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Retribution Fleet Newsletter (02/25/02)

By RA Adam "Vender" Fene
Unit: Retribution Fleet
Fleet NL, Feb 25, 2002
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Retribution Fleet NL

News -

Well, RS-wide, you've seen it in the HC Newsflashes. So I won't bother repeating any of it. In the R2F, the killboard is updated, and the current missions is rapidly reaching its due date. (Due: Feb. 28th, on THURSDAY!)

Corran has had an unfortunate accident, forcing him to go LOA. He's been in a car accident and received a concussion. Our best wishes go with him.

Because of this I've made Bethan the new R2F XO, and let Corran slide back into the R2F SO position.

There has only been 22 people who have reported, total, on this mission. I hope that number goes up quite rapidly in the next few days since we have over 50 people in this Fleet.

Satatistics -

Well well, if it ain't old Wraith Squadron pulling itself back in the lead!

Wraith Squadron - 275 Kills - 242,646 Points - 6 Reports
Skull Squadron - 221 Kills - 206,961 Points - 4 Reports
Slayer Squadron - 155 Kills - 145,657 Points - 3 Reports
Shadow Squadron - 152 Kills - 133,763 Points - 4 Reports
Hydra Squadron - 140 Kills - 107,333 Points - 3 Reports
Hellfire Squadron - 96 Kills - 92,420 Points - 2 Reports

Individual and Wing Satistics can be viewed at:

Roster Changes -

Incoming Pilots:
Lt. Colonel Javin "Entropy" Keyle (Hydra)
Major Neo Roswell (Hydra)
Lt. Commander Mo Kongo (Hydra)
Colonel Sienn Sconn (Wraith)
Commander Kettch Nasin (Hellfire)

All of these boys are returning members, so give them a hearty welcome. ":)

Leaving Pilots:
Captain Zephir (Slayer)

Mission -

Mission Name: R2F 6.07
Due: February 28th, 2001 11:59pm EST (That's this Thursday for those who have no calender.)
Report to: (WITH TFR FILE!)

You have 3 and a half days to get in a report before the deadline. The mission is attached to this e-mail.

Major General Adam "Vender" Fene
Retribution Fleet CO ":)

1. You may fly and report on the mission as many times as you wish until the deadline, but only your highest score will be counted in the final standings.
2. You may only fly the mission on the MEDIUM difficulty setting and as the first battle, first mission (B1M1FM.TIE) unless otherwise given leave by the fleet CO.
3. You must use a clean pilot file (ie a new pilot) for each run. When you report you must include your pilot file. If the file is either not attached or is "unclean" then the report will be scored as a 0.
4. Reports must be sent to . Any reports not sent to that address will not be counted. Sending your report to others is allowed.
5. You may not fire useless lasers in order to "pad" your score. To help stop this, there is a laser cap for each mission, specified on the newsletter. If your report is a large number of lasers over the cap (400 being large) then it will be disqualified. Otherwise there is a 100 point deduction per hit over that cap.
6. Because of past instances where tfr files have given unusual information all scores will be recalculated with a system very similar to the one TIE Fighter uses. Your score may be several thousand points lower due to a percentage which is added by the game but bear in mind that everybody will have the same reduction.


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