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Retribution Fleet NL 10-5-01

By FA Dev
Unit: Retribution Fleet
Fleet NL, Oct 09, 2001
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R2F NL 10/5/01

Way to keep up the great work. Activity is just as high as it was last month, and with picking up a few new pilots, we got a few more reports. Excellent job everyone.

If your interested in participating in an R2F Style Operation Lanvarok, please e-mail Argon Viper at

R2F 604
Due Date: Wednesday, October 31, 2001
Location: Attached
Reports and Pilot File to:
Laser Cap: 2000 hits

1. The mission can be flown as many time as you want and you may report as many times as you want. Your highest score will be counted towards the final standings.

2. You MUST fly the mission on MEDIUM.

3. Your pilot file MUST be attached to the e-mail when sending your report. Be sure the pilot file contains the data from your mission before sending it. Pilot containing no data will be considered invalid and will be scored as a 0.

4. You must use a "clean" pilot when you fly this mission. Any pilot that is not "clean" will be considered invalid and a 0 will be scored. A "clean" pilot is one that has been used only to fly the current mission.

5. Only reports sent to will be considered valid. If your report and pilot file is not sent there it will not be counted. You may, however, share your report with others.

6. Overuse of lasers to blanket one's score will not be tolerated. If you blanketing your score in suchways as firing on invincible ships or using weakened lasers on purpose, or any other way, your report will be null and void and your score will not be counted. For this reason a laser cap will be active for this mission. If your number of laser hits is a large amount over the cap (like...400 being large), you are considered to be blanketing your score and the report will not be counted.

7. The mission must be flown as the first mission of the first battle in TIE Fighter (b1m1fm.tie) unless there is good reason to fly it as a different mission.

8. Due to past instances of TIE giving a pilot a weird score, everyone's score will be recalculated using a score method very similar to the normal one given by TIE Fighter. Your score may come out a few thousand points lower due to some percentages that TIE adds to score, but keep in mind it will be the same reduction for everyone.

This mission is due no later than October 31st. Make sure you send your pilot file to for the report.

Results of 604 will be updated and posted for viewing at:

R2F 603 Results

Individual Results
1. LCM Brian Neithen - 31 35,244 - Shadow Squad
2. LCM Cynna Jade Sunrider - 31 - 35,198 - Hellfire Squad
3. LCM Jeremiah Matthew - 31 - 35,103 - Skull Squad
4. Maj. Menshk Vrei'Sik - 27 - 31,949 - Skull Squad
5. CMDR Garrik "Face" Loran - 27 - 31,885 - Slayer Squad
6. Col. Ste T - 27 - 31,800 - Hydra Squad
7. CMDR Zsinj - 27 - 31,397 - Wraith Squad
8. Lt. Col. Adam Fene - 27 - 31,010 - Slayer Squad
9. 1Lt. Juaquin Lampa - 25 - 30,906 - Shadow Squad
10. Col. Harley Quinn - 26 - 30,570 - Slayer Squad
11. CMDR Thuku - 25 - 30,401 - Wraith Squad
12. Lt. Col. Bethan Leitbur - 24 - 29,515 - Wraith Squad
13. Maj. Xtremegene - 24 - 28,760 - Skull Squad
14. CMDR DashClone - 22 - 28,194 - Slayer Squad
15. CMDR Lightning - 20 - 27,708 - Shadow Squad
16. Maj. Zeth Raltier - 21 - 27,592 - Wraith Squad
17. MGN Kyle Tobarn - 21 - 27,578 - Shadow Squad
18. BGN Tyrin Drax - 19 - 27,166 - Wraith Squad
19. 2Lt. Mario McBaco - 21 - 27,029 - Shadow Squad
20. Lt. Col. Sair - 19 - 26,524 - Skull Squad
21. Lt. Col. Nichos Katran - 19 - 26,462 - Hellfire Squad
22. Lt. Col. Kenal 'Fox' Darklighter - 19 - 26,298 - Hellfire Squad
23. CMDR Fion "Zero" Grell - 17 - 26,132 - Slayer Squad
24. LCM Argon Viper - 24 - 25,365 - Hydra Squad
25. Capt. Qi-Xian Sunrider - 22 - 24,426 - Wraith Squad
26. 1Lt. Tiar "Skosh" Garnin - 23 - 24,376 - Wraith Squad
27. CMDR Taan Ronar - 21 - 24,073 - Slayer Squad
28. Capt. Sergio Mantis - 21 - 23,868 - Hellfire Squad
29. LCM Arill Wiltker - 20 - 22,967 - Skull Squad
30. RA Kaz Falcion - 18 - 21,675 - Slayer Squad
31. LJG Matthew Lionheart - 14 - 20,124 - Wraith Squad
32. Lt. Col. Anthon Connor - 10 - 19,649 - Slayer Squad
33. Capt. Rode Mitchell - 0 - 0 - Shadow Squad
34. FA Dev - 0 - 0 - Hydra Squad
35. LCM Jon Anchorage - 0 - 0 - Slayer Squad
36. MGN Corran Horn Jr. - 0 - 0 - Hydra Squad

