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IBG Newsletter

By GEN Deltan Saviri
Unit: Intrepid Battle Group
Fleet NL, May 16, 2002
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-+- SECTIONS -+-

1st. From the desk of the XO
2nd Command Changes
4th. Melee night and Battles
5th. New members
6th. Promotions and Awards

-+-From the Desk of the XO-+-

I apologize for the lateness of this Newsletter. Currently our illustrious CO, General Bluejay Farscape, is on LOA so I am going to be sending out this newsletter. Both ITOD's are over and we saw less than 40% reporting. Right now things are pretty busy with the school year coming to an end so we're not going to dwell on this too much. Things are busy and that's to be expected. Next month though, it's time to turn it up. The summer is upon us and it's time to really start flying. Let's show what the IBG is capable of. Stand proud, proclaim your Squadrons glory and fly.

MGN Deltan Saviri

Jeremiah Matthew has steped down from Titan Wing CO. Anybody interested in the job, please email myself and Bluejay with your applications. As of this newsletter both the Titan Wing XO and SO are on LOA. I will be assuming responsiblity for this Wing till one or both of them return.

Current Command Staff Openings:
Titan Wing CO
Chiintal Wing SO

-+-IBG ITOD-+-
Despite the low turnout, this was still a good mission. I hope those of you who flew it weren't too frustrated with it's difficulty but found it more a challenge you enjoyed overcoming. As of today, the new IBG/R2F mission has been realeased. You can download it at Below are the rules for this ITOD. This mission is due before midnight on June 15th. Fly it and enjoy!

Rules for this ITOD are these that follow:

1. A mission will be released once every month, every pilot in the IBG is asked to fly the mission and report a score. To install the missions see the readme that is sent with it or consult the ITOD website.
2. All scores, screenshots and results come under the jurisdiction of IBG CO and IBG ITOD CO, the IBG is not responsible for lost scores or problems with reporting. Any pilot with a problem should email the fleet CO and the IBG ITOD CO before the mission deadline.
3. Top 5 pilots are required to send a screen shot of their score/kills. The winner of top pilot will not be rewarded without evidence of his score. I do advise that anyone who gets a 'good' score should take a screenshot (alt+prntscreen, then paste into word or another program such as that). Failed mission scores will count towards the squad score but will not have a chance to win top score award and will not be marked on the official killboard. All screen shots should be sent to and (IBG CO and IBG ITOD leader) or even linked to your report on the IBG ITOD BBS.
4. Each pilot in his squadron and his points will be added up and then multiplied by the amount of people who reported divided by amount of pilots in the squadron. This score will then mark the winning squadron. A squad can only win this award if three or more pilots fly. i.e Draco 52,400 pts. 4 reports with 12 pilots in squad. (4/12) * 52,400 = 17466.667 It seems a little confusing but seems to be the fairest way. Thanks to Han Suul for the concept.
5. No person or persons is to tamper with the mission made after its release date. Anyone found to be doing so will be reported to the IBG ITOD CO who will then deal with the case, the strictest of discipline including expulsion from the club may follow thereafter. The IBG ITOD CO and the IBG CO's final ruling to all situations stands on all counts ":) LGN Bluejay Farscape IBG CO Commander Wesley Rademaker IBG ITOD CO.
6. Missions have been setup using a specific craft and armaments. If mission is flown in the combat simulator, Said craft will be used, Pilots are not allowed to change craft, change craft settings or add craft
armaments to simulator missions. The settings must be matching.
7. Personal/Squadron Merit points and awards for participation in the ITOD will be awarded to the individuals who participated in the event.

Here are the standings for the IBG/R2F ITOD

Name, Kills, Score, Squadron
COL Jeremiah Matthew, 27, 7310, Wildcard Squadron
MAJ Himm El-Syna, 14, 3109, Dagger Squadron
CPT Chris Horn, 28, 3042, Wildcard Squadron
LCM Rakiki, 20, 2548, Phalcun Squadron
CMDR Gabrich Varmer, 0, 2353, Phalcun Squadron
COL Xtremegene, 18, 2214, Stinger Squadron
MAJ Licah Fox, 1, 1952, Stinger Squadron
LCM Daron Lochek, 16, 1453, Dagger Squadron
BGN Spokes, 9, 1268, Dagger Squadron
COL Javin "Entropy" Ke'ylle, 4, 1236, Wildcard Squadron

