Rebel Squadrons

Redemption Fleet NL 3/2/02

By RA Kyle Tobarn
Unit: Redemption Fleet
Fleet NL, Mar 02, 2002
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Newsletter for the months of January and February. Two months, that means a bit more news than you're used to-hopefully you'll enjoy it.

I Fleet News
II Division News
III Awards and Promotions

I Fleet News

First on the agenda is the web site-this is being worked on. Right now I'm compiling and revising our rules a bit, in the end I hope to create a RF Policy. The RF Policy, if it turns out to look the way I am hoping, will basically be a place to find information regarding joining/creating divisions, what is expected before an HC fleet status review, privileges of the divisions, and the general guidelines of the fleet. In addition anyone who wishes to offer ideas for things they'd like to see in the redesigned web site are encouraged to speak up.

If things ever get quiet in the HC again I'll use that opportunity to begin discussions about recognizing Battlegroup as an official status. Right now most people have heard of the AW's name change to Allegiance Battlegroup-however this is unofficial and Allegiance is still technically a wing. While Shik did correct a problem with the RSDB that prevented a wing from having X amount of squads, that problem was corrected. My reasons for pursuing a status that can split a wing in two and still be a single division in the RF are simple, it gives divisions nearing fleet status an opportunity to create the structure of a fleet and a closer feeling to what it means to be a fleet in the RS.

II Divison News

Allegiance Wing: Last month was a difficult one, former AW CO Ben Jynzer and the members of the AW were clashing constantly, and the ideals of seperation-that is the veteran officers leaving to create a sim group outside the RS-arose. In the end, Ben Jynzer gracefully stepped down and was replaced by the capable and highly approved Sienn Sconn. Since then the focus has shifted somewhat from worrying about new members to keeping the old members active. To the best of my knowledge, the young ladder system has completely faded out. However, as always, the sims go on.

Strategic and Tactical Command: A large AWOL check turned up rather promising results, and the STC roster has been revised for optimum gaming. Now it is merely a matter of waiting for the Internet Officer to make the necessary changes and place STC back into the RF. Just to clear up some confusion, STC has always been part of the RF, they were separated in the original RSDB for structure. See why battlegroup status is important?
       Galactic Battlegrounds has stretched into its second Squadron. Paladin meets Eclipse as host to the latest game in the RS. As of yet, only members who were pending to join Eclipse have been added to the roster, however anyone who would like to change squads may make a request to myself, Slarty, and Zsinj. Also, applications for Paladin CO and XO are now being accepted, please get those in to Zsinj (, Arill Wiltker (, Dave Trebonious-Astoris (, and myself ( for evaluation.

Rebel Squadrons Multimedia: I could be wrong, but I believe this is the only division in the RS where members provide a service to other members, be it artistic or musical. However, I have heard nothing from this group and have been told that getting a hold of RSM members is extremely difficult. This needs to change and soon. I certainly hope that those who have the talents I can only dream about enjoy working on a piece as much as a person who flies a mission, however if there is any dissatisfaction please let it be known. Something has to change to get this area livened up again.

Vigilance Wing: The future of Vigilance is unknown right now. I have been informed that members are inactive, however the CO admits that he has been lacking in time that could be dedicated to this young wing. Hopefully something can be worked to keep this idea going on.

III Awards and Promotions

       There are none at this time, however it brings up a topic for which I would like some feedback. Currently one of the HC topics deals with promotions and how they are to be granted. The two things that have come up are the wording for who can promote, and when to promote. I quote from the bylaws section 4, Rank and Promotions:

4.3.1 Level 1 ranks are to be awarded only by the primary squadron CO. A member may skip one rank during a promotion cycle at the discretion of the CO. This is to be used for those who advance quickly to positions of responsibility in the squadron. Level 1 ranks are to be awarded for activity at the squadron level or above, at the discretion of the Squadron CO. Minimum time in each rank is two weeks.

Relatively the same wording is used for each level, however the key word to look at is "only." This suggests, that I would not be allowed to promote a member of the RF who does not hold a wing leader position. In actuality it suggests that I cannot promote under certain ranks-however I believe most people see levels as being position on the CoC-not rank. In any event, should persons higher up in the CoC be able to promote members two or more levels down?

Another issue deals with promotion cycles. These are supposed to be done monthly, just as I review everyone before I send the NL. However, there are instances where people promote based on the RSDB's timer-the point when it says a member is eligible for promotion. Should the current regulation of a cycle be enforced, or should a change be made that allows for COs to promote in an irregular fashion?

I encourage everyone to reply and share your thoughts. In fact, I encourage you to do so even if it has nothing to do with the topics I have brought up. Keep in contact with me, it's the only way I can truly represent this fleet. I look forward to reading your emails.


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