Wing Results
Rank - Wing - Kills - Score - Reports
1. Storm Wing - 433 - 540,011 - 21
2. Sentinel Wing - 290 - 350,933 - 15

Squad Results
Rank - Squad - Kills - Score - Reports
1. Wraith Squad - 175 - 214,997 - 8
2. Slayer Squad - 168 - 213,188 - 9
3. Shadow Squad - 118 - 148,465 - 6
4. Skull Squad - 121 - 145,303 - 5
5. Hellfire Squad - 90 - 111,826 - 4
6. Hydra Squad - 51 - 57,165 - 4

I already stated my feelings on this Mission, so on to the rest.

I hereby award LCM Brian Neithen with the R2F Top Ace award {]-|Top-Ace|-[} for achieving the highest score on this mission, which you may now add to your signoff.

For their 100% acvitity in reporting, all members of Wraith are hereby awarded the RS Unit Commendation!

Incoming Pilots
Tiar Garnin
Maj. Xtremegene (Skull)
LJG Matthew Lionheart (Wraith)

Outgoing Pilots
LCM Fion "Zero" Grell

LCM Cynna Jade Sunrider, for your continuted activity in the Fleet and your work as Hellfire XO, I hereby promote you to full Commander. Congrats!

2nd Lt Mario McBaco, for your activity in the Fleet ITOD and in Shadow Squad I hereby promote you to 1st Lt. Congrats!

LCL Adam Fene, for your amazing work as R2F XO, making my job a hell of a lot easier, and all this in addition to your work in the Academy, I hereby promote you to full Colonel. Congrats!

Elite Squadron
Members of the Elite Squadron have been selected along with the CO/XO. Squad name suggestions are being taken.

Elite 1: Bethan Leitbur (CO)
Elite 2: Cynna Jade Sunrider
Elite 3: Menshk Vrei'Sik
Elite 4: Sergio Mantis
Elite 5: Brian Neithen (XO)
Elite 6: Adam Fene
Elite 7: Dev
Elite 8: Jeremiah Matthews
Elite 9: Zeth Raltier
Elite 10: Thuku
Elite 11: Corran Horn Jr
Elite 12: Rode Mitchell

R2F Merit System
Merits have been updated for 603. View your current patch standing here:

The R2F MRM for 603 is hereby awarded to LCL Bethan Lietbur! Congrats!

604 Narrative
Vender sighed deeply as he made his way to the podium. He had avoided this
sort of thing for quite a long time. As Storm Wing CO he had gotten his XO,
Bethan, to do the briefings to the pilots. It was after all one advantage
to being CO, one could let his XO be made fun of and handle all the stupid
questions that the pilots somehow came up with. Apparently Dev understood
this concept as well, since as Vender reached the podium and looked over t
he crowd, eyes coming to meet Dev's, he saw Dev put a wry grin on his face
and give a thumbs up as he winked.

Emperor's black bones, this wasn't something Vender was good at. After Dev
had given him the "honor" of debriefing the men, he had thought of going off
to Bethan to have him do the briefing again, but he had plenty of stuff to
handle himself now as Storm Wing CO, and besides, he had a feeling that Dev
would not have allowed it. The grin that Dev wore on his face that very

moment proved it.

