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Retribution Fleet NL (01/16/02)

By RA Adam "Vender" Fene
Unit: Retribution Fleet
Fleet NL, Jan 30, 2002
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Retribution Fleet Newsletter - 01/16/02


Well, activity has been shaken a little bit as expected from the holidays, and the new year. I hope to see activity climb up through the roof this month, both on the BBS and in reporting. Perhaps in your Squadron mailing lists too! Don't be affraid to talk..I mean..that's why they're there.. *nudge nudge*

Recently, there have been complaints about how HC operates, and how our current FC (Rahj Tharen) runs things. If you have any comments or suggestions on the matter you can of course e-mail Corran, Bethan, or myself. We're always here, and I just wanted to officially let you all know that. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you need to visit the BBS at:
Go into the General area, should be the forum at the very top of that list there. Check it out, take a read if you will.

Also don't forget the R2F Runons! They're there for everyone's enjoyment, if you're into that role-playing super frenzy narrative writing stuff. :) Remember, you get merits for participating. It's a lot more enjoyable when there is a larger group of people doing it, so I encourage all those interested in posting a little something.

Any other problems, please contact your local Commander.

Mission - R2F 6.07
Due: February 28th, 2001 at 11:59:59PM EST
Mission Name: R2F 6.07
Laser Cap: 1,600
Downloadable at:
(Also Attached to this NL)
Short Description:
Three TIE Avengers. Two at your side with you in the lead... Defending our Fleet's flagship from..Hostile Imperial forces! This mission involves a lot of dogfighting, offense, defense, you name it. It's up to you to get us out of an Imperial trap, and send them home to mommy!
Game Patch - This is somewhat important. For those of you with TIE95, please install the patch that I am attaching with this NL. When you unzip it, put it into your TIE95 directory, and run it. What it does, is it makes the ISD's fire their weapons. Without it, they don't fire. It makes it a little easier to complete your mission objectives. (Thanks to the EH for this patch.)

Previous Mission Results - R2F 6.06
Persistance. Dedication. An effort put forth that I've not seen from many squadrons in all my time in the Rebel Squadrons for..too long a time. The last time I've seen the kind of effort that Hellfire Squadron put into this mission, I think I was a Commander in the Patriot Battle Fleet.

It's true, they didn't win, but even with their numbers down and the odds against them they put up a traffic fight, and I have to really take my hat off to them. If anyone sees a Hellfire pilot give them a pat on the back, this is what should be seen more often!
Cudos Hellfire! Cudos! (Sp?) So that's why I'm nominating each of the pilots that flew the Unit Commendation for distinguishing themselves in battle. Outstanding effort!

But lets not leave the other squads out! Skull, also doing a fantastic job, coming out of literally nowhere to earn that top spot on the matle of competition. They gained a few pilots, and dug deep to win. Excellent work and participation! I'll be awarding the people in Skull who flew the mission the R2F Squadron Award. Congratulations!

And of course, I can't forget Shadow, Slayer, and Wraith. All having very good participation in this mission, as none of them fell below 5 reports. Outstanding job! Better luck next time though, maybe. :) Hydra, what can I say..we need to get you boys/gals some active peeps. :)

Quick Rundown of 606 Stats:
Total Reports: 35 out of 56 (62%)
Top Gun - Han Suul, Shadow Squadron (Score: 72,589)
Top Squadron - Skull Squadron (Score: 286,700)
Top Wing - Storm Wing (Just Barely..Score: 556,401)
Best Narrative - Tym Angel - I liked his enthusiasm, I saw it in the Academy and I'm still seeing it here. Nice story. :)
Though I don't want to leave out Han Suul's narrative, it's very good, and the reason I didn't give him the MRM was because
he won Top Gun. These Narratives will be in the zip file attached to this e-mail.

For all the statistics in this mission, visit:

R2F 606 Runon
As I said, the persons who participated in the runon will receive their merits, when I update the merits soon. Thank you for those that posted, I hope others find the time for the 607 runon. ":)

Mission Rules (As always)
1. You may fly and report on the mission as many times as you wish until the deadline, but only your highest score will be counted in the final standings.

2. You may only fly the mission on the MEDIUM difficulty setting and as the first battle, first mission (B1M1FM.TIE) unless otherwise given leave by the fleet CO.

3. You must use a clean pilot file (ie a new pilot) for each run. When you report you must include your pilot file. If the file is either not attached or is "unclean" then the report will be scored as a 0.

4. Reports must be sent to . Any reports not sent to that address will not be counted. Sending your report to others is allowed.

5. You may not fire useless lasers in order to "pad" your score. To help stop this, there is a laser cap for each mission, specified on the newsletter. If your report is a large number of lasers over the cap (400 being large) then it will be disqualified. Otherwise there is a 100 point deduction per hit over that cap.

6. Because of past instances where tfr files have given unusual information all scores will be recalculated with a system very similar to the one TIE Fighter uses. Your score may be several thousand points lower due to a percentage which is added by the game but bear in mind that everybody will have the same reduction.

607 Narrative Briefing (By Bethan Leitbur, R2F SO)

Vender sighed deeply as he looked over the battlefield again, taking into account all of his options. Bethan had been right, this was obviously a trap, and he had fallen for it. Still, the Empire had apparantly underestimated the size of the forces he had sent in, and now reinforcements would soon be here.

The situation outside the Prometheus was not a pretty one, a fair portion of his fighter force had been destroyed, caught unaware in the flimsy, shieldless TIE Interceptors that he had sent them out in, although the remaining core units in all the squadrons had survived and had paid the enemy back in full, with over ninety confirmed kills already. From the looks of things the Imps had run out of TIE Advanced's and gunboats, which had left them with their TIE Fighters and Interceptors with a few Bombers to throw at him.

The Idiot's Array was currently running interference on with the rest of Wildcard to allow his surviving fighters to dock on the Prometheus and rearm. This lull, if it lasted much longer, would allow his forces to switch over to the TIE Advanced that were on board since they're squadrons were at half strength with Storm off on the other front. Corran's idea to double-stock the Prometheus in their absense had turned out to be ingenius, and soon he, along with the Liberator and the rest of their reinforcements would arrive. it was a good thing too, at this rate the Idiot's Array wouldn't be able to stand up to those Frigates, as damaged as they were, not to mention the ISD Siege out there.

From the Communications Station, a voice rang out, "Sir, I'm getting a communication from the base. Our support ships have been sabotaged, they're not coming!"

Vender spun to face the station, and moments later was moving with some haste towards it, not wanting to believe it. "It's got to be a trick, did you check the transponder frequency, make sure it's not false?"

"Yes sir, the encryption's our latest code, went into effect three days ago. It's genuine."

"Shaavit!" Vender brought his hand up to his chin and ran the new scenerio through his head as quickly as he could. After a few moments his tacical officer called out, "Sir, all pilots report they're ready to launch, what are their orders?"

Vender nodded, then replied, "Order them to launch and take up defensive stances around the Idiot's Array and the Prometheus. Comm, order the Idiot's Array to pull out as soon as the gravity well drops low enough; the allignment should be just about over now. After the Liberator arrives, have them break off into flights and engage the enemy fighter screens, give us a hole to punch through, we'll handle the cap ships."

"Understood sir, relaying orders now."

Vender nodded, then let out another sigh. This situation was just getting worse and worse. Oh well, at least he didn't have Bethan hear to tell him "I told you so." Then again, once they got out of this Bethan would be there to say it anyway. Vender headed over to the captain's chair and slouched down in it. This was going to be intense.

Brigadier General Adam "Vender" Fene
Retribution Fleet CO


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