Rebel Squadrons

RgF Quasi-NL

By VA Gavin Cantorph Kravis
Unit: Renegade Fleet
Fleet NL, May 05, 2002
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Heh Pilots,
       I don't have alot of time at the moment, because I'm in the middle of composing a research paper :P. In any event this will mostly cover the ITOD/IOTOD results and some other notes for the future.
       So without further adu allow me to jump right into it. The ITOD started out a little rough; however, by the end some of the squads were firing on every cylander. We had 27 pilots participate in the ITOD by the end. I know that there are only 25 listed, justr trust me...there were 27. In any event many cookies and other varities of snack products go out to Jedi and Ragnorak Squadrons. Jedi had 100% participation (all members participated except one who was on LOA) and RNK was pretty close. This is phenominal and because of this I will expect more out of you on the next missions and in leadership roles. So for the RgF mission #201 the Top Aces (:P) are:
1. Del Maj. Licah Fox 17 30,500 Jedi Squadron
2. Del Capt. Dev Azzameen 17 30,500 Jedi Squadron
3. Del CMDR Kirghy Lommax 17 30,500 Jedi Squadron
4. Del MGN Wes Belden 17 30,500 Jedi Squadron
5. Del MGN Harley Quinn 17 30,500 Ragnorok Squadron
6. Del 2Lt. Cay-Qel Jade 17 30,500 Jedi Squadron
7. Del Col. Xtremegene 17 30,500 Ragnorok Squadron
8. Del LJG Ginger Pollard 17 30,500 Jedi Squadron
9. Del 2Lt. Koral 17 30,500 Jedi Squadron
10. Del LGN Gavin Cantorph Kravis 17 30,500 Red Dragon Squadron
11. Del 2Lt. Cefron Viadez 17 30,500 Resurrection Squadron
12. Del MGN Trate Daxson 17 30,500 Twilight Squadron
13. Del Lt. Col. Jeremiah Matthew 17 30,500 Resurrection Squadron
       These pilots are listed in a numbered order, but I really have no way to actually differentiate one winner over another, so I am pleased to award 13 medals for Top Ace this month :).
       For RgF mission #201 the Top Squadron, with a roughly 100k cusion ahead of the next squadron, is none other than Jedi Squadron with 9 reports (7 of which were for Top Ace). Well done all of you!!!
       I'll now quickly switch gears to the IOTOD. I'm not quite as exstatic over the results of the IOTOD as I am over the ITOD, but hey the number of participants increased from the last mission! So to those that went out and flew I applaud you. As for the Top Ace for the IOTOD I am privaleged to present the award to: Xtremegene with an impressive 53190 point score. Awesome!
       The Top Squad for the IOTOD if you couldn't have guessed is Jedi Squadron. Well done to you guys, awesome leadership Kirghy!!!
       I'd like to thank everyone again for flying this month (two months) and making a valiant effort. Ragnorak, you put up a hell of a fight to get the prize, keep the spirit. The rest of you who are not reporting, get to it!
       I now have some good news and bad news. The Bad news is that Giz is swamped with exams and doesn't have the time to create the next mission in the ITOD. The Good news is that my Training folder possesses numerous classic missions from old. So therefore we're going to flying one of Aedis' old missions (at least I hope I uploaded the right one, vets check to make sure). If you didn't know Aedis then you missed out, but he was a great commander and mission maker and is still my favorite designer, nothing personal Giz :P. So we're going to fly this mission as if it were the next installment of the RgF mission Story Line. I don't have the "Guide Book" fully ready yet so for some simple rules:
1. Follow all instructions in the mission summary
2. Do not distroy any friendly, neutral, or critical craft
3. Any craft that fires upon you without provacation is to be considered hostile
4. If a vessel remains a neutral standing and you are not instructed to destroy/disable the craft, then assume it is still neutral
5. Have fun!
       That should cover it. You can download the mission from the itod database at:
       The mission is listed as RgF_005.tie. I do hope it's the correct one :).
       I've been informed that the Zodiac mission #3 is in it's final stages and should be out in a few days.
       Only a few more things, then you can all leave. The first is that even though XvT competition is low at the melees on Saturdays I would still like to encourage everyone to attend. We're looking at a few small groups coming in that are only XvT or a combination of XvT and XWA. That should work out pretty good for us. Also, Tau wants some competition, so RNK you're still in the seat if you want to take it. Avenger is also looking for a squad and last I checked RDS was in the lineup, so same deal. Let me know ASAP.
       Well that's it for the Quasi-NL. I'll be followed by a few reports from the CS and Executive Branch. Not sure who all will be reporting other than a mailing from the IFO. So carry on!

~Gavin C. Kravis


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