Rebel Squadrons

Renegade Fleet NL 10-25-2001

By VA Gavin Cantorph Kravis
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
Fleet NL, Oct 26, 2001
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Greetings members of the Renegade Fleet:

*There aren't too many new events to report on so this newsletter should (more than likely) be brief. First off I'd like to thank BGN Daxson for putting out the Newsletter last week during my absense. For those of you who don't know I was out hiking in the Mountains of North Carolina, beutiful (COLD) country.

*High Command is wrapping up the debate on Jedi. It's looking like the outcome will be between leaving the "problem" to the fleets to deal with or creating a Jedi Council for the RS, or somewhere in between. Stay tuned to your BBS system for further updates.

*Reports SHOULD be in to Mr. Zykara by now. If you have not gotten a report in to him do so immediately. Noone should have to be told for this long to write a report. If you can't do it you will be replaced and someone who can write an email will be put there.

*The ITOD is drawing close to the end. You have 7 days plus a few hours to turn in your report. That means October 31st by Midnight. Any reports turned in after that, unless you have a REAL good excuse will not be accepted. Leniency is over. I want to see some reports from Dragon this time. And someone other than Ragnorak win! If you do not have the ITOD downloaded yet see your squad leader or visit the TACOPS website.

*Squad Leaders and Wing COs: You are to send something, anything!, out to your units every week and send out a Newsletter at least bi-weekly. Include myself, Trate, and Lamin in those NLs through CC. Let's get activity up.

*We have a Message Board center. Please use it. All Newsletters at all levels of RgF Command will be posted on the RgF Message board from now on as well as sent to the members in email. If you have any questions feel free to post there or use the memo system. I'm on it usually every other day or more frequently so someone should be able to answer question.

*Websites need to be updated!

*Promotions and Medals will be handed out in the next Newsletter. So if you have any nominations please get them to the RgF Command Staff ASAP. There were two medals awarded over the weekend to some deserving individuals. They are:
Entropy and Vender
These two individuals received the newly created RgF Medal of Service for extraordinary effort in furthering the Renegade Fleet and may wear the medal in their signoff:             ((({{RgF-S}})))

*Negotiations with the Emerperor's Hammer isn't going as quickly as we had hoped so we are diverting our competition partner to the Star Vipers. If you have connections in either club please utilize them. We're still looking at the first weekend in November, right Sconn and Blast, as the kick off date.

*Ship mods are still trucking along as well. Topachae has about 4 that are nearly complete at the moment. All they need is Beta testing so...if you can get with him on helping out.

*We still need someone for the position of Historic Officer and Internal Flight Officer. If you want one of these let me know.

*Now the interactive part! Is there anything that YOU want to do here in the RgF. Either some sort of competition or a different way of doing things. No matter how outragious let us know. We're here to provide a fun enviroment for you to experience so tell us what you want.

*That was alot longer than I thought it would be. Much appologies for the length and much kudos to those that read all the way through. You can follow direction.

~Gavin C. Kravis
Brigadier General


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