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STC UG NL 9/23/01

By GEN Bluejay Farscape
Unit: Academy
Wing NL, Sep 23, 2001
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STC Academy Cadets,

Its another NL for the month of September.

As of this moment i'm on LOA, i'm moving and won't have access to a computer til Nov. SO til my return Slarty Bardfast is acting CO. Good luck tou you all.

Also,as of right now the following are the cadets that answered the AWOL check and have expressed their intent to do the Academy requirements. So far only 1 cadet has completed anything, So whats going on with the rest of you.

Incoming Cadets:
Flight Cadet Thelea Jeth
Flight Cadet Barclay
Flight Cadet Anakin
Flight Cadet Alan_JK
Flight Cadet Gregix Vandal

Active Cadets:
Flight Cadet (Maj.) Janus "Renegade" Victor
Flight Cadet Jonathan Thyfault
Flight Cadet Horatio Valentino
Flight Cadet Duanne 'nzthordm' McMahon
Flight Cadet Kado Daishi
Flight Cadet Musashi
Flight Cadet Striker Highwing
Flight Cadet Ace
Flight Cadet Jeff \"Rage\" Deriss
Flight Cadet Rajat
Flight Cadet Rit Kagen-Dazs
Flight Cadet Johnny Ridden
Flight Cadet Forceman1

Outgoing Cadets:
none at this time

none at this time

Academy requirements:
If you don't already know or haven't visited the STC Academy Web site in a while here they are again:

For Rebellion Cadets: Bio and a report on one of the custom missions listed on the Academy web site
For Force Commander Cadets: Bio and a MP game with myself or one of the Instructors.
and remember you all have 1 month to complete your goals or be removed from the rosterand the STC UG Academy.

Academy Roster:

Instructor for Rebellion - LCM Arill Wiltker
Flight Cadet Jeff \"Rage\" Deriss bio,1 report
Flight Cadet (Maj.) Janus "Renegade" Victor bio,1 report
Flight Cadet Ace bio,1 report
*Flight Cadet Barclay bio,1 report
*Flight Cadet Gregix Vandal bio,1 report

Instructor for Rebellion - LCM Jerron Koss
Flight Cadet Horatio Valentino bio, completed report
Flight Cadet Johnny Ridden bio,1 report
*Flight Cadet Thelea Jeth bio,1 report

Instructor for Force Commander - LTC Slarty Bardfast
Flight Cadet Duanne 'nzthordm' McMahon bio,mp match
Flight Cadet Striker Highwing bio,mp match
Flight Cadet Forceman1 bio,mp match

Instructor for Rebellion and Force Commander - LCM Jon Anchorage
Flight Cadet Kado Daishi bio,1 report, mp match
Flight Cadet Jonathan Thyfault bio,1 report, mp match
Flight Cadet Rajat bio,1 report, mp match
Flight Cadet Rit Kagen-Dazs bio,1 report, mp match
*Flight Cadet Anakin bio,1 report, mp match
*Flight Cadet Alan_JK bio,1 report, mp match

So cadets, lets get those requirements done and turned into your instructors so you can be placed into the RS Fleet.

Good luck to you all

BGN Bluejay Farscape


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