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Email Redirects System

By ADM Shikkie Kaaran
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
General Announcement, Feb 28, 2002
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This project is a complete management utility, built right into the Roster Database. What does this mean for you, the average member?

Well, how would you like your very own email address? Ask and ye shall receive. Request it today


Note: Personal Redirects are not immediately provided upon request; they are reviewed by an admin before being granted. This is to avoid inappropriate redirects or any other unsavory uses of this system. As with most Database tools, you must be logged in to access the pages. For help with that please review

Another really cool thing is a system that links to the Roster and generates redirects based upon your command positions

(Squad XO on up to Fleet CO and RS Executive Officers) If you are an officer with a command position visit to get a list of what redirects are currently assigned to you.

From here you can edit where the emails are forwarded to, and even turn redirects on/off through an intuitive interface.

Note: There are a few wings and squads who do not have redirects; this is due to some naming conflicts that will be resolved in the coming week(s). Once that is done I will enable redirects for those remaining units. Also, when setting a forward's target address you MUST NOT use an address.

When generating the redirects for Wings and Squads some of them were not enabled because A) There was no officer in that paticular slot, when an officer is added to that slot he/she can edit their redirects and enable that one. B) If your roster
profile lists an address your redirects are defaulting to Disabled because a redirect cannot redirect to an account. You may edit your redirects and point them at your valid email address, and enable them.

Fleet COs/XOs/SOs, I did not use an automated generation system for your redirects, there are so few Fleet level command staff officers that it was quicker to just cut and paste email addresses into the management system's "add new redirect" feature and point it at your particular post. Please go into your edit redirects section and double-check that all redirects you should have are there, and that they are properly configured (this goes for everyone actually, BUT remember that not all redirects have been set up yet, because of the aforementioned naming conflicts.)

For the few of you who have pop3 accounts (Executives and HC members) You will need to DISABLE any redirects for which you have a pop3 account. If you are not sure about if you have a pop3 account please Ask me or Dev about this. I tried to check this myself to ensure compliance, but I am only human and might have missed something

If you don't like the naming scheme selected for your unit (ex. you're in the RgF's Red Dragon Squadron and you don't like it being and you are the current Unit CO (Or a CO higher up that chain of command such as a Wing CO) you can email and request that a change be made. For now please hold off on that because some naming schemes may change in the next week or two (there are instances of squads and wings with the same names, which causes the quandary of how to differentiate between the redirect names without leaving the convention of

Another logistical limitation is that when you attain a new command position you MUST go to and configure the new redirect for you. This is because if the system tries to pull data from the user profiles, and the email address listed is an address the resulting behavior is undefined, which essentially means "Big bad no no" :)

Some other things noticed during testing. Hotmail is treating these as "Junk Mail" for some reason. There are a couple of options you can take to ensure you don't lose these emails

1) Disable Junk Email Filtering
2) Set up a custom filter that delivers any email addresses where '' is in the To: or CC: fields to your Inbox (Warning, if you are BCC'd to an email this filter will not catch it and it will land in the junk mail folder. The Mass-Mailing features of the Roster Database use BCC. This would affect Squad,Wing,Fleet emails such as Newsletters. And the RS High Command Newsflash, and State of the Rebel Squadrons mailings)

Special redirects (non personal, non command position based) can be requested by emailing with a brief summary of what it's for, what address(s) it must forward to, and what the redirect name should be.

Please keep in mind, this system is still new, you may encounter some small errors in the interface. If you do, please email with the following: What page you were on, what you were doing that caused the error, and your Roster Database Pin.

Thank you,

Vice Admiral Shikkie Kaaran, Rebel Squadrons Executive Officer


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