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Chiin'Tal Wing NL 9/23/01

By GEN Bluejay Farscape
Unit: Intrepid Battle Group
Wing NL, Sep 23, 2001
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Chiin'Tal Pilots,

This is another installment of the Chiin'Tal Wing NL for the month of September
Sorry this is over due, RL is really hectic and busy for this time of year, and for the RL tragedy that happened.

IBG News
As of this moment in time i'll be going on LOA, I'm in the process of moving, so i won't have any internet connection til then, Ace will be incharge. I have every confidence in his abilities. I will still check my mail when i can at work, but won't be back full time til Nov.

Roster Changes
Brian Neithan has returned and has been placed in Dagger Squad.

Fleet ITOD
The last Fleet ITOD is still pending the winners, Slate is working on the Fleet NL and will announce the winners and theAwards,Merits etc...Also, the next one should be released soon.

Ace and I are still looking for an ITOD team for the Wing. Anyone with experience in making custom missions and interested in the development of a Wing ITOD, please email me so we can get this happening.

Web Sites
All the pages seem to be up to date and in good shape, good work to you IO's. Keep up the good work.Phalcun... your page is in need of help.The new Chiin'Tal page is up and running. It has some more construction ongoing and hopefully should be complete soon.

IBG Campaign
Taan and I are working on the rules and map for the IBG Campaign, hopefully it will be set and ready to go*fingers crossed* by Oct 1. All squads are gonna participate including Sabacc and with the blessings of the IBG Academy CO and Slate, the Academy Squads will join in on the fun.I still need more info from the Academy CO about squads that will participate. The link for the campaign info is

Domination League
The Domination League will be starting again, since ORW is done. I expect all member to participate in the event. For details check out the web site:

Squad Battles

Dagger vs. Draco: Since the Change of command in Draco and not knowing the status of the Squad battle, the time deadline has been extended for 2 weeks. So Squad CO's setup your battle times and let me know and I'll get it moderated.


none at this time

none at this time

That's all and good luck to you all,

BGN Bluejay Farscape


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