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IBG Newsletter - 6/13/02

By GEN Deltan Saviri
Unit: Intrepid Battle Group
Fleet NL, Jun 13, 2002
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Intrepid Battle Group Newsletter
June 13th, 2002
Submitted by MGN Deltan Saviri

Deltan looked up as his office doors slid quietly open. Jon Anchorage stood in the doorway with a small stack of papers under his arms and a weary look on his face. "Jon, you look beat," Deltan managed to get out with a chuckle. "Come on in and sit."

"Thanks," Jon replied. Walking in, Jon sat in the plush nerf-hide chair Deltan had in front of his desk. "I've got a few reports from Intel that you might find interesting. I've also," Jon stopped short as a quick succession of beeps came from Deltan's commlink.

Rolling his eyes, Deltan switched it on. "Secure link, Deltan here," he said casually into the mic.

"Sir, " came a static filled voice, "We've just received word from Retribution Fleet. They are currently running a mission and have run into some heavy resistance. Apparently they are only a short jump from our flotilla and have requested aid."

'Crap,' Deltan thought to himself. "Sound the alert and put us at condition red. Send out the coordinates to the rest of the fleet and get us underway. I'm heading to the bridge." Standing, Deltan look over to Jon. "Well, so much for a short reprieve in the action."

Sighing, Jon stood and adjusted his uniform. "I think it's going to be a long time before we get a reprieve. A long time."

IBG R2F Joint Mission 1.03

Alright Pilots, we are going in to help the R2F's Storm Wing. It looks as though they've bitten off a little more than they can chew. Let's get out there and fly this one. I'm looking to beat 60% fleet reporting.

Below are the rules for this ITOD.

Rules for this ITOD are these that follow:

1. A mission will be released once every month, every pilot in the IBG is asked to fly the mission and report a score. To install the missions see the readme that is sent with it or consult the ITOD website.
2. All scores, screenshots and results come under the jurisdiction of IBG CO and IBG ITOD CO, the IBG is not responsible for lost scores or problems with reporting. Any pilot with a problem should email the fleet CO and the IBG ITOD CO before the mission deadline.
3. Top 5 pilots are required to send a screen shot of their score/kills. The winner of top pilot will not be rewarded without evidence of his score. I do advise that anyone who gets a 'good' score should take a screenshot (alt+prntscreen, then paste into word or another program such as that). Failed mission scores will count towards the squad score but will not have a chance to win top score award and will not be marked on the official killboard. All screen shots should be sent to and (IBG CO and IBG ITOD leader) or even linked to your report on the IBG ITOD BBS.
4. Each pilot in his squadron and his points will be added up and then multiplied by the amount of people who reported divided by amount of pilots in the squadron. This score will then mark the winning squadron. A squad can only win this award if three or more pilots fly. i.e Draco 52,400 pts. 4 reports with 12 pilots in squad. (4/12) * 52,400 = 17466.667 It seems a little confusing but seems to be the fairest way. Thanks to Han Suul for the concept.
5. No person or persons is to tamper with the mission made after its release date. Anyone found to be doing so will be reported to the IBG ITOD CO who will then deal with the case, the strictest of discipline including expulsion from the club may follow thereafter. The IBG ITOD CO and the IBG CO's final ruling to all situations stands on all counts ":) MGN Deltan Saviri IBG CO Commander Wesley Rademaker IBG ITOD CO.
6. Missions have been setup using a specific craft and armaments. If mission is flown in the combat simulator, Said craft will be used, Pilots are not allowed to change craft, change craft settings or add craft
armaments to simulator missions. The settings must be matching.
7. Personal/Squadron Merit points and awards for participation in the ITOD will be awarded to the individuals who participated in the event.


IBG/R2F Joint Mission 1.02 Results

We had a decent turnout for this mission and it was a tough competiton for the top spot. As it is, there were many ties at the top of the board. We only had about 48% of the fleet reporting on this mission. Not our lowest, but we can get that higher. Remember, with every Impie death you bring glory to your squadron!


