Rebel Squadrons

Please upate your email addresses

By ADM Shikkie Kaaran
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
General Announcement, Dec 12, 2001
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I recently created a system to allow me to avoid doing what I am doing now,
sending an email down the CoC.

The purpose is to save command staff's time, and to prevent members getting
the email once for every squad they are in, however the first use I made of
it presented some disturbing facts to me.

The system works by compiling a list of members who are in any squad, wing,
or fleet. Then it performs a routine to remove any reoccuring email
addresses, thus your email address is only in the list once. It then sends
the RS-wide message to that list via BCC (which means that no one can see
the list of addresses it was sent to)

The problem is that many of you do not have your email addresses properly
set in the database, and you're obviously answering email from your Squad
COs because if you weren't you'd be marked awol and removed from the roster
(and you have to be an active member in the roster to get these emails)

Common problems include:
emails that are clearly fake, such as - The RS will never
"spam" members with non-RS emails. That is against the RS bylaws and anyone
who did that would be subject to the decision of the MoJ. Also, only RS
members who are logged into the database can see a member's email. "guests"
to the site cannot see the email address on the profile.

Email accounts that do not exist - usually a free email account such as
hotmail or yahoo that does not exist, ex the member has changed addresses
and no longer uses that address and it has been deleted by the email
provider for nonuse.

Typoed email addresses, such as username@aol (no .com) - thus the
email server cannot find the place to send your messages to.

Members with more than one address in the database entered improperly. -
Multiple addresses in the database must be separated by commas, so,, any other way WILL NOT WORK :)

Please fix your profile addresses, the purpose of the database is for ease
of communication among members, and other RSers can't contact you if your
email address is wrong in the only place they have to look for it.

Again, the RS will NEVER EVER spam, it's against the bylaws and I'll
personally place boot to behind if a member of the RS made any spamlike
emails through the roster database.

If you do not know your roster database password and your email address is
wrong in the database you will be unable to use the traditional "get
password" feature. In that event please contact myself at or Dev, the RSIO at


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