Rebel Squadrons

SotRS Address 6-24-02

By FA Rahj Tharen
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
SotRS, Jun 24, 2002
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The imposing wedge shape and gray hull of the New Republic ISDII Rebel Spirit, flagship of the Rebel Squadrons Fleet, could be seen from the southern continent of Mercurius in the Vectain System as the ship continued its orbit of the planet. On the bridge of the flagship, the COMM Officer’s station began to light up with activity. The Ensign looked up from his station pit and up to the bridge walkway where a tall, imposing human with a tough build and a commanding presence was pacing back and forth in a very distinguished uniform.

“Admiral Tharen, the Mercurius garrison is hailing us, Sir.”

Stroking the scruffy facial hair on his face and turning to respond, the 38-year-old Admiral’s brown hair is only beginning to gray at the roots of his temples, but any look of aging is circumvented from the hardened experience and wisdom gleaming from his hazel eyes.

“Excellent. Patch them through on the main channel, Ensign.”

“Aye, Sir! Coming through now.” As the Ensign hit the appropriate buttons on his display panel, the visage of a battle hardened General of the Commando Division appeared on the bridge’s main holoprojector. The garrison commander spoke first.

“Greetings, Admiral. I am pleased to report that the final phase of construction is complete and the Rebel Squadron’s newest Command Fortress is fully operational. Mercurius stands ready to receive reinforcements and the new spaceport is increasing traffic everyday.”

With a smile and a nod at the holo image, Admiral Tharen responded. “That is excellent news, General. I have just completed my inspection of the two orbital platform bases, and I have to say I am very pleased and impressed. Security around here looks to be top notch and the planet’s civilian colonies seem to be thriving. I’ll be planetside shortly to buy you a drink.”

“Thank you, Sir. I look forward to it. We can discuss more specifics upon your arrival,” said the General while saluting.

Rahj returned the gesture with a crisp salute and continued. “You can expect me in an hour. I need to get in touch with Blerthmore and send out the usual address to the Fleet. Till then, Rebel Spirit out.” The holoprojector’s hum began to wade and the image faded as the transmission was concluded. The Admiral then turned to the Rebel Squadrons Operations Officer, Lieutenant Commander Isoldur “Dragon” Cauthon.

“Mr. Cauthon, prepare my shuttle for departure. We have a meeting with the General in an hour. Time to finish this inspection so we can head home.”

The OO complied and gave an approving nod. “I’ll notify the shuttle crew. A flight from Kalidor Squadron is running patrols right now and I’ll have an element escort you down to Mercurius.” After a quick salute, he left the bridge to get the shuttle ready.

Pacing back to the bridge walkway, Rahj Tharen issued more orders. “And speaking of home…Ensign, patch me through to the Blerthmore Command Complex.” And adding to a growing smile, “Wake Shik up.”


In the combat operations center of Blerthmore’s Rebel Squadrons Fleet Domed Command Complex, Vice Admiral Shikkie Kaaran rubbed his tired eyes and did his best to fight off a yawn. Addressing the officer on watch, he mustered a groggy, “This had better be worth the interruption of some much needed rest.”

“It is a high priority message, Sir. The transmission is from the Rebel Spirit,” replied the watch officer.

“Well, I hope everything is in order. Let’s have it.”

With the flick of a switch, the message came to life. Only a little bit more alert, Shik began his introduction. “Rebel Spirit, this is Blerthmore Command, over.”

With minimal static, the communications consol spoke back. COMM> “Shik…It’s Rahj. You sound like hell.”

Vice Admiral Kaaran gave out a small laugh. “Greetings, Admiral. Yeah, they don’t let me sleep much around here. What’s your status?”

COMM> “You can pass the word out to High Command…Everything is squared away at Mercurius…I make my last inspection shortly…The Command Fortress, spaceport, civilian colonies, and orbital bases are all online…And let me tell you…It’s good to be out again.”

“I bet. Anything must be better than being cooped up in this dome all day long. Anyway, I’ll inform High Command. Anything else, Sir?”

COMM> “Yeah…begin transmitting the State of the Rebel Squadrons Address to the Fleets.”

As Shik entered a few commands into his personal datapad, it was so…



Office of the Fleet Commander Report
Admiral Rahj Tharen, Fleet Commander

FC Website -
FC E-Mail -

Greetings Members of the Rebel Squadrons!

