Rebel Squadrons

Redemption Fleet NL 5/5/02

By RA Kyle Tobarn
Unit: Redemption Fleet
Fleet NL, May 05, 2002
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Newsletter for the month of April

I Fleet News
II Division News
III Awards and Promotions

I Fleet News

I, as well as the FC and members of his executive staff, have been attempting to contact the FC of other clubs concerning both Galactic Battlegrounds and Simming in melees and ORW 2. I haven't had any luck thus far, and I do not know about Rahj. I will of course keep you all updated.

For a while now I have been under pressure to ensure the stability of the STC, and have made a decision that will definitely have an effect. After far too long with no true efforts from Zsinj I have relieved him and appointed BGN Harley Quinn to the CO position. We all know him as Jester though, and I leave it to him to select an XO who will meet his command needs.

II Division News

Allegiance Wing: Well, Sconn didn't feel like writing the NL on time. But from what I can gather there's not much in the way of new news. A new Jedi ranking system is currently under a trial period, it effects how Jedi characters move through their ranks, what powers are available to them and so on. Sconn is working on a tournament character generator that will be used for, you guessed it, tournaments. It's also likely this is what will be used in melees and ORW 2.

Strategic and Tactical Command: As noted above there has been a command staff change. I'm sure there will be more to report by the end of the month once Jester has settled in.

Rebel Squadrons Multimedia: Um, hmm, oh, eh? I dunno. Mike does stuff, I did a little bit. How about the rest of you?

Vigilance Wing: I am currently working with VW to determine the situation and hopefully will have an active group soon. After an AWOL check it is going to be a much smaller group for sure, but hopefully the remaining members will enjoy the fact that their deadweight is gone. Too early to have any significant news yet.

III Awards and Promotions

None this time around kiddies. Remember, it has to effect the fleet if it's to come from me.

General Kyle Tobarn
Redemption Fleet CO


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