Rebel Squadrons

HC NF 9/29/01

By ADM Shikkie Kaaran
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
RSNL Article, Sep 29, 2001
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High Command NewsFlash 9/29/01

After the election of our new FC, VA Rahj Tharen, HC has been on a bit of a hiatus while Rahj reorganizes some things and moves into his new office. After the announcement of my ascension to the position of RSXO, and my move into my new office, HC is now back in session and currently discussing the existance of Jedi characters in the RS. The proposal in debate is wether to regulate the existance of Jedi in the RS, and if so, how to implement this policy.

FC Rahj and I are also accepting nominations for *Assistant* Internet Officers. The new RSIO will be chosen from the pool of assistants, the remaining of which will aide the new RSIO in performing his/her duties. These applications should be sent to and

Feel free to direct suggestions or concerns to RSFC Rahj ( or RSXO Shikkie ( for consideration and possible proposal of the idea to High Command.

Rear Admiral Shikkie Kaaran, RSXO


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