Rebel Squadrons

Academy NL

By GEN Jake Blues
Unit: Academy
Fleet NL, Sep 27, 2001
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Hello guys!

Once again, thanks to everybody for their work in the
Rebel Squadrons Academy. Your work is essential to
move this club forward!

This month, we're proud to announce the openning of
the RS Bios Center. What's that? It'll be the
definitive replacement for the PDD (Persona
Development Department). The PDD is hereby closed.
The Bios Center (RSABC) will play a vital role in the
cadets graduation process. It's a website that allows
the cadets to authomatically send their bio to all the
Academies they signed for. Beeing stored into the Bios
Database at the same time.
The process is very simple, the cadets paste their
bios in the box, select their academies, and all their
CO and XO's get a copy of it.

* Note to all UnderGrad Staff *

From now on, telling your cadets to send their bio
just to you won't be an option. We have this new
system that should be used widely. Tell the cadets to
submit their bios using the Bios Center.
Please publish this link in all your Newsletters.

This system can be used by the current RSers too. Just
check the option and submit your bio to the database!


- Aurora Force Academy

The AFA had a well deserved celebration after three
months of work. The transition from Ryan to Kirghy as
Academy CO, has been acccomplished with excellent
results and the AFA is now more active than ever.
Great job, guys!

Major Kirghy Lomax was promoted and awarded with the
RS Academy Commander's Medal of Excellence -
~!*!@!*!~. As well as Lt.Commander Walex Partija, that
also received the RS Academy Junior Staff Medal -
<()J()>. Lt.Commander Trosa Aldair was awarded with
the RS Academy Instructors Medal - [[\\(¤)//]] as
well. Trully deserved awards!

- Tie UnderGrad

The TUG has been making big improvements. Their
Newsletter template is way way better now. They are
flying their own Tour of Duty and their instructors
are more active than even. That will mean more
graduating cadets, therefore an great job! Way to go
Red Hands!!

- Allegience Wing Academy

The AWA recently boosted their activity too. After the
officialization of their instructors squad, the Black
Night Teams, everything is having a new feeling and
the cadets flux is getting strong. Lt.Colonel Sconn
and Lt.Commander Cherin were promoted for their work.
Way to go!

- Recruits Orientation Center

The old RSCD ROC is beeing re-launched again by Taan
Ronar. He's doing a pretty good job, and we hope to
see it operational in a few weeks.

- Xwing vs Tie Fighter UndergrGrad

I have to announce the Brigadier General Trate Daxson
has recently stepped down from the position of XvT UG
CO. Lt. Colonel Vender and Major General Myst will be
the new CO and XO respectively. I've read the first
NL, and it looks promising. Keep it up!

For his long service as XvT Academy CO, I'm proud to
award Trate with the: The Dagger of Courage -^†^-

- XWA Flight Training School

The XWA FTS has been slowly resurrected but is
gradually increasing in activity. Just recently, one
of their promising cadets, CPT Rode Mitchell, received
his Bronze Combat Medal for completing his 1st Level
of requirements. LCM Johnny, their best instructor in
recent months, is hereby awarded with the RSA
Instructors Medal - [[\\(¤)//]] as well, under
recomendation from his direct CO for being able to
pass his superior skills onto his students... Keep it
up, J!

- Xwing UnderGrad

The X-Wing Academy had another long deserving
celebration after three months of intense work in
their Fourth Tour. They're graduating around two
cadets per week, and that's great!
Lt.Colonel Spokes was promoted and awarded with the
Academy Commander's Medal of Excellence. Ste finnaly
got his longly pursued [<|=( *X* )=|>] - X-wing
Academy Medal of Victory, Operation Lanvarok Tour 4
Indy, Ste, Anthon and Gab received their RSA
Instructors Medal as well. The Excellency of Duty
Medal was awarded to Ste T, Anthon Connor, and Gabrich
Varmer whom were promoted as well.
The Dauntless Combat Citation awarded for
participation in the XUG tour of duty was received by
every current Grey-Alpha member. That meant Fion
Grell, Jake Blues, Ste T, Indy Bridger, Slarty
Bardfast, Anthon Connor, Spokes, Slyder McGrath, Misko
Markot, Gabrich Varmer, Vaper Viper as well as Nils,
Adam Fene, and Savage!
And finally, the Merit Commendation was awarded to
Raven Seven, who was kind enough to act as a Stand-in
Grey Alpha during the tour.
Way to go, Grey-Alphas!

