Rebel Squadrons

R2F Tour 6 Award Ceremony

By RA Adam "Vender" Fene
Unit: Retribution Fleet
Fleet NL, Apr 16, 2002
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-- Retribution Fleet's Tour 6 Award Ceremony --

Like most fleets, the Retribution Fleet has a celebration after each
tour. A ceremony, filled with awards and heroism. This last tour lasted
a tad over 9 months, and now is where dedicated pilots and squadrons'
efforts show through. Forgive me if this Ceremony looks a little
strange, I don't do these every day.

I'll start with the speech, and then on to the awards, as I'm sure
you're all anxious to see who gets what (Plus there are just tons of
them..). Statistics will be at the bottom, for those of you who would
like to see them.

-- Speech

Major General Adam Fene steps to the podium, clearing his throat before
he begins. "Welcome, pilots of the Retribution Fleet. It has been a
long, hard battle, and it will continue to be so as we push into the
Osiris Sector. Before we do, however, let me take this opportunity to
recognize the achievement and dedication of many of our own hero's."
General Fene clapped and vacated the podium as Brigadier General Garrik
"Face" Loran stepped up.

Face walks up to the podium. "Hello everyone, you know who I am. I'm
Face... or Mr.bylaws. And a few others I can't remember right now. I
just got one thing to ask... Why the hell is the food in the R2F so much
better than in other fleets. I mean... that tuber surprise on a cruiser
in the PBF wasn't pleasant. Your tubers over here are much better."

General Fene suddenly shoved Face off stage, smiling clapping hard.
"Lets hear it for General Face, everybody!"

General Fene pauses as applauds start up, and slowly die down again.
"When this Tour began there were few people with the kind of skill and
dedication that we have today. Our Fleet in fact was not up to standard,
almost pathetic. Now, we have ascended to reclaim that we are indeed one
of the Rebel Squadrons' best." General Fene lowered his hand in a motion
for the applause to keep still.

"So it is my pleasure, and a show of not only my gratitude, but the R2F
Command Staff's gratitude of all the pilot's dedication, loyalty, and
skill to start handing out awards." General Fene let the applause go on
for a bit, until he continued. "So, without further adieu."

-- Awards

Lt. Colonel Han Suul, please step forward. From the very beginning you
set out on a quest to achieve what very few can, and that quest has come
to an end. I, Major General Adam Fene, nominate you for the "Tour
Champion Award", for your outstanding skills, dedication, and more over,
the stats you've put up in Tour 6. Most impressive, congratulations.

Last Tour (5) only a single person managed to fly every mission it spit
out. I'm glad to announce, that the number has shot up since then. Here,
in Tour 6, 11 people have flown and reported on every single mission.
For that, I will nominate them for the "Dantooine Key".

I am nominating the following persons for the Dantooine Key:
Lt. Colonel Han Suul, Lt. Colonel Jeremiah Matthew, Brigadier General
Harley Quinn, Commander Cynna Jade Sunrider, Major Sergio Mantis, Major
Zeth Raltier, Major General Adam Fene (Myself), Commander Menshk
Vrei'Sik, Brigadier General Bethan Leitbur, Lt. Commander Argon Viper,
and Major General Corran Horn Jr.

Moving along, I was asked to present some special awards to a few
special people that were long standing members of the R2F, and resigned
just recently after the tour was over.

Commander Thuku, please step forward. For your long service in the
Retribution Fleet, it is my pleasure to award you the "R2F Medal of
Service", as well as the "R2F Medal of Honor". Congratulations!

Commander Cynna Jade Sunrider, please step forward. Likewise, for your
outstanding participation through the years, long service, and loyalty
to the R2F, I'm pleased to award you with the "R2F Medal of Service" and
the "R2F Medal of Honor", Congratulations!

Lt. Colonel Han Suul, please step forward. Though you haven't been in
the Retribution Fleet as long as the other two, you've still gone above
and beyond normal duties in this fleet. For your dedication, skill, and
excellent service to the R2F, I hearby award you the "R2F Medal of
Honor". Congratulations!

