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Rebel Squadrons Academy Mag #3

By COL Anthon Connor
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
General Announcement, Apr 13, 2002
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":) Greetings members of the Rebel Squadrons!

      I would like to introduce the third edition of the RS Academy Magazine, where
you will discover the many departments and opportunities the Academy has to
offer you, both as a pilot/commando, or as an officer.

      Join new fleets and discover new gaming platforms by going through one of
our many Undergraduate Departments, or you could even hone your already
developed skills against one of our Top Ace instructors in a Post Graduate course,
winning medals, fame and prestige in the process.

      For more information on the RS Academy, you can drop by our website at

      Or simply drop us a direct email.

      Before we get on to the news, I would like to invite all those who have earned
RS Academy Medals (ie. Graduation Medals) and have yet to receive them to
either email me with the name of the medal, and some proof that you obtained it,
or nominate yourself, also with proof included. I'll get down to adding them for

      This month, we bring you updates on soon-to-be-opened divisions, as well as
loads of juicy medals from the few top class graduates who manage to complete
in some of the most grueling courses available here.


A: Rebel Squadrons Academy Bios Center
B: X-Wing Combat Tactics
C: X-Wing Vs Tie Fighter Top Ace Program
D: XWA Flight Training School
E: Mission Building Academy
F: Recruitment Division
G: Officers & Leadership Academy
H: Internet Technologies Division
I: Department of Game Master Studies

---- A: Rebel Squadrons Academy Bios Center ----

The RSA Bios Center (RSABC for short) may not seem to be the most exciting of
places to visit. However, for those cadets that want to graduate with Honors
from their respective Academies, the RSABC is the place to explore thoroughly.

In the RSABC website, there's a database (thanks again to Shik for that), and a
submission form. The submission form is located on the very first page, just scroll
down a bit. Check the gaming platforms you are in (for academy cadets ONLY) or
"Current RS member.” The bio will be added by the wizened RSABC Staff soon
after. All current members whose bio is not on the site are strongly encouraged
to get it up there, so that everybody can know who you are and what you are all
about. And to all you cadets, remember that you need to submit your bio before
you can graduate with honors! After all, who doesn't want that?

So check it out!

---- B: X-wing Combat Tactics ----

Ever wondered what it feels like to be the best in the fleet? Where a single
twitch of your flightstick and even a freighter will do the tango? Or do you belong
to the other half of the table and want to learn moves like the wotan weave,
how to snipe a spinner and ? If so, then the Post Graduate Department's X-wing
Combat Tactics Department has just the solution for you!

X-wing COMTACS boasts of 6 individual Training Missions for the individual who
wishes to hone his piloting skills in various situations of combat, such as dogfights
and capital ship hunts as well as 4 Expert Missions that are the ultimate
benchmark to see if you have what it takes to be the best there is.

Not only that, there are various COMTACS Medals to mark your acomplishments,
including a final Master of X-wing COMTACS Medal that is the height of all that.
Only 11 pilots have managed to bag that medal throughout the years... and only
2 out of those have bagged ALL the COMTACS Medals. Will you be the next to
have your name carved in the Hall of Fame?

Visit the Post Graduate X-wing COMTACS Department at:

To submit mission reports, and for general enquiries, please send all email to

Those of you who only have credit towards any of the mission medals may
continue playing them even if you have earned the Master medal already. This is
to earn the individual craft medals.

The X-wing COMTACS is available for all Rebel Squadrons pilots. Visit our site now
and take a step forward in your flight skills.