- Strategical Tactical Command UnderGrad

The STC UG Staff has been working for a long time.
Besides that I recently knew that they're already
setting the structure for the upcoming Lucasarts
strategical game. It's time for them to receive some
awards. I'm hereby awarding the RS Academy Commander's
Medal of Excellence - ~!*!@!*!~ to BGN Bluejay
Farscape and to LCL Slarty Bardfast. Keep it up guys!


Lieutenant Colonel Sig Pillar please step forward.
Your work towards the Academy has been Awesome. The
Bios Center, the ITD and the Fleet itself have been
highly benefited from your zeal and skills. Without
your help, the Academy wouldn't have reached so far.

You've proved to be one of the most competent Fleet
XO's around. My truly right hand. I'm extrememly
honoured to promote you to the rank of full Colonel.
Congratulantions, man!

For your exceptional dedication, I'm hereby awarding
you the: The Kessel Cup - ||U||

Way to go, Colonel Sig!

Brigadier General Bluejay Farscape please step
forward. Your consistency as STC UnderGrad CO is
appreciated. You've been helping the cadets for a very
long time, recently revamped the site and even started
workin with the new LA game on sight. You have done a
lot of work in the IBG as well.
After talking with Slate, I have the pleasure to
announce that you're hereby promoted to the rank of
Major General! Way to go, BJ!

Lt.Commander Wesley Rademaker please step forward. For
your good work with the Basic and Advanced MBA XWA
Courses, and your help with the Vigilance Site, I'm
hereby reccomending you for a promotion to full
Comander to your primary CO.

Major Cherin please step forward. On the
recommendation of the AWA CO, and due to your
outstanding work as XO there, I hereby promote you to
Lieutenant Commander. Keep it up!

Captain Kirghy Lomax please step forward. You have
been managing the Aurora Force UnderGrad for quite a
long time and with very positive results. It's my
pleasure to promote you to the rank of Major!

2nd Lieutenant Toran Celd please step forward. You've
been in charge of the Vigilance UnderGrad since it's
creation, a month ago. It's a hard work, but you're
managing to do it quite well. I hereby promote you to
the rank of 1st Lieutenant. Keep it up!

2nd Lieutenant Crusader please step forward. Your work
as CO of the Web Design Academy is beeing very
productive! Under reccomendation from your division
CO, I'm hereby promoting you to 1st Lieutenant. Good

Congratulations to everybody. And big thanks to ALL
the Academy staff. This fleet may be confusing
sometimes, but it'll always need good people like

Below you'll find the Web-sites inspection by our oun
Internet Officer, LCL Vender.


Major General Jake Blues
Rebel Squadrons Academy Commanding Officer


Well, this is the monthly website inspection.

I must say, I am sorely disappointed in many of these
websites. To shorten the e-mail I've put most of the
results in text files. Download your section, and look
for your web site.

Undergrad-sept01 - All of the Undergrad sites
Postgrad-sept01 - All of the Postgrad Sites
Other-sept01 - MBA, ITD, Information, Persona, RSRD

I will get on your asses to fix these sites. I will.
You all know me. Don't TEST me. I will do it. I'm not
even handing out the award this month, because most of
the better sites were MINE. Come on people. I wanna
see some damned improvements.

Lt. Colonel Adam Fene
Rebel Squadrons Academy Internet Officer

Division - RSA Undergrad
IO - Ryan Deean

Roster: Yes
Broken Links: No (Although the IBG UG logo doesn't
show up in the Departments section because it's a damn
IO Contact: No
Current: No, was last updated in June. Someone update
that please..
Remarks: Nice graphics, nicely done overall. Just
needs an update. Missing a link to the STC Academy in
the department section.

Division - RSA Undergrad, Aurora Force Academy
IO - Ryan Deean

Roster: Yes
Broken Links:
IO Contact: No. Ryan..put down your damn e-mail when
you make a site.
Current: No, hasn't been updated since Ryan resigned.
Someone in AFA needs to step up and fix their site. If
no one can, please contact me.
Remarks: Again, nice graphics, just needs an
update..if at all possible..