Welcome to the latest addition of the State of the Rebel Squadrons Address! Hopefully, you enjoyed the above snippet of fiction to keep these Addresses more engaging and fun to read. You can expect much of the same in future SotRS Addresses.

However, let us move on to the business at hand. A lot of noteworthy happenings have taken place over the past month. First, the Rebel Squadrons has accepted the Allegiance Battle Group as its ninth Fleet. Congratulations to the members of the ABG, and we look forward to great things from this unit in the future. Secondly, there have been a lot of recent Fleet command changes. A lot of old faces have returned to positions they once held. ADM Castor Efrata-Landis has been appointed to the position of Rebel Squadrons Academy Commanding Officer. ADM Efrata-Landis returns to his home, having been the original founder of the RSA and is no stranger to the position. Also, very recently, BGN Sienn Sconn has stepped down as Allegiance Battle Group Commanding Officer for personal reasons. I would like to publicly thank him for his service and accomplishments. In his place, GEN Kyle Tobarn has agreed to step down as Redemption Fleet Commanding Officer and take over the ABG CO position. This is a position Kyle has also once held. With the RF CO spot now left vacant, I have appointed FA Dave Trebonious-Astoris to the position. FA Trebonious-Astoris had previously held this position for two years. As I said, a lot of old faces are returning to their old positions. And to round off the Fleet command changes, MGN Deltan Saviri has ascended to the position of Intrepid Battle Group Commanding Officer since last month.

Next, day to day club news. Over the course of the preceding month, final touches have been made on a profusion of ventures that the club will be benefiting from very soon. A small preview follows.

The Executive Staff continues to be hard at work everyday. The Internet Officer, FA Dev, continues work on the RS Fleet templates, making the RS domain look better every day. Every template is done, thanks to the original designs from MGN Deltan Saviri, and each page has been converted to stand as that Fleet’s new website. Only the RF and RgF pages remain. Both of which are currently being worked on by those Fleet’s own command staff. This wraps up a big chapter and a monstrous workload off the Internet Office’s shoulders. Also, domain passwords have recently changed.

BGN Ben Jyzner, Rebel Squadrons Medals Officer, is finalizing the imaging process of the new RS uniform system. He has resized and remade all the medal graphics to be displayed on the uniform, as well as made a uniform for each Fleet. All of which have unique colors. Finishing the rank badge images is all that is left. On the coding side, Vice Admiral Shikkie Kaaran, Rebel Squadrons Executive Officer, has fully automated the system with PHP code so that uniforms will be updated automatically as promotions and awarded medals are entered into the roster database. This will of course negate the responsibilities of the Uniforms Officer, therefore making the position useless. It is my intention to then eliminate this Executive Staff position and to hand over all uniform related issues to the jurisdiction of the Medals Office. As soon as the new RS uniform system is fully operational, this will go into effect. Look for it to be done in the next week or two.

Also, in Operations Office news, the RS has consistently emerged victorious at the Inter-Club Melee against the Star Vipers, New Republic 5th Fleet, and the United Confederation of Free Planets. I would like to extend my congratulations to those pilots and commandos that have made this possible. Keep up the good work!

High Command is also hard at work. High Command is currently revising the written policies this club is founded upon. As of now, Section 2 and Section 3 have been revised and approved. Work on Section 4 has recently commenced. However, not until all five sections of the Bylaws have been completed will the new Bylaws be revealed and take effect. Also, HC recently wrapped up a discussion on the future of Star War Galaxies and the unofficial RS Player Association. I have come to the conclusion that it would be best to continue following this (and the past) administration's current philosophy of not doing anything significant with the RS PA or Star Wars Galaxies until we draw closer to the game's release date. Making any important decisions now seems unfruitful when we know little about the actual game. Waiting until after the first or second round of beta testing seems more sensible. That is also the general consensus in High Command.

With all of these happenings and changes, the future looks bright. The state of the club is in decent shape, but it is up to each of us individually to make it truly great. I challenge you to make that extra effort!

Like in all SotRS Addresses, you will find a report from every office in the Executive Branch. These reports should give every member a fairly good insight into the day-to-day operations and happenings of this club. The latest HC NF is posted at the end as well. Congratulations to those pilots and commandos that received medals!