---- C: X-Wing Vs Tie Fighter Top Ace Program ----

The Top Ace Program is broken down into two different divisions focused around
contrasting styles of teaching. The first program is the legendary Advanced Flight
School (A.K.A.-AFS). This program is designed to make students fully competent
in the functions and abilities of all XvT supported craft and armaments in Single
Player combat as well as Multi Player. The second program is the Expert Flight
School (A.K.A.-EFS). This program follows the doctrine of making a student well
versed in one type of craft before moving onto the next. In this program (EFS)
there are a total of 11 separate courses, one for each ship and one for special
weapons and tactics, broken into 5 different divisions. The EFS leans more
toward a stricter schedule with many requirements based on an objective
curriculum whilst the AFS is looser and based on a subjective curriculum.
Graduating in either program is based not only on the schedule of events but also
the instructors opinion, overall improvement, and effort. You don’t have to be the
absolute best to graduate. Either program can be entered independently, in other
words one is not a prerequisite for the other.

Few have succeeded. Yet the few have rose to become living legends. Will you
be the next?

Find out more by visiting the website at:

Or email the division CO, Lt. General Gavin Cantorph Kravis at

---- D: XWA Flight Training School ----

Tired of getting close to the top but no further? Tired of being gunned down
constantly during multiplayer matches? Wanna serve your club well in upcoming
Multiplayer tournaments or competitions? If you consider yourself a good pilot and
want to become a great pilot, or if you want to improve your flying skills in
X-Wing Alliance, visit the website below and join us!

For more information regarding the FTS, you may email the CO, Commander
Gabrich Varmer (

---- E: Mission Building Academy ----

::Colonel Anthon Connor steps up to the podium::

An unusual person to give medals, considering that the Mission Building Academy
CO's outta town... so enjoy this once in a lifetime opportunity. This is historical...
monumental even!

Now for the standard advertisement for the division... The creation of missions
and, ultimately, Tours of Duty for the Rebel Squadrons is a vital part to the
success of this group. Without qualified mission builders, we wouldn't have
anywhere near the level of activity we have today. So if you wanna be a part of
this storyline manipulation team, do visit the MBA's website at the following URL:

Now that that's done, we'll move on to the goodies. It's my pleasure to announce
the recent graduates of the various courses of the Mission Building Academy:

The following people have graduated the X-Wing Basic course:

Jae-Keito Gra (

You may add this medal to your signoff : RS Academy X-Wing Mission Maker -

The following people have graduated the X-Wing Advanced course:

Licah Fox (

You may add this medal to your signoff : RS Academy X-Wing Expert Mission
Maker - -={[*XW*]}=-

The following people have graduated the TIE Fighter Basic course:

Kettch Nasin (

You may add this medal to your signoff : RS Academy TIE Mission Maker -

The following people have graduated the TIE Fighter Advanced course:

Argon Viper (
Kettch Nasin (
Adam "Vender" Fene (

You may add this medal to your signoff : RS Academy TIE Expert Mission Maker -

The following people have graduated the XvT Advanced course:

Wes Belden (

You may add this medal to your signoff : RS Academy XvT Expert Mission Maker -

The following people have graduated the XWA Basic course:

Cephisus Balder (
Wesley Rademaker (

You may add this medal to your signoff : RS Academy XWA Mission Maker -

The following people have graduated the XWA Advanced course:

Wesley Rademaker (

You may add this medal to your signoff : RS Academy XWA Expert Mission Maker
- (-={[*XWA*]}=-)

The following people have graduated the Dark Forces Basic course:

John GadRS (

You may add this medal to your signoff : RS Academy DF Mission Maker -

Congratulations to all of you! I'd like to take this oppurtunity to remind all of you
that there is a course for every game in the RS, with the exception of Force
Commander and Galactic Battlegrounds, which are in planning stage. There's also
a course on ITOD planning coming up. So if you think you wanna be able to
create classic missions at whim, and wanna learn from the best people in the
trade, sign up now!

