Rebel Squadrons

HC NF 1/19/02

By ADM Shikkie Kaaran
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
RSNL Article, Jan 19, 2002
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Greetings everyone. ":)

This is the first of what will now always be a weekly series of the newly reformed
High Command NewsFlash. Even if High Command is not in session, you willl receive notice of that fact.

First and foremost, High Command is currently discussing the recent suggestions from members who have constructive ideas for improvement with all levels of the club. I cannot speak for every single member of High Command, but my door is always open, and has always been.

As very few people have exercised their right to contact High Command, it seems that not everyone is aware that they can contact the council, even though it has been in the last lines of the HC NF since I became RSXO. Let me reiterate this fact in
extreme clarity: ANYONE, regardless of rank or time of membership, or what
Fleet they are in, can contact High Command, the FC, or myself. If you like how things are going WE WANT TO KNOW! If you do not, WE WANT TO KNOW! I have received support from a couple of members in private, and that is great because positive feedback is just as important as negative feedback, for it makes for a better idea of what the membership thinks. A member who does not give any feedback is not helping anyone progress the RS, and making decisions in representation of them is impossible since we have no clear idea what they want. Therefore YOU CAN, AND WE WANT YOU TO CONTACT US! I cannot emphasize that enough. There are several methods to do this, and they are as follows:

1) Use the "Email HC" feature of the Roster Database:
2) Email your Primary Fleet CO and ask them to forward your comments on.
3) Contact HC members on IRC or an Instant Messaging client like AOL or ICQ
(both of which appear in roster profiles if supplied).
4) The new "Community Meetings" on IRC. They are currently being held on
Sundays from 6-9 PM EST (GMT -0500) in #OuterRim.

Options 1, 2 and 3 always existed, and option 4 is a new solution devised by High Command, taken upon a member's suggestion, to offer a different type of contact option. These types of meetings were attempted in the past, but attendance was almost nonexistent. Thus, in order to keep this option viable YOU MUST SHOW UP IF YOU CAN! We understand that it is not a convenient time for everyone, but finding a time that everyone interested can attend is impossible with the global scope of the RS and the resultant time-zone issues. Also, as the point of this meeting is to allow
members to meet with HC, it is imperative that as many HC members as
possible attend - that is just one more difficulty in setting up a time for the meetings. If this time does not work as well as we hope it can be adjusted, but as a first attempt this is an optimal time based on the reasoning taken to determine this time.

A) Sundays are weekends, school is not in session (in most countries; again we must aim for the highest attendance possible) thus homework is not as likely.
B) It is the day before the start of the school/work week in the evening. People tend to party on Friday and Saturday nights as they know they have the next day to recover; with work/school coming up people tend to not do such things and stay home.

Again, if this time does not work as we hope we'll work to find a time that

Another addition to the HC NF will be a standard section of HC position
(membership) changes (and also any Executive changes). If there are no
changes that will also be stated.

==================== HC Position Changes =================

Commander Han Suul is now the IBG XO, replacing the hole left by Major
General Bluejay Farscape's ascension. Welcome aboard Han!

==================== "Old-timer's Shrine" ================

On the matter of recognition for influential former RSers, it has
been decided that a project will be handled by the RS Historical Officer, Fleet Admiral
Dave Trebonious-Astoris ( It is likely to be
database-driven with a php front-end that I will put together. This research
will require legwork on Dave's part, but as he is also researching the various fleets he will come across a lot of that. Also I would like to extend a solicitation for information on his behalf to all RSers. Any historical information that might be of use to him in his task please send to him:

=================== Rebellion Mod ========================

The Star Viper's Captain Merlance approached me on IRC with a suggestion for
a joint SV/RS Mod for Rebellion. His idea is to use the RS name and the
characters and images of RS members in the game. The legality of this was
checked with a couple of sources and both came back that as long as permission is granted for the use of images, Lucas Arts is fine with it.

No official vote has been taken (one will have to be before this is
finalized since it involves the use of the RS name) but several HC members
have voiced support for this idea, while no member has currently voiced a dissenting

While HC could grant permission to use the "Rebel Squadrons" name to
the Star Vipers, we cannot and will not grant them free reign to use any RS member's character/image. Those would be the intellectual property of each individual RS member and the SV will have to obtain permission from each RS member they want to include in the mod. The mod would replace ship names, character names and images, and character's attributes can be modified.

A concern one might have is what effect this would have on RS storylines and
character stories. It has been voiced that this can be considered as a type
of "alternate universe" thus not effecting the "real" universe. It is all in the name of fun afterall.

This looks very promising, and if is successful a larger scale mod might include other clubs to make for very interesting gameplay.

================== New RS Emblem =========================

Look at the roster database on the right hand side (what we call the
"sidebar"). This is what has been picked as a tentative RS logo, but the only
way to properly show what it looks like in use is to actually put it to use.
Comments/suggestions are welcome.

================== Master Cadet w/ Honors ================

It has been proposed that a change be made to the Bylaws to more clearly
define the requirements to attain the Master Cadet w/Honors medal and the suggested promotion to 2LT. One idea is to state the maximum time from signing up to graduation that would allow a cadet to be a Master Cadet w/Honors in the Bylaws. The other is to have the Academy Undergrad COs be required to define the maximum time allowed for a cadet to achieve M Cdt w/H and include it in their
Newsletters. The suggestion comes because it is felt by some that it is far
too easy to graduate with honors.

This has not been discussed much as more pressing matters are at hand, and
may not be taken any further as the Bylaws were written to have each Academy section set the time limit as is appropriate for the game at hand. For example, the
requirements to graduate for Rebellion inherently take longer because the
individual games take longer to play than X-Wing or JK. For this reason a
global requirement would be impractical (this is not HC's opinion as there
was little discussion, this is interpretation of the situation on my part to
explain the situation).

As the Bylaws intend to let the Academy determine these requirements this is
being currently handled as an administrative issue in the Academy Fleet, and
is being addressed by the Academy staff as such.

================== Member Suggestions ====================

From: Captain Kale Petosky
Issue: Console based games in the RS?
Status: Forwarded to HC but HC is currently working on other matters.

The Captain was wondering about the possibility of using recent Star Wars
console games (online multi-player compatible) in the RS.

The problem in doing this is the lack of custom missions, this leads to the
potential of the game becoming "old" after time.

Also console games have dial-up modems. Members with cable or DSL may not
have access to a dial-up internet account. Also, 56k modems are not well
known for low latency with gaming.

A benefit would be that cheating would be difficult to do, since the console
game just has the game and nothing else. Cheat codes certainly exist in all
games, but it is likely that the online parts of these games disable cheats
or display a message that "___ is a cheater!"

This is an interesting concept, however it would be very difficult to
implement and work with. Many hurdles would need to be cleared before this
could be done. As such, Captain Kale Petosky has been asked to look further into the matter.


Feel free to direct suggestions or concerns to HC via any of the following

1) Use the "Email HC" feature of the Roster Database:
2) Email your Primary Fleet CO and ask them to forward your comments on.
3) Contact HC members on IRC or an Instant Messaging client like AOL or ICQ
(both of which appear in roster profiles if supplied).
4) The new "Community Meetings" on IRC. They are currently being held on
Sundays from 6-9 PM EST (GMT -0500) in #OuterRim

Respectfully submitted,

Rear Admiral Shikkie Kaaran, RSXO


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