Furthermore, a summary of projects that are being worked on or have been recently completed within the Executive can already be found in the above introduction, but to simplify further, the following is a list of the current or finished projects in production:

1) Fleet Templates (R2F, AF, RSA, PBF, RSCD, ABG finished – In Use. RF, RgF – Designs finished – Transformation in production).
2) New Uniform designs and automation (In production).
3) Outer Rim War II (In production).
4) RS Inter-Club Melee (Every Saturday, 3-6 PM EST in #OuterRim).
5) RS ITOD. (Conceptual stages only).

Note: Some of these ideas are in their conceptual stages, so if you would like to hear more on these projects (many of which are subject to approval by HC), please email

Fleet Commander’s recommended RS website viewing:

This is a great site to learn about the official fictional events that the Rebel Squadrons has experienced over the years and a listing of all Rebel Squadrons territory, planets, military bases, and more. It would be great to incorporate all of this fiction into your Fleet, Wing, or Squad’s ITOD or other main activities. Use it! It is there for your enjoyment.

Executive Officer Report
Vice Admiral Shikkie Kaaran, RS XO

XO Website -
XO Email -

Current Projects Include:

1) Uniforms Automation with Medals Officer Ben Jynzer
2) Melee bot and web interface maintenance and upgrading.
3) Working on some stuff to make it easier to integrate some PHP things into webpages (currently rosters, itod standings, etc)
4) Possible chance of RSIRC 4 coming out but... I've said that before so believe it when you see it :)

Internet Office Report
Fleet Admiral Dev, Internet Officer

IO Website -
IO E-Mail -

1. A number of Fleet Templates have been completed and are now on the domain:

2. These Fleet Templates are still nearing completion:

Both the Redemption Fleet page and the Renegade Fleet pages are now being worked on by their respective Fleets.

3. I’ve contacted Hostings in order to help me change the directories, as we have a new fleet and some other discrepancies that need fixing. All that is done now and the IBG, ABG, and RF all have separate directories on the domain now. All passwords have been changed. Please contact your Fleet CO or Fleet XO for those passwords (not me!) if you still have yet to receive them.

Operations Officer Report
Lieutenant Commander Isoldur “Dragon” Cauthon, Operations Officer

OO Website -
OO E-Mail -

1. The Inter-Club Melee is held every Saturday, from 3-6 pm EST in channel #OuterRim on the Undernet. Jedi Outcast, X-Wing Alliance, and X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter will all be supported. Come next week to support the RS! Merit points and medals will be awarded.

2. The OO Webpage ( is slowly taking form thanks to Sconn. It is mostly finished, but some final touches need to be added that are currently in the works.

3. Negotiations are in the works for ORW II. Like last time, an OR Council made up of the leaders of each club has been created and discussion is taking place. Stay tuned for more details as they develop. Work on a proposal for the rules has recently been completed. Rest assured that this is the Operations Office highest priority.

4. Due to BGN Sienn Sconn’s recent assention as a Fleet CO, he has resigned his position of Assistant Operations Officer. Good luck with the ABG, Sconn!

5. COL Jon Anchorage has been hired as the new Assistant Operations Officer. Congrats, Jon!

Department of Internal Affairs Report
Admiral Rensal Darklighter, Minister of Justice

MoJ Website -
MoJ E-Mail -

1. Five reports were sent back to the proper CoC to be dealt with there.

2. One new case was opened:

Case 14 - The RS vs. LtJG Kanndahar
Opened: 5/10/02
Closed: 5/15/02
Executor: ADM Rensal Darklighter
Verdict: LtJG Kanndahar guilty of Abuse of Authority.
Disciplinary Action: Probation, Special Orders.

3. Without a webpage program of my own, I have asked Dev to finish the MoJ page. He has everything he needs on an email, so it shouldn’t take him long when he gets to it.

Medals Office Report
Brigadier General Ben Jyzner, Medals Officer

MO Website -
MO E-Mail -

1. Working on finishing the new uniforms project, though I've taken a little break that I think we all need. Other than that, all the medals have been redone and given new images.