Wing, Total Kills, Score, Reports
Titan Wing, 59, 11588, 3
Talon Wing, 39, 9068, 4
Chiin'Tal Wing, 39, 5830, 3

Squadron, Total Kills, Score, Reports, Score Breakdown
Wildcard Squadron, 59, 11588, 3, 4345.5
Dagger Squadron, 39, 5830, 3, 2186.25
Phalcun Squadron, 20, 4901, 2, 1225.25
Stinger Squadron, 19, 4167, 2, 1041.75
Draco Squadron, 0, 0, 0, 0
Nightwolf Squadron, 0, 0, 0, 0

*ITOD 110*
Here is the standings for ITOD 110.

Name, Kills, Score, Squadron
MAJ Himm El-Syna, 18, 21102, Dagger Squadron
CMDR Gabrich Varmer, 33, 20804, Phalcun Squadron
LCM Rakiki, 9, 17847, Phalucn Squadron
BGN Spokes, 14, 16695, Dagger Squadron
LCM Daron Lochek, 16, 14576, Dagger Squadron
1LT Pagemaster, 12, 14360, Wildcard Squadron
COL Jeremiah Matthew, 48, 13099, Wildcard Squadron
1LT Ton Matty, 7, 11832, Dagger Squadron
MAJ Licah Fox, 26, 5272, Stinger Squadron
CAPT Chris Horn, 38, 4933, Wildcard Squadron
2LT Jagged Drayson, 17, 3584, Stinger Squadron
COL Xtremegene, 12, 3159, Stinger Squadron
LCM Rode Mitchell, 20, 3028, Nightwolf Squadron
CAPT Chris Earthkeep, 27, 2442, Stinger Squadron
1LT Cephisus Balder, 7, 2161, Phalcun Squadron
2LT Galin Azzameen, 10, -128, Dagger Squadron

Wing, total kills, Score, Reports
Chiin'tal Wing, 49, 64077, 5
Talon Wing, 131, 55269, 7
Titan Wing, 118, 35420, 4

Squadron, Total Kills, Score, Reports
Dagger Squadron, 65, 64077, 5
Phalcun Squadron, 49, 40812, 3
Wildcard Squadron, 98, 32392, 3
Stinger Squadron, 82, 14457, 4
Nightwolf Squadron, 20, 3028, 1
Draco Squadron, 0, 0, 0

Saturday Melee
We had a number of people show up and fly. Good work to those who not only showed up a flew, but also won! Remember, the RS/SV/NR5F Inter-Club Melee is held every Saturday, from 3-6 pm EST in channel #OuterRim on the Undernet. Jedi Outcast, X-Wing Alliance, and X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter will all be supported.

RS_Face 27pts Vs. SV^Jer 16pts ... RS Wins!
NR5F-Worf 47pts Vs. RS_Cay 11pts ... NR5F Wins!
SV-Jer 32pts Vs. RS_Kravis 13pts ... SV Wins!
SV-Jer 32pts Vs. RS_Kravis 13pts ... SV Wins!
NR5F-Worf 26pts Vs. RS_Xortia 11pts ... NR5F Wins!
RS_Xortia 13pts Vs. NR5F-Khy 13pts ... Tie! No One Wins!
NR5F-Worf 10pts Vs. RS_Xortia 10pts ... Tie! No One Wins!
NR5F-Khy 15pts Vs. RS_EK 23pts ... RS Wins!
NR5F-Comm 23pts Vs. RS_Anchor 13pts ... NR5F Wins!

Wurth Skidder joins NightWolf
Freelancer joins NightWolf
Virex Katarn join Stinger
Cay-Qel Jade joins Dagger

Please be sure to welcome them and make them feel at home.



No promotions at this time.

Awards/ Medals:

Maj. Himm El-Syna of Dagger, you are hereby awarded the IBG Gold Wings for first place in the ITOD 110 mission.
CMDR Gabrich Varmer of Phalcun, you are hereby awarded the IBG Silver Wings for 2nd place in the ITOD 110 mission.
LCM Rakiki of Phalcun, you are hereby awarded the IBG Bronze Wings for 3rd place in the ITOD 110 mission.

All merits for the above awards and participation in the ITOD has been added to everyone's profiles

Congrats to you all

That will be all pilot's, you are now dismissed.

MGN Deltan Saviri


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