Division - RSA Undergrad, X-wing Academy
IO - LCL Spokes

Roster: Yes
Broken Links: No, not to other pages. (There are some
broken pics at
where you somehow managed to use \ instead of / to
address the source of the image.)
IO Contact: Yes
Current: Yes, nicely done.
Remarks: Everything seems to be in order, just fix
those image links.

Division - RSA Undergrad, TIE Fighter Academy
IO - LCL Adam Fene

Roster: Yes
Broken Links: Not one, or I'd be somehwat of a
hypocrite wouldn't I..
IO Contact: Yes
Current: Extremely.
Remarks: Very good, everything is in top notch working
order. It may not be as pleasent to the eye as some
other sites, but it works nicely. An NL archive was
just recently added.

Division - RSA Undergrad, X-Wing Alliance Academy
IO - Cole Landfarer

Roster: Yes
Broken Links: No.
IO Contact: Yes
Current: Fairly, from what I can tell even though you
didn't actually bother to change the date at the
Remarks: Nice, but do *not* use .bmp files for images
on web sites. Please contact me about fixing that for
you. If you don't, I'll fix them myself. :P

Other than that, it's very extensive, good work.

Division - RSA Undergrad, X-wing vs TIE Fighter
IO - LCL Adam Fene

Roster: Yes (2 in fact, a cadet roster & instructor
Broken Links: Only 1, and that was done on purpose,
but I said not to click on it yet as the section
wasn't completed.
IO Contact: Yes
Current: As up to date as possible. *Looks at Trate*
Remarks: Very good, nice graphics, very extensive.

Division - RSA Undergrad, Allegience Wing Academy
IO - Mo Kongo

Roster: Yes, however, very out of date as I see Randy
is still on there..
Broken Links: No.
IO Contact: No.
Current: There is no date. I have no idea. I'm
guessing pretty old.
Remarks: It looks nice, but someone needs to
*maintain* it now.

Division - RSA Undergrad, Strategic/Tactical Command
IO - ?

Roster: Yes, very extensive.
Broken Links: No.
IO Contact: No.
Current: There is no date.
Remarks: Nice site. However, who ever is in charge of
that site please state your name and when the site was
last updated, and it should be fine. If I don't see it
next month, I will hunt the CO down and bash his head
into the monitor. *Cough* Thank you. hehe.

Division - RSA Undergrad, Recruitment Orientation
IO - ?

No further comments.

Division - RSA Undergrad, Operation Lanvarok
IO - ?

Again I won't bother with this one. It seems there are
two of these on the RSA domain..I will remedy that
soon. . .

- RSA Postgrad
IO - Ryan Deean

Roster: Yes, very extensive. Nice.
Broken Links: No.
IO Contact: Yes.
Current: As current can be.
Remarks: Nicely done. I don't think you'll have to
update that site for a while, really, until those new
postgrads come out.

Division - RSA Postgrad, Flight Training School
IO - Gabrich Varmer

Roster: Yes.
Broken Links: No.
IO Contact: Yes...But..Gab..don't make the text black
in your office when you have a black background. Ya
know. Makes it hard to read.
Current: Looks like it. Put a freaking date on the
site when it was last updated.
Remarks: Nice, now fix it. ;)
Note from the CO: Please update those requirements

Division - RSA Postgrad, Rebel Squadrons Top Ace
Program (XvT)
IO - Topachea

Roster: Sort of.
Broken Links: No.
IO Contact: No.
Current: No. Topachea needs to get that new site up
soon, Gav. If I don't see it up next month I'm going
to become very impatient.
Remarks: Nice graphics. I hope you correct the
problems in the new site we found in the old. Get

Division - RSA Postgrad, X-Wing Combat Tactics
IO - Anthon Connor

Roster: Yes.
Broken Links: No.
IO Contact: Yes
Current: Yes.
Remarks: Very nice, keep up the good work Anthon. ":)

Now the rest of the postgrads need to be built, and
have sites for them. Overall the postgrad is about 50%
up to date with all their sites.

Division - RSA Mission Building Academy
IO - I know it's probably you Taan, but say it on the

Roster: Yes, very extensive.
Broken Links: No. (Except one thing in the XWA
tutorial..but thats ok.)
IO Contact: No. Please put one in.
Current: Yes, but please put a date on it.
Remarks: Very good for an extensive site.

