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RSCD NL 07-01-02

By FA Kaz Falcion
Unit: Commando Division
Fleet NL, Jul 01, 2002
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RSCD NL 07-01-02

Welcome to July and the latest edition of the Newsletter. This week I've got details on our upcoming battle with the EH, results for the Inter-Club Melee and a command staff change to announce.


EH Competition

The rest of the details on our upcoming competition have been finalized. On Friday, July 12th from 6pm-8pm EST we'll be competing against members of the EH's GMRG. This will mark our first competition against the EH since the ORW ended, so I think it's time we reminded them who we are :) Remember, both JK and JK2 will be supported so if your computer can't handle Jedi Outcast you can still participate. I'd like to see as many of you as possible, even if you can only stay for a few minutes. We'll be meeting in #RSCD a few minutes before the competition starts.


New Raven CO

The posistion of Raven Squad commanding officer was recently left vacant with the resignation of Lt Col. DashClone. I'm happy to say that Lt. Col Sair who recently rejoined the Fleet has volunteered to take over the squad as CO. Congratulations to Sair on his new appointment.


RSCD Trainers Needed

The Commando Division branch of the Academy is in need of trainers. If you're interested in helping our new members learn what they need to know, you're invited to email either Gambit or myself. It only takes a few minutes emailing and playing matches with cadets, but it's an invaluable service to this Fleet.


New Members

The following people joined the ranks of the Commando Division during the past week:

LJG Creelo Ne'Raki (Dragon)
VA Trace (Dragon)
Lt Col Sair (Raven)
LTG Master Drakoo (Raven)
LJG Prometheus (Talon)

Five recruits in the past week, which brings our total up to an incredible 14 for the month. I'm very pleased to see the kind of growth we're experiencing at the moment. Thanks especially go to Gambit for his revival of the RSCD UG, and to all of the people who volunteered to become trainers. I'd also like everyone to say hello to Trace, a longtime member who finally decided to rejoin. Welcome back Trace!

6-28-02 RSCD Melee

I'm not sure where everyone was, as we only had two matches completed on Friday. That's quite a drop from the previous two weeks, but I'm positive we can turn things around. Remember the Melee is now strictly 1v1, so you shouldn't have any problem finding someone to play even if you're both from the same squad. Once again, the melee takes place every Friday from 7-10pm EST in #RSCD. I realize that some of us may be busy this week due to the 4th, but if you've got some spare time please try to drop in for a match or two.


6-29-02 Inter-Club Melee

Full match results can be found at

Individual records for RSCD members participating during the day broke down as follows:

Gambit 9-0-0
Lee      7-0-0
Kaz      5-1-0
John 0-1-0

Well, after all the talking the SV did about being the best at JK2 last week, I think we showed them a thing or two ;) 45 of the RS' points came from Jedi Outcast this week, which is our highest total to date. Once again both Gambit and Lee went undefeated, bringing in an incredible 32 points between them. We do need to work on getting a few more RSCD members present at the event, so next week I'd like to see a few new faces in the win column for the RS. Remember, the event is held each Saturday from 3:00pm-6:00pm Eastern Daylight Time in #OuterRim. Hope to see everyone there.



All in all we've had a pretty succesful week. A good number of incoming members, a new squad CO and another victory at the Inter-Club melee. We do however need to work on the Friday melee participation. If you're wanting to play on Fridays but just can't due to your schedule, drop me an email to let me know. I'd be more than happy to find a way for you to play some matches if you're interested. Friday 6-10, Saturday 3-6....I'll keep writing that till everyone gets it :P See everyone next week :)

VA Kaz Falcion


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