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Retribution Fleet Tour NL - 7.01 (05/02/02)

By RA Adam "Vender" Fene
Unit: Retribution Fleet
Fleet NL, May 02, 2002
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Due to security issues I will not be attaching Mission 7.01 to this Letter. So download it at the site, run any virus scans if you want to before proceding with flight. Enjoy!

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The R2F Tour 7.01 "To the Rescue!" Narrative was written by Retribution's Executive Officer, Major General Bethan Leitbur.

-- Narrative

Looking around him at the visible wreckage, Vender rubbed his eyes as he listened to the head technician go on and on about the damages. "So we only have half our shield power?"

"That's correct General. The power main power core took some damage when the aft shields went out at Morba. Normally your weapons systems would be firing at about one third of their usual power, but about fifty-seven percent of your turbolasers are out of commission. We can take care of the armor and some of the structural damage here, but I have to tell you sir that this ship is in desperate need of an complete overhaul, and the Dia Pas Shipyard is just not equipped to handle an Imperial Class Star Destroyer."

"Thank you Mr. Felds, well do what you can, and have your estimates on the work you can do on my desk as soon as you can."

"Understood General."

Vender took one last look at the charred slag that was once a bulkhead and then turned and headed back towards the bridge. It was bad enough that the weapons were in horrid shape and the shields were weakened as they were with the port generator in pieces, but the engines had taken a few torpedo hits as well. As they stood, two of the KDY Destroyer Ion Engines were out, and the third remaining one was in terrible shape. He had alread sent in an order to High Command for replacements, but since Kuat was not a member of the New Republic, it was not easy to come by them in this day and age.

That left them to move on the four emergency Cygnus Ion Engines at far slower speeds than he was accustomed to. At least the hyperdrive was still intact. All that meant though was that the ship could run away from anything big that it couldn't handle, which unfortunately was quite a variety of things at the moment.

Stepping out of the turbolift and onto the main deck of the bridge, Vender moved off towards the Captain's chair to take a load off his feet. Morba had been a ride through Hell for his forces, something he was sure Bethan would remind him of shortly.

Bethan. Emperor's black heart, he had to contact Bethan and inform him of his imminent arrival at Aecreas. He'd hoped that the Prometheus would be in better fighting shape than it was when he arrived, but fate wasn't being that kind to him. If this kept up he'd had to sit back at the Aecreas Command Complex while Bethan and Corran took on the retreating Imperial forces. He could always take command of the Liberator or the Emancipator, but he knew all too well that having two generals on one ship was one general too many, and neither of them would just go along with his presence. This was his punishment he supposed for wrecking his own ship.

Taking a deep breath, Vender made his way down into one of the command pits and walking up next to one of the comm officers said, "Lieutenant To'Yan, get me a hyperspace connection with Brigadier General Leitbur aboard the Eamncipator. He should be at Aecreas at the moment."

The Twilek nodded and replied, "Understood General, it will just be a moment."

Vender waited patiently as the message went out and the comm officer on the other end went to get ahold of Bethan. It was a somewhat late hour by Coruscant Standard Time, and apparantly he had caught Bethan in bed. Vender somewhat envied the fact that unlike him over the last few days, Bethan was finding time to sleep.

Suddenly a slight beeping went off from a terminal across the bridge, and as Vender turned he saw Captain Vedik already moving to see what it was, then turning to face Vender said, "General, we're picking up a distress signal from Vivianas. It appears to be one of our freightor convoys en route to Aecreas. The message is brief and cut up, but the attacker appears to be Imperial."

"Shaavit! All right Captain, get ahold of General Horn and his taskforce along the Vespia and the Senate and have them prepare to jump to hyperspace, destination is Vivianas."

"But sir, we're in no shape to handle..."

"Captain, despite our damage, the force we are heading in with should be more than enough to screen us and keep the enemy's attention elsewhere. Have the Prometheus detatch the mooring cables and seal all the airlock at once. Anyone not currently on board will have to catch a shuttle to Aecreas later. Comm, contact the local government at Vivianas, Paradise was it?"

"Haven I believe sir. I doubt they'll like it General, they may be neutral, but a taskforce this size is certain to raise a few eyebrows or whatever they use."

"Understood Captain, now get on it. I want to be in hyperspace in the next two minutes."

Vender then walked up from the pit and back to his command chair, his adreniline pumping through his veins as he began to plan out his attack plans depending on what sort of ships they encountered. This was it, the thrill of the battle, the endless games of tactics and strategy that drove him on, and made him such an effective general. He was definitely a field general, needing to be out there in the action, taking bold strides to break the backs of the enemy.

>From the Helm position, Lieutenant Kask spoke out, "General, coordinates are plugged in, ready to jump on your command."

"Activate hyperdrive in ten seconds on my mark. Mark."

As the ship prepared to launch into hyperspace, a moaning voice came on from the pit comm center, and the hologram of a rather tired Bethan Leitbur appeared saying, "General, are you there? This is General Leitbur. General? Emperor's black bones, where are you Gen-"

The communcation cut out as the Prometheus and its support ships jumped to hyperspace.

-- Major General Adam "Vender" Fene

Slayer 5 (XO) Storm Wing,
Retribution Fleet Retribution Fleet CO

Wildcard 3 Titan Wing,
Intrepid Battle Group

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