2. Medals awarded for May 3 - June 4

Excellency of Duty
Recipients: MAJ Tym Angel, LCL Gabrich Varmer, COL Anthon Connor, COL Jon Anchorage

Distinguished Service Cross
Recipients: GEN Gavin Cantorph Kravis

Dauntless Combat Citation
Recipients: MGN Slyder McGrath, MAJ VaporViper, COL Slarty Bardfast, COL Fion "Zero" Grell, COL Ste T, GEN Indiana Bridger, LCL Gabrich Varmer, COL Misko Markot, BGN Spokes, MAJ Tym Angel, GEN Jake Blues, COL Anthon Connor

Dantooine Key
Recipients: BGN Spokes, MAJ VaporViper, LCL Gabrich Varmer

Veteran Service Medal - 2 Years
Recipients: COL Kirvan Vax

Veteran Service Medal - 3 Years
Recipients: CMDR Jairo Pantoja, VA Shikkie Kaaran, ADM Rahj Tharen

Veteran Service Medal - 5 Year
Recipients: GEN Janet Skyy

Office of External Affairs Report

OEA Website -
OEA E-Mail -

Alliances Pending: None.
Negotiations Pending: None.
# of Alliances: 5
Current Allies: The Star Vipers, The Imperial Dragoon Strike Force, Echo Raiders, Phantom Fleet, Imperial Naval Fleet.

Fleet Commander’s Note: This position is currently closed, and no applications for this position are being taken at this time.

Office of Historical Records Report
Fleet Admiral Dave Trebonious-Astoris, Historical Officer

OHR Website -
OHR E-Mail -

No Report.

HC NewsFlash 6/17/02
Vice Admiral Shikkie Kaaran, RS XO

":) High Command NewsFlash 6/23/02

============== Community Meeting ===============

Rebel Squadrons Community Meetings are scheduled for the second Sunday of every month. The next meeting will be Sunday, July 14th in channel #OuterRim.

=============== Bylaws Revisions ===============

The Bylaws Committee is now working on Section 4: Ranks and Promotions. The Committee's proposal should be ready in a few weeks for review by High Command.

=============== Fleet Command Staff Changes ===============

There are some recent changes in High Command.

Allegiance Battle Group Commanding Officer Brigadier General Sienn Sconn has resigned as ABG CO and has stepped down to serve as ABG XO.

Redemption Fleet Commanding Officer General Kyle Tobarn has resigned his RF CO post to take over the ABG Commanding Officer position.

Redemption Fleet Executive Officer Fleet Admiral Dave Trebonious-Astoris has been named to replace Kyle as RF Commanding Officer.

No RF XO replacement has yet been named.

Apparently our Fleet CO's are playing musical chairs! High Command congratulates and wishes the best of luck to the new appointees!

=============== Star Wars: Galaxies Debate ================

The Fleet Commander has decided it would be best to continue following this (and the past) administration's current philosophy of not doing anything significant with the RS PA or Star Wars Galaxies until we draw closer to the game's release date. Making any important decisions now seems unfruitful when we know little about the actual game. Waiting until after the first or second round of beta testing seems more sensible. That is also the general consensus in High Command.

=============== Member Suggestions =============

None at this time.


Feel free to direct suggestions or concerns to HC via any of the following

1) Use the "Email HC" feature of the Roster Database:
2) Email your Primary Fleet CO and ask them to forward your comments on.
3) Contact HC members on IRC or an Instant Messaging client like AOL or ICQ
(both of which appear in roster profiles if supplied).
4) The Rebel Squadrons Community Meetings on IRC. They are currently being held on the
second Sunday of every month from 4 PM to 5 PM EST (GMT -0500) in channel #OuterRim.

Vice Admiral Shikkie Kaaran, RSXO


In closing, I want to stress the following points very much, and make it a standard to end with these thoughts. If I drill this into everyone, only positive things can come out of it, but I am afraid by repeating this over and over again it could lose its meaning to you all over time.

Nonetheless, if everyone could really consider these things and follow through with it in their actions, it will always improve the state of the Rebel Squadrons. I would like to remind everyone of the challenge before us. I challenge every member in this club – every Fleet CO, every Wing CO, every Squadron CO, etc - to start working on two things: unity and communication. It all starts with you guys, and everyone knows that. If we all strive for unity, and cultivate an atmosphere of respect, internal relations in this club will improve tenfold. Imagine what we can get accomplished then? Strive to follow HIER! As for communication, I dare every person in this club to take more initiative, keep your people up to date, write more emails, and reward those where credit is due. Keep communication strong! If I can try harder in these attributes, then so can you. And if that can happen, we can make this club what we want it to be – together.

May the Force be with you and may the pride and honor of the Rebel Squadrons carry on in all of you!

Respectfully submitted,

Admiral Rahj Tharen,
Rebel Squadrons Fleet Commander


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