---- F: Recruitment Division ----

Hello, all. Now I know all you new people to the RS might be wondering what is
the Recruitment Division, and even some of you veterans. Well I'm
here to tell you that the Recruitment Division (RSRD) is a division of the RS which
promotes the RS to anyone that can be found. You will go out on the internet
and post introduction messages about the RS or actually go out and talk to
individuals and try to tell all you can about the RS and find out if they are
interested in joining. As of right now we are a very small group but if a few of you
would like to join you could really be a great help to the RS and possibly earn
some medals in the process of having fun by just going out and preaching the
word of the RS. If anyone is interested please feel free to contact either myself,
Lt. Commander Arill Wiltker ( or Lt. General Boid Reaves

---- G: Officer's Training School ----

Knowledge, communication, problem solving, motivation, and dedication are all
skills needed by officers in the Rebel Squadrons. Some of these skill are
embedded into a person, and some need to be learned.

The Rebel Squadrons' Officers Training School will teach and help you to put into
practice these skills in a three part course focusing on communication, problem
solving and knowledge about the RS and your fleet. We will have you put into
practice these skills. So if you want to become an Officer, or you're already an
officer and want to be one of the best officers around, then the Officers Training
School is just for you.

Contact Major General Corran Horn Jr. at for more
information, or visit the website at:

* The Officer's Training School is soon to be opened. Stay tuned! *

---- H: Internet Technologies Division ----

Academy Announces new ITD (Internet Technologies Division)

The Academy proudly announces the formation of a new division, the Internet
Technologies Division. The goal of this new division is to train any RS
member to serve effectively as an Internet Officer. The new division will replace
the now defunct Integrated Technologies Division, and merges the Programming
Academy, Web Design Academy, and mIRC Coding Division under one roof. It
offers a more focused training, with its goal to better meet the needs of the RS.

The New Division will offer a course of study, which will provide three levels of
training. The training will be broad enough to enable an individual to function as a
competent Internet Officer. The three areas of focus for the division will be
mark-up languages, taught by the Web Languages Academy, scripting, taught by
the Web Scripting Academy, and site design, taught by the Web Design
Academy. Feel free to look at the division site in progress for a taste of what's to

We look forward to opening the basic level of training and serving the IO training
needs of the Rebel Squadrons soon. Comments and suggestions are welcome.
Please forward these to the ITD CO.

The CO of the new division is, Captain Jae-Keito Gra (,
of the PBF's Phoenix Squadron. Jae-K (pronounced like "Jake") is a programmer by
trade in the Real World, and has built a number of web-sites, both professionally
and for fun and brings an experienced programmer's background to the shaping of
the new ITD.

---- I: Department of Game Master Studies ----

One storyteller. One leader. Only one, GAME MASTER! The Allegiance
Battlegroup has reached a new era, with a sim nearly every day of the week.
Nearly ten squadrons are available and are looking for those who wear the patch
of a master. Now you can learn what it takes to tell a tale with twists, puzzles,
great battles, and learn to incorporate all the tools to be the best. Your chance
is here, earn the patch, and watch your future grow.

* The Department of Game Master Studies is led by General Kyle Tobarn (General
Kyle Tobarn) and is soon to be opened. For more information, do email him. Stay
tuned! *

That's all for this month's issue of the Rebel Squadrons Academy Mag. If you wish
to obtain those goodies or have your name in here for the whole world to see,
sign up now for any one of the above divisions!


Col. Anthon "De R0GuE" Connor

Squadron Positions :
Academy/X-Wing Undergrad/Grey-Alpha Squadron/Grey-Alpha 2
PBF/Crusader Wing/Gold Squadron/Gold 5

Command Positions :
RS Academy XO
RS Academy Post Graduate Department SO
PBF Gold Squadron XO

RS Database Pin No. : 97
ICQ UIN : 3989258
AIM Screen Name : AnthonConnor

"Go for the GOLD!!!!" - Gold Squadron
"Mess with the best, die like the rest" - Twilight Squadron
"If your gonna go....go kicking ass" - Keyan Antilles
"I like pie." - Anax Kaanen
"Woah baby..." - Anthon Connor

--Rebel Squadrons, A H.I.E.R.* organization--
--(* Honesty, Integrity, Equanimity, Respect)--


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