Division - RSA Intergrated Technologies Division
IO - Sig Pillar

Roster: No.
Broken Links: No.
IO Contact: Yes.
Current: Yes. But please put a date on it.
Remarks: Very well done.

Division - RSA Intergrated Technologies Division, Web
Design Academy
IO - Deltan

Roster: Sort of.
Broken Links: No.
IO Contact: No, please state the IO. I know who you
Current: Yes. (Under development I know. .)
Remarks: Looks very sharp, can't wait for it to open.

Division - RSA Intergrated Technologies Division,
Programming Academy
IO - ?

Roster: No.
Broken Links: No.
IO Contact: No.
Current: Yes.
Remarks: Nice, just list who the IO is, and when it
was updated last.

Division - RSA Information Center
IO - LCL Adam Fene

Roster: Yes
Broken Links: No.
IO Contact: Yes.
Current: Sort of..forgot to change the date...
Remarks: I have to make a slight adjustment on it..but
I'll fix it soon.

Division - RSA Persona Department
IO - ?

Roster: Yes.
Broken Links: No.
IO Contact: No.
Current: Hell no.
Remarks: Nice site..but learn to update it properly
whoever you are. That is one of the most reffered to
sites in the RS, damnit, get moving.

Division - RSA Recruitment Division
IO - ?

Roster: Sort of.
Broken Links: No.
IO Contact: Not anymore. . .
Current: No. . .
Remarks: I swear I should of built this site myself.
But nooooo...I just had to let other people handle
it..I can't get a break around here.


Greeetings Rebel Squadrons members! Welcome to the
second edition of the Academy Magazine!

In this monthly NewsLetter, you'll discover the things
the Academy has to offer you. Many departments that
will make you a much better pilot and officer. All of
them with cool medals to enlarge your signoffs, gain
prestige amongst your mates and who konws... maybe
open you the doors of that wanted CO spot or

We have departments that will boost your flying skills
in the following games: X-Wing, XWing vs Tie, and
Xwing Alliance. A Division that will teach you to
build your own custom missions, an upcoming Officers
Academy, and the ITD Division that will soon fulfill
all your programming and website making needs. You can
see information about all of them in this email.

Besides that, and from now on, any member that
recruits someone into the RS, or any RSers that pass
our courses will recieve medals or mention in the
Newsletter every month. So stay tuned!

This month we're proud to announce the openning of the
Bios Center. It'll be the new tool used to the cadets
to submit their bios. However, all of you current
RSers can send your bio too and it will be stored into
our database. More information below!


*: Rebel Squadrons Academy Bios Center
A: X-Wing Combat Tactics
B: XWing Vs Tie Fighter Top Ace Program
C: XWA Flight Training School
D: Mission Building Academy
E: Results of the Recruiting Campaign
F: Officers & Leadership Academy
G: Integrated Technologies Division


As you may or may not already know, the old Biography
department, the Persona Development Division, has been
disbanded. In replacement, the RSA Bios Centre (RSABC
for short) is born. The RSABC consists of a tutorial,
a database (thanks to Shik), and a submission form.
The submission for is located on the very first page,
just scroll down a bit. Check the game platforms (for
academy cadets ONLY) or "Current RS member". Your bio
will be added by the RSABC Staff soon after.
All current members whose bio is not on the site are
strongly encouraged to get it up there. And to all
you cadets, remember that you need to submit your bio
before you can graduate!

So check it out!

A: X-WING COMBAT TACTICS------------------------------

Ever wondered what it feels like to be the best in the
fleet? Where a single twitch of your flightstick and
even a freighter will do the tango? Or do you belong
to the other half of the table and want to learn moves
like the wotan weave, how to snipe a spinner and ? If
so, then the Post Graduate Department's X-wing Combat
Tactics Department has just the solution for you!

X-wing COMTACS boasts of 6 individual Training
Missions for the individual who wishes to hone
hispiloting skills in various situations of combat,
such as dogfights and capital ship hunts as well as 4
Expert Missions that are the ultimate benchmark to see
if you have what it takes to be the best there is.

Not only that, there are various COMTACS Medals to
mark your acomplishments, including a final Master of
X-wing COMTACS Medal that is the height of all that.
Only 11 pilots have managed to bag that medal
throughout the years... and only 2 out of those have
bagged ALL the COMTACS Medals.
Will you be the next to have your name carved in the
Hall of Fame?

