Rebel Squadrons

RF NL 6/8/02

By RA Kyle Tobarn
Unit: Redemption Fleet
Fleet NL, Jun 08, 2002
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I Fleet News
II Division News
III Awards and Promotions

I Fleet News

First we start with the former Allegiance Wing. June 6th, 2002 the Allegiance Wing was given the final word of the High Command, and by a 6-0-2 vote became the ninth fleet of the Rebel Squadrons, officially leaving the Redemption Fleet, hopefully never to return. A big congratulations to all the people of the now Allegiance Battlegroup who have worked very hard for a very long time to make this goal a reality.

It's no secret that I have always had an attachment to this group, not only the first unit I joined four and a half years ago, but the only one I have remained in throughout that entire time. It has come a long way from those early days of one active squad, to near extinction (after I took over I ran an AWOL check that reduced the AW to wing size with somewhere between 9 and 12 members), to now, with nearly sixty members and more activity than any other fleet in the club.

Sconn, I wish you the best of luck in your new role as a fleet commanding officer, and to all the new wing leaders as well. Continue to strive to be the best, and the result will always be that you shall forever be the best. All of you have shown great dedication and have made me proud.

Unfortunately, bad news always follows the good. Due to a lack of leadership and low interest I have had to make the difficult decision to disband Vigilance Wing. The idea behind this group still holds merit, and I do hope another attempt to create a MOD division comes around someday. But for now, I can see no sign of potential growth nor activity.

One of the concerns of the other clubs as far as Galactic Battlegrounds being accepted in ORW 2 and the melee
is the time. Most games can last one to three hours. However, it is possible to have games cut down to twenty-five minutes using time limit games. I'd like all STC Galactic Battleground players to try playing a deathmatch game with the 25 minute time limit and report to me on how the game went and what they feel about it. This will help me determine if this will be acceptable rules for these events. Though I may look into interclub ladders as well. Same for Rebellion if possible.

II Division News

Strategic and Tactical Command: The Galactic Battlegrounds tournament is underway, as well as a ladder where at the end of three months the top two players for GB or Rebellion will fight each other for a nice shiny medal. Also on the GB side, work is being conducted by Ben Jynzer on the first ITOD and is being beta tested by Davin Kabak

Rebel Squadrons Multimedia: They do pictures and music right?

Vigilance Wing: Disbanded

III Awards and Promotions

Brigadier General Sienn Sconn, though you are no longer under my command it is my pleasure to award you with Redemption Fleet's highest command medal, the RF Supreme Excellence of Command - <[]-RF-[]>.

Major General Harley Quinn it is my pleasure to award you with the RF Impressive Performance in Command - <-RF-> for your amazing work in turning the STC around and really getting this division going.

Congratulations you two. And with that, this is the end of the NL.

General Kyle Tobarn
Redemption Fleet CO


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