Rebel Squadrons

HC NF 12/4/01

By ADM Shikkie Kaaran
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
RSNL Article, Dec 04, 2001
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High Command NewsFlash 12/4/01

High Command has been lightly discussing the proposition of transfering the domain over to a new hosting provider, as space is running a little low on the current one.

HC has been presented with an idea for the Uniforms Office involving uniform colors based upon the member's primary fleet - This process is currently in production by the Uniforms Officer, Commander Kirvan "Apocalypse" Vax.

In other news, the makeup of HC has changed some. Python has resigned from the position of RSCD XO, and Kaz has appointed LGN Richard "JK Rich" Gross to the position. The Academy has a new XO as well in LCL Anthon Conner, who has stepped up to that role, and former RSFC FA Dave Trebonious-Astoris is taking on the job of RFXO.

Feel free to direct suggestions or concerns to RSFC Rahj Tharen ( and RSXO Shikkie Kaaran( for consideration and possible proposal of the idea to High Command.

Rear Admiral Shikkie Kaaran, RSXO


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