Visit the Post Graduate X-wing COMTACS Department at:

To submit mission reports, and for general enquiries,
please send all email to

And just to show that the above wasn't just another
bunch of BS, I'm here to reward a few people with some
stuff they earned by flying the Expert Missions, and
passing them with flying colors.

After a rather quiet period last month, the RS Academy
Post Graduate X-wing COMTACS Division once again has
the honor to award three more talented pilots with
medals or credits towards the Master of COMTACS Medal
for their achievements in this field.

And here we have the medal recipients!

Tym Angel             (
Kerian Halcyon       (

You have earned the Mine Racer Mission Medal. You may
now place ~X@X~ to your sign off.

Jake Blues             (

You have earned the Med Evac Mission Medal. you may
now place ~B@B~ to your sign off

A big congratulations to all of you.

Those of you who only have credit towards any of the
mission medals may continue playing them even if you
have earned the Master medal already. This is to earn
the individual craft medals.

Now that was fun wasn't it? It just takes a little
time and skill to earn the above medals, and I've got
plenty more in my pocket.

The X-wing COMTACS is available for all Rebel
Squadrons pilots. Visit our site now and take a step
forward in your flight skills.


       General Blues announced Gavin's name and
proceeded to step back from the podium. Gavin
approached the archaic wooden framed piece and set a
medal case on the top of it. He took a moment to open
the fresh case and view the medal that had been put on
the back burner until now. He smiled and looked to the
assembled masses.
       "For those that don't know me, shame on you." He
waited a moment for the laughter to die down. "My name
is Gavin Kravis and I am the head of the Top Ace
Program. For the past four months or so the Advanced
Flight School portion of my program has been running
and I have had the privalege of instructing three fine
officers in the finer points of fighter combat. At
this time I would like to acknolege one of them for
his efforts. Captain Xtremegen, front and center."
Gavin stopped and looked across the room with the rest
of the audience as well as Xtremegene took to his feet
and made his way to the front. Chair squeeked as
people tried to get a good look at the man. Finally he
made his way to the front and stood at attention
infront of the podium, facing Gavin.
       "Turn around Captain, let them get a good look
at you." Gavin said with a smile. Xtremegene blushed
slightly then turned around.
       "This fine officer before you has proven himself
proficient in every craft that we have to offer as
well as all those the imperials use. This is quite a
feat in and of it's self. However to best me in two of
three melee's in those craft is something far beyond
the norm. Therefor in the presense of your peers,
leaders, and friends I hearby present you, Major
Xtremegene (, with the AFS Medal.
Wear it with pride."

RS Academy XvT Advanced Flight School Medal -

At the end of his speech Gavin stepped from the podium
and walked up next to Xtremegene. They presented
salutes and Gavin pinned the medal to the young
Captain while handing over the case containing the
inch long medal representation as well as the tie pin.

       To the Captain Gavin said lightly, "Well done,
I'm very proud of you."
       Xtremegene responded in kind. "Thankyou Sir."
       They presented salutes one more time then Gavin
said a little louder than before. "You are dismissed
       Gavin then took the podium once again. Clearing
his throut he looked out at the masses. "As you all
know the Top Ace Program is the Post Graduate training
center for the RgF. However the AFS has been the only
section opperational right now. That will change
within the next two weeks as the website is tweeked
and all the instructors are set in stone. At that
point the Top Ace Program will be active in its
entirety. Until then I encourage all those that need
to flake off some rust, or hone their edge, to join up
with the AFS. I have two spots open as of now and the
waiting list won't have a long wait. Please send all
applications to my office. If there are any questions
I will entertain them now." Gavin paused to search for

-Applications sent to Gavin C. Kravis:
-Game used: XvT and BoP (BoP is optional)
-Time of completion for course: 1 day to 3 months
(usually a month)
-Total number of students in the AFS at one time: 3
-XvT Rank needed for admittance: Top Ace 4th (however
it is not set in stone)


Are you the loser that other pilots have always been
picking on? Have you ever wanted to show them that
you're not the worst in the entire galaxy? Do you
ever dream of being the best pilot of all time? Well
dream no more, my friend. Now's your chance to train
among the best of the best of the best! Join the XWA
Flight Training School and enlist as a cadet and our
squadron of flight instructors will train you until
you can show that you have what it takes to survive in
the vastness of space.
Our instructors have been personally selected and are
the best pilots that the Rebel Squadrons have to
offer. This is your opportunity to train with the
best and become one of the best. Release that ace
pilot sleeping within you and join the XWA Flight
Training School and even YOU could be an instructor in
the not-so-distant future.

