Rebel Squadrons

RF NL 9/15/01

By RA Kyle Tobarn
Unit: Redemption Fleet
Fleet NL, Sep 15, 2001
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I: Fleet News
II: Division News
III: Awards and Promotions

IA: RF Council will be holding official meetings soon. Apparently the mail group I attempted to set up did not work, so I'll be doing this the old fashion way and just save a list of email addresses. The members of the council will be the division COs and XOs, accept for the AW where my XO will be the representative due to strange circumstances where I am the CO there as well. It's nice, but wierd. Contact your division leaders on any issue that concerns you so that he or she may bring your thoughts into RFC discussions.

IB: Not really fleet news, but newsworthy nonetheless. With former FC Dave's retirement, Rahj is the new FC. Don't worry it's my job to suck up to the new FC not yours, but you should be aware of this fact. The RF XO is as yet, unnamed.

IC: Considering the current situation within the United States, as well as the noted effects of citizens of other countries, no one is to be punished for not being available. In other words, there will be one AWOL or removals until further notice.

ID: History lessons time. Not from me, but from you. I need everyone to gather up as much historicle information on their respective divisions and send that data to me ASAP. This information will be compiled and merged with Fleet history to make one big archive that I can use to bash the Historical Officer over the head with. The more details, the heavier the bag-so do your research and be proud of your past.

IIA: RSM doesn't offer too much to say, I see artwork coming out, but not much music. Now this is just what I see, can't say for certain. Many thanks to Vender who has done some damn good work on the planet pics requested for our newly acquired systems. They look great and will soon be available on the planets database. Anyone interested in joining in this effort may go to and poke around.

IIB: New life will be coming to STC. While I was ripping out my hair to come up with a solution, good ol' LA wen't out and did it for me. Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds, scheduled for release mid October will be making its way into this part of STC, and as I understand it is already squadrons size. BGN Bluejay Farscape is leading the charge and has a website available the STC web space- and I believe I've said web a few too many times already.

IIC: AW is, well it is. It lost several members, but regained it's losses immediately. With summer coming to a close and people have nothing better to do than sit at their computer to role-play life is picking up well.

IID: Vigilance is here, Vigilance is here! Headed by Major Tobian "Beany" Kentaas, this new division starts with wing status and is the first of what looks to be several new divisions coming into the RF. They will focus on game mods, which means a game that has a patch or what have you that allows the game to be leaned more towards a Star Wars style. Banshee squadron uses Starcraft, Fleet Tactical Command (Squadron Status) utilizes Homeworld and the expansion. The seed is in place, now we'll water it and watch it grow. My SO, my techie if you will, will work out the linking from the RF web site.

IIIA: None at this time.

IIIB: No awards at this time.

I really wanted to promote people this time. But either these people have their primary fleet set somewhere else, or are just a little too close to my own rank. But hey I notice your efforts. (-:

Major General Kyle Tobarn
Redemption Fleet Commanding Officer/Allegiance Wing Commanding Officer


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