Rebel Squadrons

Aurora Force Newsletter - March, 2002

By ADM Indiana Bridger
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
Fleet NL, Mar 03, 2002
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Hello, boys and girls, and welcome to your monthly Aurora Force newsletter, where I yell at the people below me to promote people and yell at all of you to keep writing. Here’s the score.

- Aurora Force turns 3 on Sunday, March 10, 2002. Yay. Free drinks in #AuroraForce.
- Remnants of Backlash have gone off chasing those members who have gone AWOL. Those members who have gone AWOL can expect trial at the hands of a New Republic tribunal.
- Eclipse and Blood Squadron are currently getting their sorry behinds trained on Coruscant after several weeks of looking at Janet and I out of character and asking “Well, what do we do?” I appreciate that some of you were waiting for your squadron leaders to tell you what to do, but the briefing was a little straightforward, there.
- Lightning Squadron is now under the command of Kale Petosky. Kale – pick a frickin’ XO already.
- Kirghy! Dammit, where are my cadets? I need some for Nebula before I have to disband it and make Tech unhappy.
- To all Hotmail members: I just checked the errors, and I’m getting A LOT of hard bounces there. Please get back to me and tell me what’s up. Thank you.
- Squadron and Wing Leaders: You people need to start promoting people. Why the hell is Saradin still a cadet?!
- There have been some bylaws changes you’ve all seen come down from HC, and none of them am I happy about. Notice that the character biography requirement for basic graduation from AFA WILL NOT CHANGE.

- None at this time

That’s all for the moment. Perhaps I’ll release a STORY newsletter later.



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