Rebel Squadrons

IBG NL - March 11, 2002

By COL Han Suul
Unit: Intrepid Battle Group
Fleet NL, Mar 11, 2002
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It's been quite the week, at least for me. Bluejay's retirement surprised me, and I hoped that he was coming back. Now Rahj is accepting applications for the position of IBG CO. If you're interested in either applying for yourself or supporting somebody else, email him at

I am also taking this opportunity to rewrite the IBG ITOD rules so that the 1 report in the last week rule no longer exists and hopefully the rest of them will be simpler and clearer.

Also, this Newsletter has a slightly different style. Let me know whether it's better or worse. And I am more than willing to hear anybody's opinion on anything conerning the IBG. What should be different. What's working well. Your comments will make a difference. And if I missed anybody this time around, just let me know and I'll make note of it in the next newsletter or newsflash.

And wow. Wildcard beats Dagger by one point! That's a new record as far as I know in the history of the RS. Congrats to both Wildcard and Dagger for such a close finish.

- The XWA Undergrad has an opening. If you're interested in being an instructor, please talk with CMDR Cole Landfarer (
- Also, the XWA Undergrad is looking for a new XO and SO. If you're interested in either, also talk to Cole (see email address above)
- We will be starting a cooperative SP tour with the Retribution Fleet soon.
- LGN Bluejay Farscape, the IBG CO, resigns from the Rebel Squadrons.
- We have melees with the Star Vipers every Saturday this month at 3PM EST. To get on the irc channel for it, type the following into mIRC's status window:
/join #SVvsRS
- I'm a little behind on the NRN competition right now. I hope to be up to speed on that within the next week though. So, expect more information on that when I can get it.

Incoming People:
2LT Chris Horn (Wildcard)
LJG Pagemaster (Wildcard)

Outgoing People:
LGN Bluejay Farscape (Draco)
2LT Ace Carde (Stinger)

Command Staff Changes:
CMDR Gabrich Varmer is the CO of Talon Wing. If you're interested in helping out on Talon Wing's Command Staff, send him an email.
CPT Rakiki is the new CO of Phalcun Squadron.
MAJ Jan-lo Sunner is the new XO of Dagger Squadron.
BGN Garrik "Face" Loran has been reinstated as Wildcard CO.

Promotions: (These are all the promotions I could find out about that occurred in the last week or two)
Jan-lo Sunner (Dagger) has been promoted to Major.
Kirvan Vax (Phalcun) has been promoted to Colonel.
Taan Ronar (Draco) has been promoted to Colonel.
Pagemaster (Wildcard) has been promoted to Second Lieutenant.
Chris Horn (Wildcard) has been promoted to Second Lieutenant,

I won't list what was awarded for the melees as that has already been done.

The IBG Gold Wings are awarded to CMDR Gabrich Varmer for having the highest score on IBG ITOD 1.08 with a submitted screenshot.
The IBG Silver Wings are awarded to Lt. Col. Jeremiah Matthew for having the second highest score on IBG ITOD 1.08.
The IBG Bronze Wings are awarded to BGN Tyrell "Spokes" Boran for having the third highest score on IBG ITOD 1.08.
The IBG Commander's Golden Chalice is awarded to all reporting members of Wildcard Squadron for their impressive 87% reporting percentage.
For having the only two written reports for the last mission, and the fact I can't decide betweem them, 2LT Chris Horn and CPT Licah Fox are hereby awarded the IBG Mission Report Medal.

I have awarded Bluejay the IBG Honorary Member Award and the IBG Cross of Excellence for his long-standing and dedicated service to this fleet.

Congratulations to everybody who gained something!

-+-IBG ITOD-+-
Top Five Pilots:
1. Lt. Col. Han Suul of Dagger Squadron, 66 kills at 14,167 points
2. Lt. Col. Jeremiah Matthew of Wildcard Squadron, 71 kills at 14,020 points
3. CMDR Gabrich Varmer of Phalcun Squadron, 65 at 12,560 points
4. BGN Tyrell "Spokes" Borran of Dagger Squadron, 28 kills at 8,136 points
5. Capt. Rakiki of Phalcun Squadron, 38 kills at 7,381 points

Wing Rankings:
1. Talon Wing, 10 reports, 233 kills at 43,212 points
2. Titan Wing, 10 reports, 240 kills at 40,569 points
3. Chiin'Tal Wing, 7 reports, 167 kills at 37,473 points

Squadron Standings:
1. Wildcard Squadron, 7 reports, 198 kills at 35,705 points
2. Dagger Squadron, 6 reports, 144 kills at 35,704 points
3. Phalcun Squadron, 6 reports, 148 kills at 26,986 points
4. Stinger Squadron, 4 reports, 85 kills at 16,226 points
5. NightWolf Squadron, 3 reports, 42 kills at 4,864 points
6. Draco Squadron, 1 report, 23 kills at 1,769 points

New Rules:
(These will replace the rules that are currently on the IBG ITOD site starting with this next mission)

1) The mission may not be tampered with in any way after its release, not even to fix bugs. If a serious bug is found in a mission, the IBG CO will authorize somebody to fix it and then send out a fixed version.

2) In order to be eligible for the IBG Gold Wings a pilot must submit a screenshot of his mission debriefing or sim chamber mission stats. As the IBG CO deals with the scores, he is inelligible for this medal.

3) The IBG CO's ruling is final on all matters.

Next Mission:
Lt. Col. Orian LaCarde is making our next mission, which should hopefully be finished in a week. It will be kicking off the start of our tour with Retribution Fleet. So, while we wait, fly XWA, have fun and hang out in #ibg sometime. We don't bite...I don't think.

- Lieutenant Colonel Han Suul
Dagger 4 (Acting IBG CO)


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