Rebel Squadrons

Redemption Fleet NL 11/03/01

By RA Kyle Tobarn
Unit: Redemption Fleet
Fleet NL, Nov 03, 2001
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Happy Hal... Oh wait I missed that-on with the NL!

I: Fleet News

A few things actually happening around here. Ben Jynzer has retired his position as RF XO to look after the Allegiance Battlegroup, this leaves the position of XO open for a while. I will be taking applications from anyone interested until November 10th, at which time I will announce the new XO.

Your ORW ideas are wanted, if you have any suggestions or ideas for our continuing project to create a bigger and better club competition simply send them my way and I'll make sure your voice is heard. There's no due date for ideas, whenever the thought strikes you just whip out my email address and begin writing.

New Status is being worked on. At current standards, one member in one squad of a wing that wing should be able to obtain Fleet status at least as far as membership goes. However, as new ideas come into this fleet not all such wings will fairly be able to do this. As two squadrons in a wing may not be all alike. Battlegroup Status is the chosen term, came my way as a suggestion for when a wing needs to be split in order for future growth. Current standards specifically dealing with the roster database don't allow such, however that is being remedied. The Allegiance Wing is the first to obtain this new status, becoming the Allegiance Battlegroup- consisting of two new wings. More on that later.

II Division News

Allegiance Battlegroup: New Commanding Officer Ben Jynzer, new Executive Officer Sienn Sconn. And of course, the before mentioned new status, still being worked on. Activity is good and the peasants rejoice.

Rebel Squadrons Multimedia: Failed to report in, but that's probably simply because Mike didn't expect me to write the NL. Mike, if you'd simply write a follow up telling us all what is happening you'll be excused.

Vigilance: LCM Tobian Kentaas finally has his room connected and is happier. You can hang out in #Vigilance on the undernet to yap with the members, there is a bot! Currently this group is continuing the hunt for new ideas, all sorts of non Star Wars games with an easy Star Wars twist. Knowledge of any mods, skins, maps, anything can go straight to

Strategic and Tactical Command: Not a thing to report, since I've not heard a thing. Makes sense doesn't it. Come on guys, everyone is eagerly waiting for you to stand up and start shouting.

III Promotions and Awards

Lieutenant Commander Tobian Kentaas, I happily award you RF "Startup Award"(<|^RF^|>) for your success with Vigilance. You may now add this medal to your sign off and brag about it to everyone, since you are the very first recipient of this medal, created by my predecessor.

And so ends the News for this month, last month actually. I leave you with a promise, I will actually have the NL out on time someday.

Brigadier General Kyle Tobarn
Redemption Fleet Commanding Officer


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