"Hello Everyone", Vender said after clearing his throat, "as you should
know, I'm your new Fleet XO, Lieutenant Colonel Adam Fene, the Vender."

Soft chuckling eminated through the crowd and a few voices from the back

even shouted out something about getting them something to eat. He made a
mental note not to mention his callsign again, and to harm Bethan severely
after the mission for suggesting he put it into his briefing.

"As you all should recall, we were recently paid a visit by a coalition of
Imperial and pirate forces. There goal it appears was to destroy our newly
constructed base, but thankfully we were able to drive them off. This
attack cannot go without a response, so that is what we plan to do."

A hand shot up, and Ven sighed as he saw that it was Fion. He recalled with
some worry how Fion and others had given Bethan such a hard time back in

Storm, and he wondered what this could be. "Yes Fion?"

"Just curious sir, but do you plan on stating the obvious for the rest of
the briefing? If so, just let us all know now so we can catch a little

The crowd burst out laughing, and Vender sighed as he surveyed the crowd

again. This time his eyes fell on the only one who wasn't laughing, or was
at least holing it in well, Bethan. Instead, Bethan was watching Vender

with what he had to guess constituted a smile of vindication and
satisfaction, and he too then winked and gae Ven a thumbs up.

"He wouldn't." Ven thought to himself. He wouldn't purposely organize the
pilots into giving him a hard time as paybacks from Storm. Watching Bethan
though as he continued to smile back at him like that, he knew that he
would, and most likely had.

Not taking the time to answer Fion's question, Vender continued, "We have
located a pirate base, and so we will be launching immediately to wipe the
base out. For this, we will be utilyzing our Gunboat units.

Nichos's hand shot up now, and Vender felt a slight relief. Surely his good
buddy Nachos wouldn't give him that hard a time. "Yes Nachos?"

"Will we be raiding the base first to capture any important supplies, such
as booze?"

Vender facepalmed. So Nachos was in on it too. "Sorry Nachos, we won't

have any of that. We're just blowing it up, and any enemy fighters around

"Oh", Nichos replied, "so you're just a regular vender, not a barvender.

Well in that case, I'll have a Tyniarian burger with extra cheese, and hold
the mynock."

Vender's head dropped, and it only got worse as Mike Bullian called out,

"Make that two, and add an order of fries onto that will ya?"

Vender's face was beginning to turn red now as the others burst out
laughing, and more orders were shouted out. By the Force was Bethan going
to pay for this. "ANYWAY, the Prometheus and the Freedom will be jumping in
with us, and we will launch from there. You will be provided with
torpedoes, and be ready for any unexpected units that could arrive, both

pirate or Imperial. Is that all?"

Before anyone could get a hand up, Vender continued, "Good, then that is

all. Bethan, I'd like to talk to you in my office when we get back."

With that, Vender took a deep breath, and began walking out the door.
Laughter filled the room as he did, and he wondered what else had been
arranged. As he left the room, Bethan finally let out a good long laugh.
It hadn't been his idea, but whichever Force user in the room had come up
with it, he had to applaud them. Sticking that, "I am Vender, place all

food orders with me" sign on Ven's back had been a brilliant ploy, one that
he himself would most likely take the fall for, but it was all in good fun,
and after all, revenge was best served with roast mynock well done and a

side order of fries.

1. All pilots are invited to sign onto IRC and join channel #retribution_fleet on the Undernet network. You can join the RS-wide channel as well, which is #rs_bar_and_grill. For PC users you can pick up mIRC, which can be downloaded at Mac Users can use Ircle, which can be found at

2. Make sure you use the message board for general talk (including Mission Reports, arguing, etc) instead of the R2F eGroup. Using the R2F eGroup for this will make the command staff angry from now on! ;)

3. There will be a runon for Mission 604 on the R2F BBS:

That's about it. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions feel free to e-mail myself at or the XO, Vender, at

-Fleet Admiral Dev
Retribution Fleet CO


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