Already, 1st Lt. Rode Mitchell (
has been our most promising cadet and has excelled in
all aspects.
For his active duty and continuing training under our
instructors, he has been awarded with the FTS Bronze
Combat Medal for completing the 1st level of training.

FTS Bronze Combat Medal - <~\FTS/~>

For more information please visit our website at .
For further information or question, you can e-mail
our CO, Lieutenant Commander Ryan "Tango" Xeleron at
(, or our XO, Lieutenant Commander
Johnny at (
Join us, and make your foes weep in defeat while you
bask in glory!


::Commander Taan "Hawk" Ronar steps up to the podium::
Ahem...well, here we are again. The creation of
missions and, ultimately, Tours of Duty for the Rebel
Squadrons is a vital part to the success of this
group. Without qualified mission builders, we wouldn't
have anywhere near the level of activity we have
today. On that note, it is my pleasure to announce the
recent graduates of the various courses of the Mission
Building Academy.
The following people have graduated the X-Wing basic

Trev Firestorm (

RS Academy X-Wing Mission Maker - =|[XW]|=

You may add this medal to your signoff.

The following people have graduated the XvT basic

Adam Fene (

RS Academy XvT Mission Maker - =|[XvT]|=

You may add the this medal to your (rather long :P)

Congratulations to all of you. I'd like to take this
oppurtunity to remind all of you that there is a
course for every game in the RS, with the exception of
Force Commander. If you've ever wanted to learn how to
make that huge battle that's been going around in your
head, or you think you can make an awesome arena for
Jedi Knight melees, then sign up immediately. You can
never have too many skills (or medals), and officers
with mission making skills have better command
opportunities than other people. Join the ever-growing
number of people who are graduating the MBA and have a
solid qualification.


Welcome to another addition of the RSRD Recruitment
The following people have recruited people for the RS
since the last RSA Mag.
The following cadets(left) were recruited by the
following members(right).

Falcon - Arill Wiltker
Deckman AKA WhiteKnight - Post on USENET by Sig Pillar
Wedge Antilles III - tchyo
Saruman - Inys Fey'Lar
Arglide Airwalker - Dew
Tryan Sei'lar - Garret Xenos (Nicholas Mitchell)
Reverend - KHorn
Zidargh - Cpt Tethran Cotec
June Li - LCM Arill Wiltker
Johnny Ridden - Trev Firestorm
forceman1 - LCM Arill Wiltker

AWARDS: None at this time. Hopefully next time,
though, We'll be able to pass some out.

Well that's all for the RSRD Letter. If you are
interested in joing the RSRD please e-mail me LCM
Arill Witlker at (
I will be happy to bring you under my wing. The RS
could use as many people as possible to make it as big
as it can possibly get. Until next Mag, have fun and
recruit. May the Force be with you.


Knowledge, communication, problem solving, motivation,
and dedication are all skills needed by officers in
the Rebel Squadrons. Some of these skill are embedded
into a person, and some need to be learned.
The Rebel Squadrons Officers Training School will
teach and help you to put into practice these skills
in a three part course focusing on communication,
problem solving an d knowledge about the RS and your
fleet and will have you put into practice these
skills. So if you want to become an Officer, or
already an officer and want to be the best officer you
can be then the Officers Trainign School is for you.
Contact Major General Corran Horn Jr. at for more information. *

*The RS Officers Training School is currently not
accepting any applications


Thats right folks! The Integrated Technologies
Division is almost open. We are just doing the final
touches so we can train you to your highest potential!
We will be able to train you in both Web Design and
Introductory Programing, and we are currently
considering adding the mIRC coding course. Both
academies are staffed by experienced
programmers/coders who know their stuff like nobody
else. Come check us out @


That's all for now. Join those departments if you're
ready to boost your skills up or to earn medals and
prestige. Enjoy!!

Major General Jake Blues
Rebel Squadrons Academy CO


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