Pilot, Kills, Score, Squadron
CMDR Daron Lochek, 24, 4447, Dagger
2lt Jagged Dryson, 21, 3540, Stinger
MAJ Himm El-Syna, 21, 3540, Dagger
LCOL Gabrich Varmer, 12, 3540, Phalcun
CPT Chris Horn, 21, 3530, Wildcard
BGN Spokes, 21, 3520, Dagger Squadron
BGN Xtremegene, 21, 3250, Stinger Squadron
BGN Javin Ke'ylle, 21, 3520, Wildcard Squadron
CPT Ton Matty, 20, 3437, Dagger Squadron
CTP Cay-Qel, 20, 3437, Dagger Squadron
BGN Garrik Loran, 16, 3335, Wildcard Squadron
LCM Rakiki, 21, 2875, Phalcun Squadron
LCM Licah Fox, 21, 2555, Stinger Squadron
LCM Castin Jaheran, 9, 2130, Dagger Squadron
1LT Cephisus Balder, 16, 2129, Phalcun Squadron
1LT Galin Azzameen, 7, 1995, Dagger Squadron
CPT Tiar Garnin, 5, 1900, Draco Squadron
COL John Anchorage, 2, 500, Phalcun Squadron
CMDR Wesley Rademaker, 0, 0, Stinger Squadron
LCM Gagra Yearwood, 0, 0, Phalcun Squadron
MGN Deltan Saviri, 0, 0, NightWofl Squadron

Squadron, Kills, Score, Reports, Modified Score
1. Dagger Squadron, 122, 22506, 7, 17504.66
2. Phalcun Squadron, 60, 9044, 5, 5652.5
3. Stinger Squadron, 63, 9615, 4, 4807.5
4. Wildcard Squadron, 58, 10385, 3, 3894.375
5. Draco Squadron, 5, 1900, 1, 237.5
6. NightWolf Squadron, 0, 0, 1, 0

Wing, Kills, Score, Reports
1. Talon Wing, 123, 18659, 9
2. Chiin'tal Wing, 83, 16522, 6
3. Titan Wing, 58, 10385, 4



Results for week 8

XWA NR5F Darth Angelus 17 RS Rakiki 31 RS Win
XWA NR5F NR-Commy 25 SV Rogue 13 NR5F Win
XWA SV Rogue 11 RS Cay-Qel Jade 11 Tie
XWA RS Chris Earthkeeper 17 NR5F Darth Angelus 30 NR5F Win
XWA NR5F NR-Commy 25 SV Rogue 12 NR5F Win

Kudos to everyone who flew. For those of you who were unaware, the Inter-Club Melee is held every Saturday, from 3-6 pm EST in channel #OuterRim on the Undernet. Jedi Outcast, X-Wing Alliance, and X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter will all be supported. Come next week to support the RS!



Ton Matty was promoted to Captain by MAJ. Himm El-Syna
Galin Azzamene was promoted to First Lieutenant by MAJ Himm El-Syna

1LT Jagged Dryson is hereby awareded the IBG Gold Wings for the IBG/R2F 1.02 Mission.
MAJ Himm El-Syna is hereby awared the IBG Gold Wings for the IBG/R2F 1.02 Mission.
LCOL Gabrich Varmer is hereby awareded the IBG Gold Wings for the IBG/R2F 1.02 Mission.
CPT Chris Horn is hereby awarded the the IBG Silver Wings for the IBG/R2F 1.02 Mission.
BGN Spokes is hereby awarded the IBG Bronze Wings for the IBG/R2F 1.02 Mission.
BGN Xtremegene is hereby awarded the the IBG Bronze Wings for the IBG/R2F 1.02 Mission.
BGN Javin Ke'ylle is hereby awareded the IBG Bronze Wings for the IBG/R2F 1.02 Mission.
Dagger Squadron is hereby awarded the Commanders Golden Chalice for thier 88% turnout on the IBG/R2F 1.02 Mission.
MAJ Himm El-Syna is hereby awareded the IBG Platinum Wings for gaining his 4th IBG Gold Wings.

GEN Bluejay Farscape (Retired) has been Awareded the IBG Honorary Members Medallion.



COL Jon Anchorage is now the Intrepid Battle Group Executive Officer. May I not drive him insane too fast.
CPT Chris Horn has taken over as Titan Wing CO. Wish him luck in his new position.
We are currently looking for pilots to fill the following positions: Chiin'tal Wing Executive and Second Officer.



Lots of things going on. Lots of things. Summer is upon us and we are finding ourselves with a lot of mission to fly as well as the Domination League, IBG Melee and Inter-Club melee's to fly. I know there's a lot here for you to do, so fly as much as you can and try to have fun. After all, we are here to have fun. I would also like to annouce that I am going to be instating an IBG Historical Archive. I will be compiling a timeline of the IBG's past for everyone to see. The main focus of this Archive will be to keep an ongoing record of the important events that take place within the IBG. It will have all future newsletters, all ITOD reports and scores, Melee results and stories posted in a neat and catalogued order for everyone to view. This will be a long process in the creation, but I wanted to give everyone a heads up now. If you feel as though you have anything you can contribute, contact me. Also, don't forget about the DL. Grab as many matches as you can and rack up those merit points!

That is all.


MGN Deltan Saviri
Intrepid Battle Group Commanding Officer


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