This award is a bit different. It focuses on an entire Squadron. It's
very new, and will only be awarded at the end of each tour, to the
squadron that accumulates the largest score in the overall tour. To
Slayer Squadron members who had flown more than 50% of Tour 6, I award
the "R2F Squadron Tour Champions" Award. Congratulations on this award to:
BGN Harley Quinn
MGN Adam Fene
COL Taan Ronar
COL Anthon Connor (Retired)
BGN Garrik Loran
VA Kaz Falcion
LCL Dashclone

This final award goes to anyone who has flown at least 1 mission in Tour
6. It, too, is a new award. It can only be awarded one time, and after
this ceremony, it can never be awarded again. That's right, this award
is very unique. Part ot its purpose is to show some veteran service
later on in your R2F careers. The catch is, you have to be an active
member right now to get it, unless you flew 608.

So, I present the "R2F Tour Ribbon: Dia Pas", for those that
had participated during Tour 6, and survived at least to the end.
Congratulations to those persons. (Too many to name, apologies.)

-- Promotions

Brigadier General Bethan Leitbur, step forward. For your great and
invaluable assistance to Storm Wing, the Fleet and myself, I hearby
promote you to the rank of Major General.

Major General Corran Horn Jr, step forward. For your best efforts
despite all the trouble in your real life you've been through, I'd like
to show my appreciation for your efforts by promoting you to the rank of
Lt. General. Congratulations!

Lt. Junior Grade Scorpius was promoted to 2nd Lt. by Major Sergio
Mantis, Congratulations, and welcome to the Retribution Fleet.

-- New Arrivals

LJG Hegg joins into Wraith Squadron from the TUG.
LJG Ginger Pollard joins into Hellfire Squadron from the TUG.
2LT Scorpius joins into Hellfire Squadron from the TUG.
Lt. Col. Jon Anchorage returns to Slayer Squadron.

Again, welcome to the Retribution Fleet!

-- Statistics

Top 10 Pilots in Tour 6

------ Name --------------- Score --- Kills - Reports
Lt. Col. Han Suul --------- 376,541 - 353 --- 8 * 1st - Shadow
Lt. Col. Jeremiah Matthew - 375,881 - 353 --- 8 * 2nd - Skull
Cmdr. Cynna Jade Sunrider - 326,529 - 299 --- 8 * 3rd - Hellfire
Major Sergio Mantis ------- 321,104 - 289 --- 8 * 4th - Hellfire
Maj. Gen. Adam Fene ------- 310,474 - 274 --- 8 * 5th - Slayer
Brig. Gen. Harley Quinn --- 308,784 - 259 --- 8 * 6th - Slayer
Cmdr. Menshk Vrei'Sik ----- 299,198 - 265 --- 8 * 7th - Skull
Major Zeth Raltier -------- 292,905 - 248 --- 8 * 8th - Wraith
Brig. Gen. Bethan Leitbur - 270,547 - 248 --- 8 * 9th - Wraith
Maj. Gen. Tyrin Drax ------ 219,163 - 178 --- 7 * 10th - Wraith

Squadron Standings for Tour 6

----- Squadron ----- Score ---- Kills - Reports
Slayer Squadron --- 1,533,963 - 1,350 - 54 * 1st
Wraith Squadron --- 1,477,186 - 1,237 - 56 * 2nd
Skull Squadron ---- 1,443,681 - 1,394 - 44 * 3rd
Shadow Squadron --- 1,367,209 - 1,173 - 52 * 4th
Hellfire Squadron - 1,145,906 - 1,093 - 34 * 5th
Hydra Squadron ---- 725,220 --- 628 --- 31 * 6th

Wing Standings for Tour 6

---- Wing ------- Score ---- Kills ---- Reports
Storm Wing ----- 4,157,055 - 3,680 ---- 144 * 1st
Sentinel Wing -- 3,536,110 - 3,195 ---- 127 * 2nd

Major General Adam "Vender" Fene
Retribution Fleet CO


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