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Chiintal NL

By GEN Bluejay Farscape
Unit: Intrepid Battle Group
Wing NL, Nov 08, 2001
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hey pilots,

Sorry for the lateness of this NL but had to find out the scoop from LOA...


News: I have been appointed as IBG XO since Rave resigned, so with that said,I need someone to replace me as Chiin'Tal CO. Anyone interested email me and Slate if interested .

Also, Jon Anchorage of Phalcun squad has been appointed as IBG SO. Congrats to you sir...

Also, Squad reports are due on the 10th of the month, get those reports to Jon ASAP

The new ITOD has been released and ready for everyone to participate. I still see the same people not reporting. Whats up with all joined to be active in the lets get those reports going...its due 10 Dec.

Con grats to Kell Horn of Phalcun Squad to his promotion to Captain...Congrats.

last, but not least,
Congrats to everyone who flew the last ITOD, as you probably all know ChiinTal is the top Wing again...good work all
and we also took the top 3 squad reporting.... excellent work but Draco still needs to get more people active in the ITOD's.

thats all for now

MGN Bluejay Farscape

IBG -Draco 10
STC -Groundhogs CO
RgF -Ragnarok 12
RgF -Phantom 4
RgF -Marshall 12
RS -Kalidor 10


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