Rebel Squadrons

Hope Wing NL, December 11th 2001

By LCL Menshk Vrei'Sik
Unit: Patriot Starfighter Group
Wing NL, Dec 11, 2001
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On the Calamari Cruiser Windstorm, home of Hope Wing, the protocol droid C6P07 appears on the holoscreens and delivers his traditionnal speech, "Pilots, may I have your attention please, Major Vrei'Sik is about to give his bi-weekly debriefing...".

Welcome, members of Hope Wing, to another Wing newsletter. The semester's end is hitting hard so I didn't have much time to send one earlier. So, after a month, a lot of things need to be said. Let's get to it...      

News from the Patriot Battle Fleet

1. PBF310

The final results can be viewed at

For this mission, Hope Wing had a total of 14 reports, for a total participation of 54%. We improved by 10% over last mission. My goal was 60%, we almost achieved it. It would be easily achieved with some decent participation from Phoenix. Still, we're on the right track guys, keep it up!

So, on with the numbers:

With 14 reports out of 26 pilots (43% participation), we finished 2nd wing in PBF for the third time in a row. Thanks to Green with a great performance again, and toFireclaw with an incredible showup.
Green had 6 out of 9 (66%) reports and finshed 3rd squad in PBF, congrats!
Fireclaw had 6 out of 7 (86%) reports, great participation, almost 100%, and fourth in PBF, even with their low numbers!
Phoenix got 2 out of 10 (20%) reports, again a pitiful show up, at least not a zero this time. Wake up squad, Hope Wing needs you! Again a great narrative from Jae-Keito Gra.

2. PBF 311

The mission is not out yet but should be very soon.

3. Fleet status

Due to unfortunate resignations, lack of recruits and inactivity, the PBF is short in members, such that having 12 full squadrons seems too many. The Command staff is discussing currently the disbandment of two squadrons (not in Hope Wing) and the reorganization of the fleet more compactly. Keep your ears open for more details.

4. Scoring System

The new scoring system is now fully adopted and operationnal. You can download the reporter or score converter in the missions section of the PBF page.

News from Hope Wing

1. Recruits


2. Outgoing Pilots

Major Sean Truax (Fireclaw)
1st Lieutenant Jagged Fel (Fireclaw)
Lieutenant Commander Kem Zilch Chrosid
Lieutenant Commander Nils Omar Hadziselimovic

3. Promotions

Dev Azzameen has been promoted to first lieutenant!
Licah Fox has been promoted to first lieutenant!
Mario El Atlante has been promoted to first lieutenant!
Tyrin Drax has been promoted to Major General!

4. Hope Wing medals

Hope Wing Top Gun: BGN Dew, you may now add {~=HW*TG}
to your signoff! Again!!

Hope Wing mission report medal: 1st LT Licah Fox, you may now add {~=HW*MRM} to your signoff.

Hope Wing Top Squad: Fireclaw squadron members, you may now add {~=HW*TS} to your signoffs, for an almost 100% reporting and only 13k points behind Green.

Congratulations to all awardees, continue your great work!

5. Hope Wing Command

Captain Kass Hunter has been assigned by Jairo Pantoya to the Fireclaw XO spot, congrats!

6. Inter-fleet Wing competition

The competition is cancelled due to the lack of reponsiveness in the Sentinel Wing command.

7. Wing ITOD

Due to the lack of testers and of time on my part, it is postponed indefinitely. It is possible that it will start in January, though no promises :)

8. Website

The site is up-to-date and full of information. Please take a look at If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to contact me.

That's all for now,

Hope Wing: As good as they come, and then some.

MAJ Menshk Vrei'Sik
Patriot Battle Fleet (LCL Slyder McGrath CO)
Hope Wing CO
CRS Windstorm
Fireclaw Squadron (LCM Jairo Pantoja CO)
Talon flight
Fireclaw 9
* Fire In Our Eyes, Fear In their's *
Retribution Fleet (BGN Adam Fene CO)
Sentinel Wing (MGN Corran Horn Jr. CO)
RSSD Liberator
Skull Squadron (LCM Jeremiah Matthew CO)
Skull XO
Skull 5

*I* Veteran Service Medal - 1 Year
[PBF-Galaxian-] PBF Merit Points System
Fireclaw Topgun Award (PBF 212)
Fireclaw Topgun Award (PBF 301)
Fireclaw Topgun Award (PBF 302)
Fireclaw Topgun Award (PBF 304)
Fireclaw Topgun Award (PBF 305)
Fireclaw Topgun Award (PBF 306)
Fireclaw Topgun Award (PBF 307)
Fireclaw Topgun Award (PBF 308)
Fireclaw Topgun Award (PBF 309)
-\\‡******‡//- PBF Skill Competition Participation
(6 stars) Medal
~|¤|@|¤|~ X-Wing Academy Master Cadet with
Honours Medal
[[X~MRM~X]] X-Wing Academy Mission Report Medal
(For OplanSim2)
~[{!}]~             Lanvarok Endeavor Medal - TOD4
(for the most on time reports)
{R2F-Top Ace} R2F Merit Points System
~|§|¥|§|~ Tie Academy Master Cadet with Honours
^|DCC|^ Dauntless Combat Citation (for 33%
reporting in R2F 5th ITOD)


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