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IBG Newsflash - March 17, 2002

By COL Han Suul
Unit: Intrepid Battle Group
Fleet NL, Mar 17, 2002
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This also has the results from the melee yesterday.

- Firstly, the decision on a new IBG CO is being delayed because of several current and ongoing discussions on High Command. Please, be patient and this will be taken care of as soon as possible.
- Second, because of a lack of interest among the pilots of the SV, they have withdrawn from our melees, leaving us with only the squad melees currently happening on Saturdays. I've heard that they just didn't like getting beaten.

Incoming People:
2LT Cephisus Balder (Phalcun)

Outgoing People:
-none at this time-

Command Staff Changes:
MAJ Kell Horn is the new XO of Phalcun Squadron

Squad Melee:
Draco: 0 0 0
Dagger: 1 1 1
Phalcun: 0 1 0
Wildcard: 1 1 1
Nightwolf: 0 0 0
Stinger: 1 0 0

Wildcard and Dagger both tie with having flown three matches and winning one, tying another and losing once. As no other squads won more or flew as much, Dagger and Wildcard get to share the top honours this week.

Individual Matches:
2LT Chris Horn (Wildcard) VS BGN Wes Belden (Stinger) Stinger wins
2LT Chris Horn (Wildcard) VS LCM Xortia Narfasu (Dagger) disconnection
COM Gabrich Varmer (Phalcun) VS BGN Wes Belden (Stinger) disconnection
MAJ Himm El-Syna (Dagger) VS LCL Jon Anchorage (Phalcun) Dagger wins
MAJ Himm El-Syna (Dagger) VS 2LT Chris Horn (Wildcard) tie
MAJ Himm El-Syna (Dagger) VS BGN Garrik Loran(Wildcard) Wildcard wins

Promotions: (This is all I heard of)
Rakiki (Phalcun) was promoted to Major.

-none at this time-

Lieutenant Colonel Han Suul
Acting IBG CO


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