Rebel Squadrons

RSCD NL 06-15-02

By FA Kaz Falcion
Unit: Commando Division
Fleet NL, Jun 15, 2002
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Rebel Squadrons Commando Division Newsletter

There's a few things to discuss this time around, so I'll skip the introductions and get right into things.

WSB Closure-

WSB, our Counter-Strike group within the RSCD has been closed due to lack of interest in the game. At the time it was started, JK was aging badly and LEC had just announced that Obi-Wan, our hoped for new game would be headed solely to console. We hoped the popularity of CounterStrike could be harnessed to bring in new members and give some variety to the things we play here. Now with Jedi Outcast having been released and with so few people around here playing CS, there was just no reason to keep the division open. While it's saddening to see a group fail to reach success, it's better to close it now than just let it continue withering.

New Melee-

It's been awhile but we once again have a Friday event. An RSCD Melee Night will now be held each Friday from 7pm till 10pm EST in #RSCD. This Melee night is going to work much like the Inter-Club event the RS participates in each Saturday (mainly because Shik made the bot :P). The big difference between this and the Melees we used to hold on Friday will be that now it's just member against member without squad affiliation mattering. This will allow people in the same squad to play each other and should result in a greater number of matches played. Another important note is that both JK and JO is currently supported in this event, so if your computer can only run the origianl Jedi Knight, you can still come out and play. Results of the first Melee held yesterday can be found below.

06-14-02 Melee Results

JK Gambit 15 Topachea Nabbirie 2
JK Topachea Nabbirie 0 Gambit 13
JK Topachea Nabbirie 2 Isoldur "Dragon" Cauthon 5
JK Isoldur "Dragon" Cauthon 9 Topachea Nabbirie 3
JK Isoldur "Dragon" Cauthon 3 Topachea Nabbirie -2
JK Topachea Nabbirie 0 Isoldur "Dragon" Cauthon 3
JK Rahj Tharen 6 Topachea Nabbirie 3
JK Rahj Tharen 9 Topachea Nabbirie 0
JK Gambit 19 Topachea Nabbirie 3
JK Topachea Nabbirie 7 John Leelsabs 2
JK John Leelsabs 12 Topachea Nabbirie 8
JK Topachea Nabbirie 9 Harley Quinn 2
JK2 John Leelsabs 0 Gambit 11
JK2 Gambit 12 Jon Anchorage 2
JK2 Gambit 7 Wes Belden 0

Quite a few JK matches were played Friday which is a bit surprising given the age of the game. Hopefully the number of JK2 matches will go up once a greater number of people with fast enough computers begin showing up. Congratulations to Topachea Nabbirie who was in a total of 12 matches.

Incoming Members-

LCM Arill Wiltker (Dragon)
Master Cadet W/H Flames (Talon)
Master Cadet W/H Kundra Lomar (Shadow)
Master Cadet W/H Inflatable Rubber Sheep (Dragon)
Master Cadet W/H Tarn Dentian (Shadow)

Let's give a round of applause to the newest members of the Commando Division during the last week.


Lt. Col. Topachea Nabbirie was awarded the Hoth Medal of Endeavor


I'm only giving out one promotion this week, but its an important one. It'd take too long to list everything this person does, but I'll sum it up in that lately he's been the very image of an RSCD Commando. With that said, I hereby promote LGN Boid "Gambit" Reaves to the rank of General.


There are a number of things currently being restructured regarding this Fleet. Our UG is being given a facelift by Gambit, the Command Staff and how it operates is being reviewed by myself, and the Fleet structure as a whole is being evaluated for possible change in the coming weeks. It should be an exciting summer around here, so keep a look out for more in the next NL.

VA Kaz Falcion


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