenant Jaquec Takki (LOA)
Jade Squadron 8: Commander Sienn Sconn
Jade Squadron 9: Brigadier General John GAdRS (LOA)
Jade Squadron 10: TBA
Jade Squadron 11: TBA
Jade Squadron 12: Commander Muzor

Red Squadron

Red Squadron 1(CO): Commander Kerian "Big K" Halcyon
Red Squadron 2: Lieutenant Colonel Slyder McGrath
Red Squadron 3: 1st Lieutenant Matt Rust
Red Squadron 4: Colonel Alexander Kerensky
Red Squadron 5(XO): TBA
Red Squadron 6: Lieutenant Commander Shane Long
Red Squadron 7: Commander Lightning
Red Squadron 8: TBA
Red Squadron 9: TBA
Red Squadron 10: Lieutenant General Juho Taskinen
Red Squadron 11: 1st Lieutenant Dhruv Kalra
Red Squadron 12: Lieutenant Colonel Misko Markot

-LCM Jeremiah Matthew
Valor CO


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