Rebel Squadrons

HC NF 6/23

By ADM Shikkie Kaaran
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
RSNL Article, Jun 24, 2002
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":) High Command NewsFlash 6/23/02

============== Community Meeting ===============

Rebel Squadrons Community Meetings are scheduled for the second Sunday of every month. The next meeting will be Sunday, July 14th in channel #OuterRim.

=============== Bylaws Revisions ===============

The Bylaws Committee is now working on Section 4: Ranks and Promotions. The Committee's proposal should be ready in a few weeks for review by High Command.

=============== Fleet Command Staff Changes ===============

There are some recent changes in High Command.

Allegiance Battle Group Commanding Officer Brigadier General Sienn Sconn has resigned as ABG CO and has stepped down to serve as ABG XO.

Redemption Fleet Commanding Officer General Kyle Tobarn has resigned his RF CO post to take over the ABG Commanding Officer position.

Redemption Fleet Executive Officer Fleet Admiral Dave Trebonious-Astoris has been named to replace Kyle as RF Commanding Officer.

No RF XO replacement has yet been named.

Apparently our Fleet CO's are playing musical chairs! High Command congratulates and wishes the best of luck to the new appointees!

=============== Star Wars: Galaxies Debate ================

The Fleet Commander has decided it would be best to continue following this (and the past) administration's current philosophy of not doing anything significant with the RS PA or Star Wars Galaxies until we draw closer to the game's release date. Making any important decisions now seems unfruitful when we know little about the actual game. Waiting until after the first or second round of beta testing seems more sensible. That is also the general consensus in High Command.

=============== Member Suggestions =============

None at this time.


Feel free to direct suggestions or concerns to HC via any of the following

1) Use the "Email HC" feature of the Roster Database:
2) Email your Primary Fleet CO and ask them to forward your comments on.
3) Contact HC members on IRC or an Instant Messaging client like AOL or ICQ
(both of which appear in roster profiles if supplied).
4) The Rebel Squadrons Community Meetings on IRC. They are currently being held on the
second Sunday of every month from 4 PM to 5 PM EST (GMT -0500) in channel #OuterRim.

Vice Admiral Shikkie Kaaran, RSXO


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