Rebel Squadrons

IBG NL 1-12-2002

By GEN Bluejay Farscape
Unit: Intrepid Battle Group
Fleet NL, Jan 12, 2002
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Heyo Pilots,

Ok, let's get down to business:

1st. From the desk of the CO
3rd. Melee night and Battles
4th. Promotions and Awards
5th. Announcements

-+-From the Desk of the CO-+-

There have been a few changes in the command structure here in the IBG.
As you probably already know I have been promoted to the position of IBG Fleet CO by our esteemed FC Rahj. Anyone interested in being XO let me know. Also, BGN Rave Craise has been placed as Titan Wing CO. Also, the new Dagger Squad XO is Capt. Himm El-Syna . Congrats to both of you.
IBG Melee Officer, Lt. Commander Ryan "Tango" Xeleron, where are you, we need to talk, your supposed to be involved in running the Saturday Melee's...... what's up?
Domination League CO,Wesley Rademaker, where are the status reports of DL's flown so I can get merit points added??? Reply to me ASAP.

Kell Horn, I need you to get in touch with me ASAP, need to discuss several things about your Bot.

MGN Bluejay Farscape

-+-IBG ITOD-+-
The ITOD turnout wasn't too bad for this month and this time of year .Way to go Pilots, a minimum of 75% is what's expected , but we were close. Thanks to you all. Congrats to Centurion Squad and Chiin'Tal Wing for their wins this mission. The new mission IBG ITOD 107 is out and ready to fly. Download it from the ITOD files on the new roster db. It is due Feb. 10th. I would like to see 75% of the fleet report this time.
the results from ITOD 106 are listed below:

1 CMDR Han Suul of Dagger Squad, 37 Kills at 16,125 points
2 LCM Xtremegene of Stinger Squad, 38 Kills at 15,303 points
3 CMDR Jeremiah Matthew of Centurion Squad, 36 Kills at 13,989 points
4 LCM Gabrich Varmer of Phalcun Squad, 27 Kills at 13,070 points
5 CAPT. Tiar Garnin of Draco Squad, 14 Kills at 12,107 points

1 Chiin'Tal Wing, 10 reports,193 kills at 84,755 points
2 Titan Wing, 9 reports, 230 kills at 76,146 points

1 Centurion Squad, 6 reports 143 kills at 43,709 points
2 Dagger Squad, 3 reports 89 kills at 35,807 points
3 Phalcun Squad,4 reports 72 kills at 23,559 points
4 Draco Squad, 3 reports 32 kills at 25,389 points
5 Stinger Squad, 2 reports 52 kills at 20,975 points
6 Nightwolf Squad, 2 reports,35 kills at 11,462 points

OK, Now for some good news for the Fleet, MGN Gavin Kravis and I have been in discussions with the NRN (New Republic Navy) and have tentatively set up an ORW style Melee. It will be between the IBG&RgF vs. NRN. What I need everyone in the Fleet to do is register with battlestats and join our club, RS-IBG its ID# 2809. This is eventually how, from my understanding how the scoring will be done. So make sure you register yourself and join the IBG. The melee will start sometime within a few weeks, with a training session with the NRN before then.The link is to register. If anyone has any questions or problems let me know ASAP.

Everyone, Please don't forget about the Domination League, its merit points for matches flown and reported.
Also, the Squad Battles is still ongoing every Saturday.


Col. Garrick"Face"Loran for your fine work in bringing back Centurion from the tulip bed, and on the recommendation of your Wing CO, BGN Rave Craise, you are hereby promoted to BGN, along with all the right's and privileges that go along ..Congrats

LCM Xtremegene, Maj Rode Mitchell on the recommendation from your Wing CO, I will advise your Primary Fleet CO's of your excellent work and advise them of your status.

Capt. Himm El-Syna, on the recommendation from your Squad CO and fellow members,you are hereby promoted to the rank of Major, along with all the right's and privileges that go along.......Congrats

Awards/ Medals:

CMDR Han Suul of Dagger,you are hereby awarded the IBG Gold Wings for first place in the ITOD 6 mission.
LCM Extremegene of Stinger, you are hereby awarded the IBG Silver Wings for 2nd place in the ITOD 6 mission.
CMDR Jeremiah Matthew of Centurion, you are hereby awarded the IBG Bronze Wings for 3rd place in the ITOD 6 mission.
Centurion Squadron you are hereby awarded the IBG Commander's Golden Chalice for a 66% turnout on ITOD 6 mission. Great job.
CMDR Han Suul of Dagger,you are hereby awarded the IBG Platinum Wings, the only IBG member to be awarded these wings, for being awarded the IBG Gold Wings 4 times.Excellent work...Congrats.
CMDR Han Suul of Dagger, for having the highest points in this season you are hereby awarded the IBG Kalidor Crescent. This is a revolving award for best pilot of the season.... Excellent Work Han.....
Centurion Squad, you are hereby awarded the IBG Elite Squadron of the Season. Excellent work to you all, keep up the good work.
Centurion Squad, you are also hereby awarded the IBG Killboard Cup, for the highest killboard score for the season, Excellent work.


1 - New IBG Fleet CO, MGN Bluejay Farscape
2 - New Titan Wing CO, BGN Rave Craise.
3 - New Dagger XO, Maj. Himm El-Syna
4 - IBG XO applications are now being accepted
5 - Upcoming melee with New Republic Navy.
6 - Anyone interested in helping with the Melee night please contact me ASAP.
7 - Do not forget about the Domination League.
8 - IBG melee Officer is Lt. Commander Ryan "Tango" Xeleron.
9 - Looking for an ITOD Team CO. Anyone interested let me know .
10 - Sabacc Squadron (smuggler's) is still in operation. Anyone interested contact Major Jerron Koss for more info and joining.

That will be all pilot's, you are now dismissed.

MGN Bluejay Farscape


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