Rebel Squadrons

IBG NL: 10/10/2001

By RA Slate Mallar
Unit: Intrepid Battle Group
Fleet NL, Oct 10, 2001
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Greetings Pilot

Ok, let's get down to business:

1st. From the desk of the CO.

3rd Promotions and Awards
4th. Announcements

-+-From the Desk of the CO-+-

      I want to apologize to everyone about my lack of a presence. I have had some computer problems and a family death to deal with the past few months. With that said, Let me update you all with what's going on in the IBG. As most of you know the ITOD mission 4 is out and due November 3rd. Your Squadron CO's should have sent that mission to you. If you did not receive it by now. Contact me and I will look into it. If any one has problems with it also contact me about it.
      We are currently working on the IBG Squadron vs Squadron campaign. The map is complete and most of the rules are done. We hope to implement this soon. We are also looking into battles with other clubs, nothing solid yet but I will keep you informed. IBG melee night. I know I have been talking about this for months but I still believe it will happen. I need some volunteers to help run this night. It will help us all in MP matches against other clubs. I am working on rules and scoring for the melees. I also want to add the races as part of the melee night.
      That's enough from me. Once again I want to apologize and plan to be here more often.


Rear Admiral Slate Mallar

-+-IBG ITOD-+-
I have the results from the last ITOD mission #3. I am currently searching the database to get the results for ITOD 1 and 2, so I can update those scores and get those medals out ASAP. Like I said earlier ITOD mission #4 is out. If you did not receive it already, please contact me.

1. Lt. Commander Gabrich "CAPSLOCK" Varmer of Phalcun. 39 kills at 7,782 points
2. Commander Owain Antilles of Stinger. 1 kill at 7,306 points
3. Major Bluejay Farscape of Draco. 83 kills at 7,127 points
4. Major Marshall SnakeFace of Dagger. 28 kills at 6,788 points
5. 1st. Lt. Himm El-Syna of Dagger. 29 kills at 5,677 points
1. Chiin'Tal. 321 kills at 44,266.45 points with 15 reports
2. Titan. 193 kills at 24,291.34 points with 10 reports
1. Phalcun. 138 kills at 24,421.50 points
2. Dagger. 81 kills at 15604.66 points
3. Stinger. 38 kills at 13,755.00 points
4. Centurion. 30 kills at 6,623.14 points
5. Draco. 102 kills at 4,234.44 points
6. NightWolf. 125 kills at 3,913.2
Congratulations to Chiin'Tal Wing and Phalcun Squadron for their wins.
Remember, next mission ITOD 4 is due on November 3rd 2001. The more reports scored the better chance your Wing and Squadron win.
-+-Promotions and Medals-+-


None at this time. I am looking into that for next NL.
Awards/ Medals
Lt. Commander Gabrich "CAPSLOCKS" Varmer you are hereby awarded the IBG Gold Wings for first place in the ITOD 3 mission.
Commander Owain Antilles you are hereby awarded the IBG Silver Wings for 2nd place in the ITOD 3 mission.
Major General Bluejay Farscape you are hereby awarded the IBG Bronze Wings for 3rd place in the ITOD 3 mission.
Phalcun Squadron you are hereby awarded the IBG Commander's Golden Chalice for a 75% turnout on ITOD 3 mission. Great job.
Major Marshall SnakeFace you are hereby awarded the IBG Conduct Medal for your Squadrons activity in the ITOD 3 mission.
Major Gagra Yearwood you are hereby awarded the IBG Conduct Medal for your Squadrons activity in the ITOD 3 mission.
Major General Bluejay Farscape you are hereby awarded the IBG Conduct Medal for your Wings activity in the ITOD 3 mission


1- Keep checking out the IBG web page. New things are on the way.
2- I am going to look at all the squadrons and wings web pages to make sure all links/ news and rosters are up to date. IO's please check your pages.
3- Colonel Amplan Dayne has been placed as Titan Wing XO. Titan Wing SO is open anyone interested contact Commander Ryan Deean
4- I will be updating the merit points this week.
5- The fleet needs a new Internet officer. I have gotten a few requests for the position already. Anyone interested please contact me with your "resume"
6- Sabacc Squadron (smuggler’s) is still in operation. Anyone interested contact Major Jerron Koss for more info and joining.
7- Anyone interested in helping with the Melee night please contact myself.

That will be all pilot's, you are now dismissed.


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