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By RA Harley Quinn
Unit: Redemption Fleet
Wing NL, May 12, 2002
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Greetings all and welcome to the first full newsletter the STC has had in quite some time. Todays newletter will look like this:

I: Roster News.
II: Event News
III: Proposed Events.
IV: Member Suggestions

I:Roster News.

First off, please welcome Arill Wiltker and Grifter as Wing XO and SO respectively. They are both passionate about RTS games, and will make excellent additions to the command staff.

Also welcome the newest members of the STC. LJG Hawkeyes to Eclipse and BGN Ben Jynzer to Paladin. Also welcome back to Trate Daxson making his return to both Eclipse and Neutron squads.

The posistion of Eclipse CO is still open. This is an excellent opportunity for a newer member of the group to step up and gain some command experience. Applications can be sent to me at

Lastly, the not so nice bit, the results of the AWOL check. The following people will be marked AWOL and removed from the roster following the sending of this newletter:

Thelea Jeth
Xortia Narfasu
Cole Landfarer
Wesley Rademaker
Petr Tagge Margul
Nai Bunnows

If any of you feel that you have been removed by error (ie: you meant to respond but just forgot, missed the email etc..) please email me personally with your reason and I will sort it out.

II: Event news.

GB Tournament.
Dates and rules have been finalised for the GB tournament. Entries are to bent to Capt. Grifter by the 20th of May with your name and civilisation of choice. The tournament will get underway on the 1st of June. Full rules and game settings can be found on the new RSSTC website: under the Tournament section.

STC Ladder competition.
Starting today, there is now a ladder competition running for both GB and Rebellion. These will run on 3 month cycles. At the end of each cycle the top 2 players in each ladder will play off for the title.
Any game played against another member of the STC can count towards ladder points, including games played in the upcoming tournament. You get 2 points for a win and lose 2 points if you lose.
There is no restriction on game settings etc for ladder matches.
Reports are to be sent to me at with "Ladder Report" as the title.

III:Proposed Events.

Work has started on a Rebellion tournament. More news as it becomes available.

Single Player ITOD.
I would like to get a single player ITOD going for GB, and Rebellion to if possible.
So this is a call for mission makers well versed in RebEd or GB mission making. Until such time as we can get our own missions up and running, I would like opinions on whether you guys would be interested in running some of the single player GB missions available off the net in as TOD's. There are some very good single player missions and campaigns available and it seems a shame not to take advantage of other peoples expertise, and maybe even inspire a few of us to give it a try. Also, if anyone knows where we could find Rebellion missions for the same purpose let me know.
Any and all opinions on this matter are welcome. After all it is your club.

IV: Member suggestions.

This is your club. So make your voice heard. Any suggestions you have, no matter how out there they may be are welcome. Ultimately the CS is here to serve you and make your gaming experience more enjoyable.

So remember to get your entries in for the GB tournament, play some ladder matches, and above all have fun.

MGN Harley Quinn


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